Dust: An Elysian Tale Surpasses One Million Units Sold

The creative mind behind Dust: An Elysian Tale, Dean Dodrill, recently announced the game has passed the million mark in units sold.

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Snookies121541d ago

Awesome, very fun game. Went out of my way to get 100% on it. (Above 100 in this game's case lol.)

Moncole1541d ago

I also got 100% except on those annoying challenge rooms.

oIITSBIIo1541d ago

thanks to humblebundle .

green1541d ago

Well deserved. A truly amazing game.

Debaitable1541d ago

Great game. I havent finished it but I've restarted thrice to change difficulty. I suggest to play it on hardcore for a good challenege as tough & normal it's easy to plow through the game.

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