Next-Gen Batman Gameplay details

IMGMR gets some hot info about the new Batman so called Arkham Knight. Gameplay details inside.

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nassour1595d ago

Seems interesting, lets see how everything unfolds

djslimzz1595d ago

What???? Vant wait for more E3 info!

nassour1594d ago

it seems they were right all along

Maml071594d ago Show
teezanpleez1595d ago

huh ?? what in the world .... WB you have my total respect !! ..... okay this game will make me wanna become batman that for sure !

GusHasGas1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

These guys are so obviously making up all this information. WB Montreal told him all about the game just because he's also from Montreal? Lol no. Besides, t's so freakin obvious that the game will be next-gen, called Arkham Knight, feature the Batmobile, etc. Pretty sure that they're just fishing for views.

nassour1594d ago

I don't know how it was obvious buddy but clearly they were right about the name ever since December and yes being in Montreal has its perks since well developers are all around

Cant hate on them being right son

darklinx231594d ago

Hmmmm i smell hate hahahahah haters gonna hate ! I LOVE IT !

GusHasGas1594d ago

I wasn't "hating". Please don't use that term, I was simply pointing out that I didn't believe them. All they were doing were pointing out obvious details that everyone had already assumed were to be true, long before these guys entered the picture. Everyone knew that it'd be made by Rocksteady. With the addition of the BatPlane in Origins, most people guessed that this new game would include the Batmobile, and out of the domains registered by WB in 2013, "Batman: Arkham Knight" and "Batman: Arkham Universe" seemed like the only two good titles that would be used. They were fishing for views by placing the title "NEW GAMEPLAY DETAILS ON NEW BATMAN GAME!" On their video, when in reality, they were doing nothing but (re)stating the obvious. Then, they justified their statements by saying, "Oh lol, WB Montreal is Canadian like us, so they told us everything about the new Batman game!" Are you seriously going to fall for that shit?

teezanpleez1594d ago

i made a reasearch about their website and they were the first ones who knew about the game since december. telling that they dont know anything without any basis means that you dont know nothing about it .... im woundering how do you feel when the other media told the same thing as this website hours after your comment .... man up and stop hating

darklinx231594d ago

These guys stated what game informer said about the game, but they did it before them. They had an article about it since december.

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Andy15201594d ago

I'm looking forward for a new arkham title. In next-gen it's going to be crazy

darklinx231594d ago

Why the disagree ? haha you guys are ridiculous

djslimzz1594d ago

Just wanted to add that I'm glad the game will be on Next-Gen, the new consoles need more games.

darklinx231594d ago

Well we are in 2014... all the next gen consoles are already out....that was pretty obvious...t bin cave

djslimzz1594d ago

Well...explain South Park: Stick of Truth? Game was released on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC... no Next-Gen!

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