League of Legends’ New Team Builder Now Available

League of Legends is the world’s most played game, available exclusively on PC. Hosting over 32.5 million active players last year, Leauge of Legends’ presence is not just a strong one, but dominantly so as the face of professional and PC gaming. Paying out a one million dollar prize to the League of Legends World Championship team, Riot Games controls the single most successful title in the world, creating collegiate programs and amateur avenues for players to step into the prestigious scene at the peak of their skill.

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Stevefantisy1514d ago

Do you think any game will come close to LoL any time soon as far as success?

JoeIsMad1514d ago

For the next 5 years? Probably not. If they keep updating it visually, and keep hold of Twitch.TV as it becomes a monster platform, maybe not ever.

Jacktrauma1514d ago

I doubt as far as success goes, but i'm really loving Infinite Crisis! ^^;

JoeIsMad1514d ago

Ugh. I like the game alright in terms of playability, but the interface makes my eyes bleed.

Magnus7011514d ago

I call BS on half of those statistics from the graphic in article. I could pull up numbers from various other sources that make those look like nothing. Candy Crush literally crushes the LoL player base.

JoeIsMad1514d ago

You've got to be joking with that Candy Crush crap. If Candy Crush had more play hours than League, I'd have to kill myself.

Akuma071514d ago

You call bullshit on numbers produced by the people who built the game?

The force is strong in this one.

chobit_A5HL3Y1514d ago


um, no lolz LoL is the biggest game in the world right now. deal with it.

Magnus7011513d ago

When King games went public with their IPO, they had to release information on their business. Out of 128 million daily users, 93 fucking million played Candy Crush....daily. That is literally 3 times the daily players than LoL. You could argue more time has been played on Candy Crush then on LoL's entire existence.

Don't get me wrong though, I don't doubt the numbers. I just think they are represented in a way to make them seem more important then they actually are. I just gave you a FACT that diminishes that significance.

Favorite quote "90% of statistics are made up" -it doesn't matter

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