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Portuguese retail store confirms GTA V for PS4

Worten has confirmed that will sell, in fact, GTA V for PlayStation 4 and is already accepting pre-orders for this version. (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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Mandaspt  +   292d ago
I want this now!!!!! :D
Lukas_Japonicus  +   292d ago
I would double dip without thinking twice about it. I had soooo much fun on GTAO with friends. Sure it may be glitchy, full of toddlers with potty mouths and be infested with microtransactions....but with friends, this game is a blast.

Higher res, smoother framerate and a higher player count would be perfect.
IG-88  +   292d ago
It is fun with friends but man they need to get that heists game mode done.
PoSTedUP  +   292d ago
i held off on gtaV, and it was extremely hard considering how you just discribed the MP- was all i could think about the whole time... i can wait to experience it on the ps4, seriously.
abzdine  +   292d ago
you guys remember the OPM tease for this month?? Could actually be this!
DeadRabbits  +   292d ago
Broken GTA Online in 1080p on PS4........No Thanks Already made that mistake with the PS3 and I don't fancy paying above the odds for an extra few pixels anyway!
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3-4-5  +   292d ago
A GTA game made SPECIFICALLY for PS4 would be cool.

GTA 5 is NOT that game.
showtimefolks  +   292d ago
i will buy it
heisenberguk  +   292d ago
Palitera  +   292d ago
Exactly. And lol at 'confirms'.
Beastforlifenoob  +   292d ago
The wife of my uncles, fathers, friend who had another friend who had a friends' uncle said gta v was coming out to PS4 #confirmed
heisenberguk  +   292d ago
Oh yeah my sister's ex boyfriend's cousin's dentist knows someone who shops at the same supermarket as him!
Rockstar  +   292d ago
Shut the front door!
a08andan  +   292d ago
Well if it is coming to ps4, which I strongly believe it is, I will buy it :D I skipped last-gen version because I was and am pretty sure it will come to this gen :D
redknight80  +   292d ago
Wow, you are a patient soul!!
sungam3d  +   292d ago
Ha, I've been waiting out for the PC version.
To date I have not watched a single GTA V video, except for the official trailers of course.

It's been a grueling 6 months. But I've made it this far. I can wait longer.
Z_-_D_-_3  +   292d ago
For some reason I just can't believe you guys... That's... Crazy if true
hkgamer  +   292d ago
I waited for the PS4 version as well, not sure if it will ever come out but im not a big fan of GTA anyway.
FITgamer  +   292d ago
It wasn't easy, but I skipped it too with hopes of PS4 version. I really hope this is legit.
FamilyGuy  +   292d ago
Same here.
That game came out right around the time the PS4 was launching so I passed. It coming to next gen was only a matter if time and I figured it'd be announced whenever the PC got it's announcement.
Mr_Butata  +   290d ago
Well... I'm waitting for the PS5 version... Only 7-8 more years to go! :D I waited this long, i can wait a wee bit longer! :D
bienio   292d ago | Bad language | show
Perjoss  +   292d ago
If its coming to the new consoles then you can expect a PC version maybe 6 to 8 months after that release :(
pwnsause_returns  +   292d ago
I think it will have a simultaneous release brah, I think you shouldn't worry about it
josephayal  +   292d ago
I think we all know that this will be coming to PS4
Buljo  +   292d ago
These articles are annoying as hell.

Can people please stop making these stupid things unless Rockstar themselves confirm anything?!

"Oh, GTAV PC PS4 XBONE poster spotted in a jewellery store in Afghanistan so CONFIRMED!!!"
dumahim  +   292d ago
Seriously. How many "confirmations" has there been so far?
pwnsause_returns  +   292d ago
well a few months ago we've known that GTA V has "Orbis" code embedded into the game, thats pretty much as close to a confirmation that we've got...
TXIDarkAvenger  +   292d ago
Well if its coming for PS4, it must come out for PC.
RosweeSon  +   292d ago
I'll be on this like a tramp on chips!
mediate-this  +   292d ago
I skipped gta V... Never, game was to good not to get on ps3, but im definitely buying it for ps4 if true, lots of playing left in that game.
Mr_Butata  +   290d ago
I'm waitting for the PS5 version... Only 7-8 more years to go! :D I waited this long, i can wait a wee bit longer! :D
Kaini_Industries  +   286d ago

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