Portuguese retail store confirms GTA V for PS4

Worten has confirmed that will sell, in fact, GTA V for PlayStation 4 and is already accepting pre-orders for this version.

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Mandaspt1181d ago

I want this now!!!!! :D

GarrusVakarian1181d ago

I would double dip without thinking twice about it. I had soooo much fun on GTAO with friends. Sure it may be glitchy, full of toddlers with potty mouths and be infested with microtransactions....but with friends, this game is a blast.

Higher res, smoother framerate and a higher player count would be perfect.

IG-881181d ago

It is fun with friends but man they need to get that heists game mode done.

PoSTedUP1181d ago

i held off on gtaV, and it was extremely hard considering how you just discribed the MP- was all i could think about the whole time... i can wait to experience it on the ps4, seriously.

abzdine1181d ago

you guys remember the OPM tease for this month?? Could actually be this!

DeadRabbits1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

Broken GTA Online in 1080p on PS4........No Thanks Already made that mistake with the PS3 and I don't fancy paying above the odds for an extra few pixels anyway!

3-4-51181d ago

A GTA game made SPECIFICALLY for PS4 would be cool.

GTA 5 is NOT that game.

Palitera1181d ago

Exactly. And lol at 'confirms'.

Beastforlifenoob1181d ago

The wife of my uncles, fathers, friend who had another friend who had a friends' uncle said gta v was coming out to PS4 #confirmed

heisenberguk1181d ago

Oh yeah my sister's ex boyfriend's cousin's dentist knows someone who shops at the same supermarket as him!

a08andan1181d ago

Well if it is coming to ps4, which I strongly believe it is, I will buy it :D I skipped last-gen version because I was and am pretty sure it will come to this gen :D

redknight801181d ago

Wow, you are a patient soul!!

sungam3d1181d ago

Ha, I've been waiting out for the PC version.
To date I have not watched a single GTA V video, except for the official trailers of course.

It's been a grueling 6 months. But I've made it this far. I can wait longer.

Z_-_D_-_31181d ago

For some reason I just can't believe you guys... That's... Crazy if true

hkgamer1181d ago

I waited for the PS4 version as well, not sure if it will ever come out but im not a big fan of GTA anyway.

FITgamer1181d ago

It wasn't easy, but I skipped it too with hopes of PS4 version. I really hope this is legit.

FamilyGuy1181d ago

Same here.
That game came out right around the time the PS4 was launching so I passed. It coming to next gen was only a matter if time and I figured it'd be announced whenever the PC got it's announcement.

Mr_Butata1179d ago

Well... I'm waitting for the PS5 version... Only 7-8 more years to go! :D I waited this long, i can wait a wee bit longer! :D

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bienio1181d ago Show
Perjoss1181d ago

If its coming to the new consoles then you can expect a PC version maybe 6 to 8 months after that release :(

pwnsause_returns1181d ago

I think it will have a simultaneous release brah, I think you shouldn't worry about it

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The story is too old to be commented.