Mojang made a YouTuber remove his Minecraft trolling videos

Notch has revealed that he will be updating the Terms and Conditions to clarify the real meaning of “trolling”. Notch said this after a YouTuber removed a few Minecraft trolling videos because apparently Mojang said it wasn’t allowed.

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Tibbers1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )


BradR1380d ago

I guess so, but was he really doing something wrong, it's not like he is inflicting harm onto players.

OGCJOfficial1379d ago

exactly. are people really that fucking stupid to think mojang was right?

GentlemenRUs1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

If he did what I think he did, Then good on Mojang.

But, If it was just casual trolling... Then, BAD MOJANG!

XiSasukeUchiha1380d ago

Casual trolling = WTF Mojang
Bad trolling= Good job Mojang

Let's just hear how bad the trolling was?

Donnywho1380d ago

All I'm saying is trolls without parachutes should be shot on sight.

Stevino3211380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

The Youtuber is ZexyZek, The videos are actually really funny, he doesn't usually grief, but when he does he undos them, unvanishes, and gives the victim diamond, gold, etc. and helps the victim rebulid their house. Today, Notch said he will allow him to do this, check out his channel.

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