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Xbox One Twitch streaming demoed by Major Nelson, streams at 720p

XMNR: The Xbox One Twitch streaming app is set to debut ahead of the Titanfall launch next week and Microsoft's Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb showed off a demo Monday night with a few rounds of Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare.

The Twitch app will be launched as part of the Xbox One spring update ahead of the Titanfall launch on Tuesday, March 11. Exact details of when the update will be rolled out has not been announced yet. However, Hyrb was able to confirm a number of details for the app and a stream analyzer reveals that the game runs at 1280x720, 30fps and approximately 2.5 mbps. For comparison, the PS4 Twitch app streams at 960x540, 30 fps and approximately 1.7mbps. (Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, Xbox One)

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PoSTedUP  +   419d ago
well then its perfect for watching X1 games.. cool that X1 is getting twitch.
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FordGTGuy  +   419d ago
When is Killzones 960x1080 stream going up? (barely above 720p in pixel count)

Oh look snarky comments are so easy to make....

I guess you'll just have to deal with your 540p streams on PS4.
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PoSTedUP  +   419d ago
i guess when MS patches in a downscaler. hehe yeah, they are. but isnt it more convenient for MS and viewers to have it at 720p? i bet thats why they chose it. why spend the xtra power, imo.
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PoSTedUP  +   419d ago
lol @ your edits: "(barely above 720p in pixel count)"
"i guess youll have to deal with your 540p streams on the ps4"

lol, look at you with your panties all in a bunch. i know the ps4 twitch rez, you brought up the ps4, not me. 720 is just about perfect for X1, 540 is far too shotty for ps4.
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Dusdg  +   419d ago | Well said
and you are trying to be clever with your trolling PoSTedUP. its really funny that sony has dedicated hardware for streaming and it cannot keep up with the xbox one.
badz149  +   419d ago
Xbox fanboys must be really happy now that they can finally Twitch streaming and best of all, at their games' native resolution too! CoDG, BF4, DR3 etc. would Look amazing on 720p!
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PoSTedUP  +   419d ago
@das: i know its ironic right? im sure theyll both be updated. i wonder if its because the ps4 is always recording your gameplay (if it comes from the same processor). it only makes sense to be 720p imo, its a smart move. and yeah wow, chalk one up for MS im glad to see them on the board finally.
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TheGreatAndPowerful  +   419d ago
And it still look kind of crappy...dat bitrate tho.
GamingNerd013  +   419d ago
Yo just shut up k really ur trolls r just stupid. But I'm glad X1 fans can Finally stream videos to twitch and that it's 720P. Also I believe that sony might patch the ps4 videos and streaming to 720P or if lucky higher resolution later in future.
Septic  +   418d ago
Can you guys just stop it? Seriously?

Anyway, 720p streaming is great news and kind of makes up for the delay :) Let's hope it actually works well but other than that, I'm super excited now!
Docknoss  +   418d ago
Fordgtguy that was funny
garos82  +   418d ago
oh the horrors of watching games other people are playing being less than 1080p. I should pay 100$ extra and buy a console to watch twitch videos at a slightly higher pixel count.
Sorry just a snarky remark back just cause you asked for it.

Your terrible trolling aside

OT: that's great start to twitch from Microsofts side. These consoles have barely been out for more than 4 months, they both still got a long time to mature and optimise. I expect them both to get better and better further down the line
SilentNegotiator  +   418d ago
KZ:SF single player is still 1080p.
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Naga  +   419d ago

I see what you did there. We've got resolution jokes, apparently.
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Hatsune-Miku  +   419d ago
Why would people disagree. Id love 720p twitch stream on ps4 and im hoping sony makes it possible
FordGTGuy  +   419d ago | Well said
His comment is a snarky gesture that a few XOne games are native 720p.

Nevermind the fact that we just found out Killzone's multiplayer is barely above 720p and actually under the Titanfall beta's 792p.
MorePowerOfGreen  +   419d ago
@Ford. His comments were bitter over XB1 doing something better. I agree that he used launch games with broken SDK's as an excuse to so damage control.
PoSTedUP  +   419d ago
yeah, im bitter. a ps4 launch games MP rez isnt 1080.. /s.

im loving the agrivated defense mode btw, keep it up MS needs you.
Kingthrash360  +   419d ago
to add to tf 792p...umm look at kz, now look at tf...ask youself. why isnt this game 1080p. its not pushing the graphical awsome button like kz is. i'm not defending kz720p mp at all but to say tf beta 792 was better than kz 720 is like saying resogun bested ryse because its 1080p to ryse's 900...no?
sgtGanGreen  +   419d ago
PS4 twitch stream is not 720p??? I didn't know that
rdgneoz3  +   419d ago
"I agree that he used launch games with broken SDK's as an excuse to so damage control."

So MGS:GZ is a launch title since its 720p as well? I thought it hadn't released yet. Don't blame SDK's for overpriced inferior tech.
Alan_Shore  +   419d ago
720p would be great for streaming!

Sony your move make it happen please!!!!
MachineGunnTalk   419d ago | Immature | show
Volkama  +   418d ago
Whether the PS4 or One can broadcast that 720p, I doubt my connection can. I'd struggle to squeeze 2 pixels through my upload bandwidth if I was playing an online game at the same time.

Also, <obligatory resolution fanboy comment>. Fanboys please fill in whatever kind of response upsets you most.
DeathOfTheFanBoy  +   419d ago | Well said




Now... sorry for that but it's embarrassing coming on this site at times.

I have the twitch update on my dash preview, it's really cool, looking forward to getting it's full use once the update rolls out for everyone.
malokevi  +   418d ago
IMO, they should all chow down on a chocolate squirrel.

Looking forward to hooking in to some XB1 streams! going to look really nice.
D3ATH_DRIV3R_777  +   418d ago

I don't think they're listening to you. :\
gamer7804  +   418d ago
actually they are upscaled from their native , so they still have to be downscaled, just like the ps4 is for twitch. Lets try to be at least a little productive with our comments.
BX81  +   418d ago
@ posted /ford. Both of you shut up already.
PoSTedUP  +   418d ago
yes mam'... -_-
BX81  +   418d ago
I'm a widow. Wink wink
2cents  +   418d ago
hahaha... some funny posts above.

Great news for twitch fans.

Nice to see a true custom twitch app that has bespoke features for the xbox one.

No complaints here, good job MS, now where is the BBC iPlayer app hmmmm?
rafaman  +   418d ago
Didn't know play 4 twitch was so lame
Back-to-Back  +   418d ago
Streams at 720p.........how fitting for the xbone.
tordavis  +   418d ago
Idiots. The reason why the stream is in 720p is because of the archiving. Archiving takes a lot of space so they limited the stream to keep the file sizes small.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   419d ago
720p stream will make it super clear.

Can't wait for Titanfall and all the updates this week and next.
Riderz1337  +   419d ago
1080P will make it super clear...

720P will suffice...for now.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   419d ago
@Riderz No 1080p will make it crystal clear. I said super clear on purpose.

I'm pretty sure 720p is probably the best res we'll have for a while in these streams.
nerdman67  +   419d ago
yeah, because the ps4's 960x540 Twitch streaming is so clear
Studio-YaMi  +   418d ago
actually it sucks,wish Sony does something about it,at this age of media sharing,you'd think they would allow streaming in HD,what a bummer.
KingDadXVI  +   419d ago
The 720p stream does look great. I watched a few minutes of it and it was very smooth and clear. When you are watching it on Twitch you have to set the view settings to Source for the best picture. Setting it on High will actually make the stream look noticeably pixelated.

Great work MS.

@Riderz 1080p would be even better for sure. The Kinect camera is 1080p at 30fps but they currently have streaming and capture for uploading restricted to 720p.
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TheOmniGamer  +   419d ago
Sweet as, can't wait to start streaming on XB1, Sony need to fix their stream, the quality is horrible.
porkChop  +   419d ago
The reason the quality is horrible is because it defaults to low quality, and the system doesn't tell you how you can change it. I only found out by accident when I was looking around the share menu. When you set your stream quality to "Best" it looks great, really clear.
kingduqc   419d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
urwifeminder  +   419d ago
Still wont use it I am in the beta its great for people that want the service I would rather play than watch , the avatar editor needs some work but its great all my 360 gear is there.
JonnyBigBoss  +   419d ago
Remember, next time your friend hits you up and yours trying to explain the awesomeness of the game you're playing, you can just invite him or her to watch.

Its a great feature.
urwifeminder  +   419d ago
Will tell them google it , just one thing I will not use this gen not saying its bad just UI fluff for me but I am sure its great.
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TheWackyMan  +   419d ago
ugh not 1080p 60fps???? PS4 ftw!

(can you smell the massive sarcasm?)
donscrillinger  +   419d ago
Oh no you didn't say the Da X'1 streams on twich @ an higher resolution than the PS4 ....oh snap the Sony nutthuggerz are about to commit suicide please be almared Lmfao .But this is great News indeed seems like DaBox just keeps getting better
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B-radical  +   419d ago
Feck yes
Qwagy UK  +   419d ago
Constantly playing catch up! and this will continue though out the life cycle of the xbone, come on Microsoft get your A55 in Gear!
KillerByte23  +   419d ago
PS4 twitch runs 960x540, 30 fps ~1.7 Mbps for anyone wondering

Xbox One however runs at 1280x720 - 30 fps ~2.6 Mbps
ironmonkey   419d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
5eriously  +   418d ago
And suddenly resolution matters again, Bwahahahahahahaha!


Now lets wait and see how many complain about the bad and choppy streaming because of their own bad internet services.
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infectedaztec  +   418d ago
This is a grand resolution. In fact its better than grand. The reason the xbox twitch is a higher res than the PS4 twitch is likely because MS are better for software and online services. Sony can't compete with their online, no matter how many free games they distract you with or how many fanboys scream otherwise.

An old friend works with Oracle, heavy weights in online services. He always said their only rival is Microsoft, never even mentioned Sony as even a small competitor.

One is a hardware company and one is a software company. Each have their own strenghts.
ShwankyShpanky  +   418d ago
Your Oracle friend doesn't mention Sony when discussing enterprise network services? Shocking.

Almost as shocking as my friend who works at Samsung who says MS isn't even considered a "small competitor" in the flat panel TV market.
Chris12  +   418d ago
This is an article about MN demonstrating Twitch and its been completely smashed and trolled by Sony supporters. Well done guys, you give gamers a great name /s
brackfridaybunduru   418d ago | Spam
jimbobbeers  +   418d ago
Dear oh dear, the comments in here stink of jealousy.

"Wahhhhh, they get 720p and we don't."

Stop being so childish.
Sh0ckWav3  +   418d ago
what is the big deal with twitch?
xDHAV0K24x  +   418d ago
i don't get it *shruggs* but it seems popular on the ps4 and xb1 so far
Chrisgamerguy  +   418d ago
What's really awesome is you can see the viewers you have and read the comments right on the side
kewlkat007  +   418d ago
Awesome sauce..
Mister_G  +   418d ago
It'll be interesting to see how this works, especially if the game you're running is using on-line ray tracing (which would take the lion share of bandwidth).
ShwankyShpanky  +   418d ago
Mister X, is that you?
kingPoS  +   418d ago
Hey! isn't 960x540p the same resolution as the Vita & remote play... just saying. It could be for the Vita/TV's befit, who knows? Coincidence?

Gateway MT6706 2008
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Nocando  +   418d ago
Ok, can we have just one Xbox One article without bringing up the other console? Speaking to X1 fans as well. I will be making use of this feature, regardless of resolution (within reason, of course)
FanboyKilla  +   418d ago
Kingthrash360  +   17h ago
to add to tf 792p...umm look at kz, now look at tf...ask youself. why isnt this game 1080p. its not pushing the graphical awsome button like kz is. i'm not defending kz720p mp at all but to say tf beta 792 was better than kz 720 is like saying resogun bested ryse because its 1080p to ryse's 900...no?
#1.3.4Agree(13) | Disagree(16) | Report

Wow! Finally the truth. Pressure bust pipes. The funny thing is you knew all along that resolution didnt make or break anything. Hell, in your comment you admit, a higher res doesnt even mean a better looking game. All the while the fanboys and media (because you feed them) are bashing ms for it. Now its uh uh uh ummm ..... Now since the shoe is on the other foot, and you are caught in a pickle,,,,,,the truth comes out to set you free. Run free my lil pony, i never meant you any harm. Run, play,station.

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