Borderlands 2 for PS Vita ‘Available April 15’ according to Dell

A retail listing for Borderlands 2 by Dell suggests that we could be vault hunting on PlayStation Vita on April 15th.

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Geekman1547d ago

Yay..... *Goes back to Borderlands 2 on Xbox 360.*

3-4-51547d ago

Can't wait to get this for Vita.

vergilxx31547d ago

same here day one for me

fOrlOnhOpe571547d ago

And cross-saves with PS3? Nice. I haven't stopped playing it since its 2012 launch. There's no wonder my games backlog is so bad.

Outsider-G1547d ago

I'll be getting the Vita bundle. I beat the story a few days ago and loved it. Playing it again on True Vault Hunter Mode.

1nsomniac1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

I genuinely just don't understand & don't think I ever will, where people find the enjoyment in either of the Borderlands games. Maybe its the cheap humour I don't know but it's surely not the gameplay!

admiralvic1547d ago

"surely not the gameplay!"

Funny. I like the gameplay. Its fun using crazy guns with pop culture references to vanquish freaks on Pandora.

1nsomniac1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

I must be missing something because I played Borderlands 1 through PS+ & after forcing myself through about 2 hours of it I couldn't bare the mind numbingly uninspiring, repetitiveness before deleting it.

Then after everyone & my friends constant hyping I fell for it again & bought it on Steam through a GreenManGaming code promotion so only cost me about £8 when it was still selling for £30 & managed to force myself through about 3-4 hours this time but I really did force myself after paying for it & didn't enjoy it at all so again deleted it & have never gone back to it.

It's just so dull/tedious & the humour is just so poor & amateurish that its just more cringe worthy than funny. I just don't understand it at all!

I am happy though that it's coming to the Vita as some people do enjoy it for some reason.

3-4-51546d ago

How no ? Good smooth gameplay, cool art style, big world, tons of weapons n such, skill tree.

It's obviously just not for you then.

Outsider-G1547d ago

On IGN, the date listed is March 18.

BrianSharon1546d ago

That's due to the fact that previous reports had it slated for March 18th, something which 2K has claimed to be false.

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The story is too old to be commented.