Destiny Trading Cards Unlock Mysterious In-Game Content

MP1st - A handful of Destiny trading cards have been discovered that hold keys to unannounced in-game content.

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SmielmaN1327d ago

I may like this. I collect cards and bullcrap... Hmmm

sincitysir11327d ago

Hmm...dwight shrout collected cat crap. U collect bullcrap...

Ot. This may be cool!

SmielmaN1327d ago

I collect lots of bullcrap ;)

Lawboy21327d ago

What's up with all the cards now....p v z has card packs...and titanfall has burn cards

Grimhammer001327d ago

Its the next big thing since perks are so ladt gen. ; )

matrixman921327d ago

this is very...very old. And these arent cards u can collect. They were only given out to people at special events last year(as the article states). The codes were just distributed to the public and now everyone can get the stuff

theRell1327d ago

Yeah, I've had them all for a couple months now.

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