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Will Smash Bros Save Or Kill the Wii U?

Chris Hyde of Dealspwn writes: "You don't have to look very far across the interweb to see pages and pages detailing the doom and gloom of the Wii U these days. Even here at Dealspwn we've been mixed in our opinions of Nintendo's latest console and it's future. But for all the naysayers and harbingers of misery there have also been many who point to a few AAA titles on the horizon that may yet save the floundering machine. And arguably the biggest of these flagship titles is Super Smash Bros.

But despite this franchise having legions of fans, and is almost guaranteed to be a sure-fire hit, could even this title be a double-edged sword for the Wii U? Could it potentially do more damage than good?" (3DS, Super Smash Bros. 4, Wii U)

TheLyonKing  +   427d ago
Personal opinion and I am probably in the minority but I think it will keep it on life support that bit longer as for a full revival you only have to look at the n64 and gamecube to see that it sells systems but not an insane amount.

That being said I will be picking up a wii u for this haha
Neonridr  +   427d ago
N64 sold over 5 million copies, Gamecube sold over 7 million copies, Wii version sold over 12 million copies.

How many 1st party games from Sony or MS have numbers like that?

Smash Bros is the farthest away from a casual game..
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TheLyonKing  +   427d ago
I don't think you read my comment properly sir.

I am talking about console sales rather than copies of the game.
Neonridr  +   427d ago
I read it fine thanks. How can you say that a game that sold over 7 million on the Gamecube didn't sell any systems in the process? You know that for a fact? Or are we guessing now?

12 million Wii Owners picked this game up, and it wasn't any of the casual soccer moms or grandmas/grandpas. That means people were actively purchasing this game, and it could have easily moved consoles as a result.
GrizzliS1987  +   427d ago
this nerd getting so emo over his precious game lol

anyway, yea im buying a wii u for the new smash as well, it will give wii U a boost in sales but not nearly enough for wii Us survival.

the system is done, and nintendo is already planning a replacement.

enjoy the games it has
TheLyonKing  +   427d ago
Obviously there are no certain ways to determine how many bought a console purely for a game but:

The n64 sold: 32.93 million units and sold 5 million games coming out in 1999 by then the n64 had already been out for 3 nearly 4 years, most of the hardcore fans had already bought the system most likely. Its a similar story with the gamecube as well based on number of units and when the console and game were released.
TomShoe  +   427d ago
I think a bigger problem for Smash on the Wii U is it's 3DS counterpart. If people feel like it's not worth it for the HD version and get the 3DS version instead, that may hurt the Wii U more than anything.

Ninty was really between a rock and a hard place with the decision to put Smash on 3DS. Would you attempt to revitalize a console on life support, at the cost of not releasing on your bigger install base, and the profit that comes with it?
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Neonridr  +   427d ago
TheLyonKing - no there definitely isn't anyway to know for sure. But when the Gamecube only sold like 22 million units and 1/3 of the install base purchased Smash Bros, there's a good chance that some of those people bought the console for that game.

Regardless, we are both planning on getting the game and that's the important thing.
desolationstorm  +   427d ago
In the US Melee came out about 2 weeks after launch. I would say that game led to a substantial amount of system sales.

For the Wii U it should entice a portion of gamers to buy a system.

Would imagine there will be a DL bundle also. If the price holds fast not a BSD deal.

I think the game combined with Mario Kart coming out should push the install base over the 10 million mark in 2014.
OtakuDJK1NG  +   426d ago
That where you are wrong.
Nintendo games sales aren't tied to amount of hardware it sold.

It all about the franchise selling rate.

Smash Bros has gone up.
N64 sold 11m more units than GC. Yet Melee sold the most.

They success bring of the franchise more sales not hardware.
Chris_Hyde  +   427d ago
To be clear

N64 33m
GameCube 22m
Wii 100m
Wii U >6m

Smash Bros Software:
N64 5m
GameCube 7m
Wii 11m
Wii U ???

The impact the game COULD have on Wii U sales is interesting.
HardcoreDaBoss  +   427d ago
I guess what Its trying to say is will it be one of the last and only games to shift some units out. who know? mario kart and smash will sell many wii u systems and thats a fact.
4logpc  +   427d ago
How would it kill the Wii U? That makes zero sense.
Chris_Hyde  +   427d ago
Comment on an article without reading it?

That makes zero sense.
Ck1x  +   427d ago
So what you are saying is you put that in the title just for hits then! Gotcha
4logpc  +   427d ago
Someone is quite defensive.

I did read it, and it still doesn't make sense to me.
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Chris_Hyde  +   427d ago
Ck1x -Erm, not sure what you're getting at here. But the article clearly explores both sides of the argument.

I was merely challenging someone who asks a question of the author that is clearly answered in the article itself.

The fact that the question was asked was proof the article wasn't read.
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NiteX  +   427d ago
My best guess is he thinks if Smash doesn't sell, then nothing will, so Nintendo would just shutdown the production of future Wii U games? But I seriously doubt Nintendo would just call the quits on the Wii U if Smash doesn't sell.
4logpc  +   427d ago
I read his explanation buy it doesnt make sense to my brain.

The fact the game is on the 3ds will make this the most successful smash bros to date and will sell enough on the 3ds to make money alone.
Chris_Hyde  +   427d ago
4logpc - I agree with you, the 3DS version will sell like mad.

It's almost guaranteed to do well.

I was just exploring the impact this could have (and other things) on the Wii U version and the Wii U itself.
OtakuDJK1NG  +   426d ago
But here the problem with 3DS. Local Multiplayer.
You have to find others to play instead of inviting.

Will also be inferior to Wii U by a lot in performance, online and when it comes to party and tournaments.

3DS version will sell more in Japan. While Wii U elsewhere.
sweetSWAGGER  +   427d ago
The article's answer? The fact that there's a 3DS version of the game. The article is saying that because there's a bigger install base for the 3DS compared to the Wii U, most people would just get the 3DS version, thus preventing the need to go out and buy a Wii U for the game. So basically, that option might hurt Smash Bros. ability to move Wii U's.

Unless there's another reason besides graphics and a few unique stages to get the home console version, why would I get a Wii U for Smash Bros when I have a 3DS? The roster is said to be the same, and that's all I care about.

Then again, some people will get a Wii U just to play with their friends... or because they just have to use that gamepad. Makes me wonder how Smash is going to incorporate that controller. Should be interesting.
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BoneBone  +   427d ago
Save. Kill. Unprofessional click-bait nonsense.

Please read: http://n4g.com/news/1466350...
jonboi24  +   427d ago
Only issue I can probably see is that they are releasing a Smash Bros on the 3DS. I have to wonder if this will effect the Wii U in any way. From what I've heard and seen the only differences thus far are the graphics and stages.
SteamPowered  +   427d ago
I wish Ninty would have a bit more cross-platform games with the Wii U and 3ds. Animal Crossings could have been solid gold if you could transfer your character from portable to console. I understand what you are saying with having 2 of the same on different platforms, but I think Ninty could help the Wii U attach rate by riding the success of the 3ds.
DryBoneKoopa85  +   427d ago
I have NEVER heard of a game killing a system in the 23 years I have been gaming (I'm 28). I would think Smash would have a positive effect for the system not a negative.

Only problem I see is the 3DS version launching with the console version. Who knows, the 3DS version could come out before or after the Wii U one considering there are no dates listed for either tittle. All Nintendo has said is 2014 and that's it. Some including IGN believe that Nintendo might delay the 3DS version into early next year and release the Wii U one this holiday. I would say that might be a safe bet and maybe a smart bet for Nintendo.
Neonridr  +   427d ago
Nintendo has to release the 3DS version after the Wii U version. They would be stupid to release the handheld version first. The 3DS could definitely take away a lot of sales from the Wii U version. By having the console version release first, they can at least ensure that those who are desperate for a Smash Bros fix will want to purchase the Wii U for it rather than just getting it on the 3DS.

Besides, I don't know how well the controls are going to work with the 3DS. It's a very frantic precise game, and the buttons on the 3DS are a little small and close together.
DryBoneKoopa85  +   427d ago
I just started playing Smash with the one on the Wii. I would have to say the Wii controller is terrible for Smash. I can see what you mean about the 3DS controls.

I'm sure Nintendo has something planned for the release of the tittles. I just can't wait to get my hands on them.
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LOL_WUT  +   427d ago
I doubt much will change had they released the games that matter early on it would've been a whole different story ;)
antikbaka  +   427d ago
it just won't matter
higgins78  +   427d ago
That's like saying GTA - when exclusive to Sony - or Halo releasing on a particular Microsoft console wont matter...of course it does, to what extent only time will tell. Exclusives - particularly of this level - matter, MK8 will "matter", Bayonetta and X less so because besides popular belief it is games such as this which appeal to the "casuals". Bayonetta, Okami, Shenmue, etc, etc, games which people talk now as if everybody owned and played them but numbers and history tell a different story.

Just for the record, I did own and play them all, those of you who didnt but confess now to have done so, you know who you are...
vividi  +   427d ago
I'm looking forward to it!
FinalomegaS  +   427d ago
they need to MARKET THE F' out of this.

If i were on the board of marketing, I would make sure everyone and their cat,dog, fish, grandmother, chimp,boy in a coma, lady on the train who you look down at her cleavage while ridding the train knows about it.

advertise early.

Have worldwide tourneys

It's biggest game this year, Bundle it!!!

And for God SAKES!! FIX the online!

Dan_scruggs  +   427d ago
Another one of these articles. Everyday man.... Every day.

Oh by the way Nintendo is now financially worth more than Sony.

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RPG_Lover  +   427d ago
Neither. Wii U will truck along doing it's thing being awesome.
LOL_WUT  +   427d ago
By loosing their ground in the US and other regions but most importantly in their own homeland of Japan in such sort time? Doesn't sound awesome if you ask me. As for smash thats day one for me but until then nothing much will change ;)
RPG_Lover  +   427d ago
Sony lost 90% of its marketshare last gen, fired 1000 people, cloded a studio, and you think Wii U losing Marketshare is a big deal?

Come on. Wii U is steady, and things can only get better.
PeteyMcPickle  +   427d ago
The fact that it's releasing on the 3DS aswell as the Wii U could have a negative impact on sales. A friend of mine is buying a 3DS rather than a Wii U to play the game, and if that is common practice when the game releases, it may not move many Wii U's. I personally already have the Wii U and will be picking it up day 1, but I feel like there's the potential for the Wii U to lose a lot of sales to the 3DS version.
link2Dpast  +   427d ago
ive always believed the life support of Nintendo has been Mario kart, if that game doesn't sell and doesnt push systmes, then in the end it doesnt matter what comes.
Killzoner99  +   427d ago
I think it will kill the Wii U. Smash Bros. has become a very stale and mediocre fighting game. They've been clinging to the same old formula for years. That's why Playstation Allstars was so good. They took what Smash Bros. had done and expanded on it making the most unique fighter in recent memory.
Geekman  +   427d ago
Playstation all-stars? Good? Both in one sentence? Not something I see every day

So what your saying is that Nintendo should make a new fighting game with completely random characters, eliminating the idea of a NINTENDO ALL-STARS game. Not only that, All-stars COPIED the SSB formula.

This is why you have one bubble, little Billy.
Geekman  +   427d ago
Not sure how one game will kill a whole console. Sure the 3DS version will probably sell more, but I know people who prefer the Wii U version, will buy the Wii U version, and will buy or already own a Wii U for this game. Not only that, what you stated about 2D fighting games losing "Wow" factor is ludicrous. If people got tired of fighting games, Injustice, Mortal Combat, Street fighter, and numerous others would not still be alive, since they've been around since the NES era and aren't even close to dying.

The game could blow over yes, but it's not the Holy Grail that determines the Wii Us fate. One game can't save OR kill the Wii U. Simple logic.
Shinobi100  +   427d ago
Nintendo was pretty much dying before the Wii came out. Of course, the Wii defied logic, made people who had never bought a system before buy systems for each floor of their house, and moved Nintendo to the top. The ONLY reason that the Wii had that power is because it gave us something we had never experienced before. That's it. There's no other reason the Wii sold like that. Not Smash Bros. Not Mario Galaxy. Not Wii Fit. There's really nothing left to innovate. Past motion controls, the only thing left is virtual reality, and Sony and Occulus already have that on lock-down.

So in essence, what I'm saying is that Nintendo is going right back to its rightful place where it was before the Wii: 3rd place (that's a factual statement, Gamecube sold less than it's contemporary competition, both Xbox and PS2). Just like SEGA, Nintendo was once the unquestioned king of the industry, but it doesn't know how to adapt to modern times. There's nothing wrong with being a handheld/software-exclusive developer. They'll still make the exact same games, except probably more of them since they'll have more manpower to focus on software. There is NO way Nintendo EVER passes Playstation and Xbox again, unless they can figure out some insane way on their next console to incorporate motion into virtual reality that can't be done with Occulus .
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simpelpalidin  +   427d ago
1) So much wrong. Sony had about a billion yen in the bank before wii, no debt. Opposite of dying.

2) GBA had sold 80 million units actually making more profit than the PS2 did. Not dying

3) Games dont sell systems? in what universe?

Nintendo sold over 500 million units of wii software by themselves, and you dont think a part of that had to do with install base?

Honestly nothing you said is accurate.
Shinobi100  +   427d ago
@Simplepalidin, you are either an idiot or a liar. I'm just gonna go ahead and assume both.

1.) NINTENDO made the Wii, not Sony. And I didn't say Nintendo was dead before the Wii, I said it was DYING. So the fact they had money in the bank means nothing. Dying meant that they were losing popularity and the money would eventually evaporate. Just like they had a buttload of money in the bank before the Wii U, but it's all fading away because only a few select die-hard, old school lifelong Nintendo fanboys still care enough about them to buy their systems.

2.) How does the GBA have ANY relevance to Nintendo in 2014?? No idea why you brought that up. Or why you even mentioned GBA's 80 million, when the PS2 has sold 155 million, literally twice as much as GBA.

3.) First you talk about games selling systems. Then you talk about how Wii's install base sold games. You make absolutely no sense. If you are foreign and don't understand English then I'm sorry. Systems sell software, and software sells systems. But the Wii U hardware doesn't sell by itself. So software has to completely carry it. And without sizeable 3rd party support, there just isn't enough quality software on Wii U compared to the competition. Nintendo is dead this generation. And like I said, probably forever in the hardware business unless they can re-capture that Wii magic in their next system, which is borderline impossible
tinkypop  +   426d ago
For a business that makes money on everything release till this gen is not dying.
3ds and Wii u are the only system sold at a loss.

here some fun facts.

1981/2011 Nintendo have made 31.8billion
1995/2011Sony have made 1.2billion
2000/2011 Microsoft lost 6.7billion.
74% chance of Sony going under this year.
Games being cancel.
Building being sold.
Staff cuts.
Microsoft wanting to get rid of the dead weight of xbox,
Nintendo top brass taking a pay cut..

So Nintendo maybe top dog again by not doing anything..
But if any of the top 3 die.
Its us gamer who lose out...
Oh well all fun...
AWBrawler  +   427d ago
why don't you all realize Kart is a bigger deal than Smash when it comes to sales? just look at their history. Kart has always sold better than smash. i prefer smash over kart, but i know kart is Nintendo's bread and butter.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   427d ago

Smash will be a great entry in a long line of upcoming great entries for the console. Nothing more and nothing less.
One game does not a console save. One game can JUMP-START sales, but it takes quality games going forward to truly save a console, and the Wii U will get plenty.
DC777  +   427d ago
I didn't even click on the article just based on the title and paragraph. Just another click bait article claiming there's doom and gloom when there actually isnt. Obviously the author doesn't know anything about Nintendo if they don't even know what their top game is. Ignore and move on.
RosweeSon  +   427d ago
I'll be getting mario kart and both versions of smash bros, can't wait, unlike my need for an xbox one.
Jalapeno  +   427d ago
I think it's best to wait until the Zelda game comes out for the Wii U before we stick a fork in the Wii U and that game might not come until 2015 at the earliest.
tinkypop  +   426d ago
Should move some units.
3ds or Wii u does not matter, its all going in Nintendo pocket.
may have go on amazon pick up a adapter for gamecube controller.
or please release a Wii u wifi gamecube controller.
that would be much better.

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