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PS4 Sold Out Almost Everywhere Again in Japan: Retailer Advises to Grab it When You Find One

With the beginning of March Sony is halting shipments of the “First Limited Pack” of the PS4 in Japan, moving from the bundle with Knack to the standard boxes without the game, and looks like almost all the units that were pushed into the market so far have now found a loving home, while retailers advise customers to grab one when they can. (PS4)

Hatsune-Miku  +   634d ago | Well said
PlayStation nation. When you make such a quality product then itll sell out constantly . The most powerful console is winning this generation and its the best console ever bestowed on earth for people to have the honour of playing .

The ps4s hardware is so powerful and PlayStation plus is the best video game online service which helps to highlight big differences from having an amazing video game system to the other mediocrity to rubbish services.

Ps4 is the future and the future is Ps4
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nosferatuzodd  +   634d ago
lol nice
AD705  +   634d ago
lol what a good movie that was. I give you the keys to the internet fine sir.
scott182  +   634d ago
The PS4 is doing great, Sony has a winner for sure.
ThanatosDMC  +   634d ago
I really wish Yakuza Ishin was localized to NA. I'd be playing it non-stop till i get a plat.
alexkoepp  +   634d ago

PS+ is the best online service eh?


These are both systems on my 50mbs network, both wired connections. Xbox live is more than twice as fast, its not even a comparison.
GutZ31  +   634d ago
Looks like you didnt read that last little bit at the end of the PS4s speeds...
"*Connection speeds are estimates only."

In other words, it just tells you if you are within range or standard speeds, and wont show past those numbers.
Make no mistake, your connection is still 50+MB/s on PS4 (I have 50MB/s as well).
Tested with actually downloading games, it is using it all. PS3 is slower though.
Conzul  +   634d ago

LOL I used a wireless connection and I get those same speeds for my PS4. I shudder what would happen if I ever got over my phobia of cords and put it on a cable.

'Twould probably start a fire!
TruthInsider  +   634d ago

Now show us your speed on a Speedtest.net test to see what it actually is.
GutZ31  +   634d ago
Go on your PS4 and xbox one and use the browser to look up this site.
It should be a much better reading than both system connection diagnostics read.
alexkoepp  +   634d ago
Ask and ye shall receive


There is no fowl play here. Xbox Live is a superior network plain and simple.

"Looks like you didnt read that last little bit at the end of the PS4s speeds...
"*Connection speeds are estimates only."

In other words, it just tells you if you are within range or standard speeds, and wont show past those numbers."

In other words, "I didn't like the results, I'm going to go ahead and make up something that I think explains the differential"

Please show me some proof of "it won't show past those numbers". I understand an estimate, and an estimate isn't off by 32MB/s
CryofSilence  +   634d ago
I bet I could get 230 Mbps down if I bought either console and hardwired them in. Google fiber ftw. Here's what I got when I plugged in my old laptop:
GutZ31  +   634d ago
This site works on both the PS4 and xbox one. getting 47MB/s download 24MB/s upload.
Tapani  +   633d ago
I'll just give you a bubble for your preference for Amiga! :)

Damn, those were the good days...
amiga-man  +   633d ago
Bubble to you Sharp for the same, as you said fine days and great memories :)
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Reaon  +   633d ago
@alex dude I'm constantly downloading ps4 games at 15 megabytes per second (which is my max), yet the connection test says my down is only like 50/60 mbit. It doesnt mean shit, it's a rough estimate based on a very very tiny file, the higher your speed the more inaccurate it becomes, because it practically downloads the file instantly.
So don't go spouting nonsense about xbl being superior based on a freaking internet connection test (read: connection, not speed test!).

You fanboys are getting insanely defensive...
kopicha  +   633d ago

what is your point here? how about it's your own internet that suck?

I have a 100MB connection and this is what I get on PS4
kenshiro100  +   633d ago
Alex you sound like a typical fanboy. Try and downplay PS4 news with drivel.
Boody-Bandit  +   633d ago

I have had similar disparities when I do speed test on the PS4 and XBOX ONE that also favors the X1. BUT, yes there is a but, when I have played GHOST and BF4 on both consoles online they run they same as far as latency. Both are basically identical.

I've done several comparisons. Playing one after the other and even playing both at the same time while a friend was playing one version and myself the other. We would even switch controllers back and forth mid match using the same exact weapons and neither of us noticed a millisecond difference and both of us have been online gamers since it's inception.

Another thing I noticed is when I download demos, add-ons and games slightly faster on my PS4 over my XBOX ONE. Now none of this is an exact science so I think you're saying XBL is 2x could not be more of a fallacy and simply your opinion.

As far as I know no tech site has put both online services through their paces so it's basically a he said she said until the data transfer has been measured for both and documented. Even then it would be a who do you trust and what was their basis for the test and how were they measured.

All I know is the single most important aspect of online gaming is latency and I have not noticed one bit of difference between the 2 top shooters online. The hit detection is essentially identical.
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Giul_Xainx  +   633d ago
Download speeds again?

Talk about clasping straws......
USA007  +   633d ago
Sony's Internet connection test is not truthful and only an estimate. Go to one of those testing websites provided and check. All sony's devices are inaccurate at the Internet test. It is not simply the speed of XBL or PSN, as in most games you will be connecting to a host or server that has nothing to do with the networks.
zero_gamer  +   634d ago
Edit: It's good to see PS4 doing so well for Japan. It's actually the most important region for me because I am a jRPG gamer first and foremost. I want more jRPGs on home consoles with my 46" TV and not having to rely on portable hardware with a much smaller screen and inferior controls. PlayStation's home consoles are always my to go platform for jRPG's.

PS9 is the future and the future is PS9.
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Magicite  +   634d ago
yes, my 50'' Philips Ambilight HDTV screams for JRPG goodness!
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PoSTedUP  +   634d ago
ya but, im on my handheld, in a hammock, in my [grandmothers] beautiful japanese garden, with like, 6-7 japanese cherry trees raining down pink flower pedals... rolf, sorry, had to.. (not now, but in the spring/summertime). :P

psvita, it's unrivaled oled-color scheme, & ps4 remoteplay ftw.

eh, idk i just prefer handhelds :P
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AsunaYuukiTheFlash  +   634d ago
My Samsung 4K TV need some JRPG love too.
Clunkyd  +   634d ago
Nah, you need some 4K content love.
ZombieKiller   634d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(4)
jessupj  +   634d ago
It's interesting.

After hearing this about the PS4 I find myself pretty much accepting this as truth.

However, when MS spouts their sales numbers, my immediate knee jerk reaction is - How accurate is this really? I usually do a lot of digging and analysing their words for 'PR spin' before I even start to consider any of it to be true.

But it's good to see strong demand is holding steady in Japan. I personally don't care for JRPGs (at least the turn based ones) but I know a lot of people do and they've been starved of them for so long.

So I hope for their sakes, we start getting a lot more of them. Judging from the sales I'm sure we will.
kalkano  +   634d ago
It's simple: Microsoft has been caught lying...a LOT...
Watari321  +   634d ago
No offense but I like PlayStation but this is kinda ridiculous. This is blatant PR lol
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Akuma2K  +   634d ago
Lmaoooooo....ssssssssssmoking !!!!
jebabcock  +   634d ago
A little over the top there hatsune..
MisterFantastic   634d ago | Trolling | show
5eriously  +   634d ago
You ar trolling this same off topic BS in multipne articles.

How do we know you are honest? I thought your PS4 were not connected and collecting dust so thus you only take it out when you want to discredit the PS4, thus I cannot take you seriously and for all I know YOU ARE USING TWO DIFFERENT NETWOKS for your so called "proof". Maybe you have the PS4 over the wireless network for all I know. Looking at your comment history I do not trust your motives and cheating the results would not be beyond you.

Bubbled down for serious trolling by a butthurt fool.
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Tempest317  +   633d ago
I dont think hes using different internet connections, I just think the ps4 connection test to judge speed is like using Windows experience index as an indicator of pc performance. My connection test is consistently saying I have a 12-15 mbit connection (its actually closer to 30mbit) when I download, my download speeds are better than 3 MBps, right in line with projected speeds. Instead of testing it hes just taking that number as law even though as many other people have said, its inaccurate.
MachineGunnTalk   634d ago | Trolling | show
bigfish  +   633d ago
I don't understand why no one is buying Xbox One,, c'mon guys its a wicked console, its got like voice activation and you can control the content using voice only. its like a set top box also where you can watch and record tv, so your getting so much for your money...
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Twiggy  +   633d ago
Wow, just.. wow.

If Sony ain't paying you I have no clue what's going on.
Darkwizard904   633d ago | Bad language | show
Majin-vegeta  +   634d ago
Are these still from the 2nd batch of PS4?
Abriael  +   634d ago
3rd for Yodobashi and Amazon, but it depends on the retailer, some got less, some got more.
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RPG_Lover  +   634d ago
sold out? no it isnt. From what people are saying who live in Japan. It is quite easy to go to a store and pick one up. Of course I believe John Riccardi.
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Eonjay  +   634d ago
Are you suggesting that these retailers are lying?
Hicken  +   634d ago
Yes, the retailers are lying, and Nintendo "fans" like pedroyamato are telling the truth, with no ulterior motives.

Where are you getting your info from?
Kryptix  +   634d ago


Looking at the very high initial demand, I really doubt you can easily pick one up over there.
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kayoss  +   634d ago
Sorry but you're mistaken that for the wii u. But what else is new. It's expected from you since you're pro Nintendo. Every chance you get you'll bash anything Sony especially the vita. Retailers are saying its sold out but I guess you're the person who is in charge of over seeing all th retailers in Japan so of course you would have inside info bout how many ps4 are left at retail. /S
chrisarsenalsavart  +   634d ago
Dude I know you hurt Nintendo is not doing well right no
w but quit the bulls on what u think u know about japan.
My brother actually works in tokyo for a French restaurateur(l'attelier Joel Robuchon,Minato Roppong)and he spent the all weekend in Akihabara trying to find a ps4 but without success.

pyramidshead  +   634d ago
Very very good sign. Revitalise that console market PS4, this may help the XB1 in the long run too. We need Japanese devs back in the game.
RPG_Lover  +   634d ago
Japanese devs never left the game. They have been just as good and as bad as the west and as they have ever been. This sensationalized fiction that Japanese devs aren't making good games needs to end.
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Eonjay  +   634d ago
That fiction has its roots in an over dramatized dissatisfaction with FF13. I actually liked the game though. But yeah, they are constantly pumping out good games.
Parapraxis  +   634d ago
"This sensationalized fiction that Japanese devs aren't making good games needs to end."

Blah blah blah, i'm just going to ignore the fact that western developed games have been kicking ass and Japanese developed games have been hanging onto relevancy by a thread.
DCfan  +   633d ago
Someone gets it finally.
MasterCornholio  +   634d ago

chrissx  +   634d ago
The Ps4 might just do a Ps2. Really impressive console and sellouts
ZombieKiller  +   634d ago
I've been thinking that since I bought one. I feel like between the cheaper, more powerful console, we might see the return of the ALMIGHTY PS2 relived in the days of the PS4!
zeuanimals  +   634d ago
The only downside with the PS2 was that it was the weakest out of the 3, but it did the best and had the most support.

The PS4 might be the first console to ever sell the most in its generation and be the most powerful console on the market. They have the most support right now since 20% of devs polled said they'd work on it, it'll only go up from there since the install base is continuing to grow rapidly.

I don't think any console has checked off all 3 of these.
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Kain81  +   633d ago

The other two consoles came two years later, what did you expect. The PS2 was one of the most powerful consoles at the time of release.
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knifefight  +   634d ago
Great news for the Japanese console market!

WTF is up with GAF's hate? Wanted to comment on this story, over there too but I typed one up and got told the comment thread was closed?

Seriously uptight, smh. =/
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zeuanimals  +   634d ago
They say it's not a credible source and that many people can still find PS4s on shelves in Japan. Well, atleast "SonyGAF's" not "biased to Sony" like many people say, but I'm gonna wait a few weeks for more numbers to come out in case this might be wrong. If this is true, well done Sony.
DivineAssault  +   634d ago
this was obviously going to happen.. Did anyone really think either of the other 2 would beat it in sales?
sdplisken  +   634d ago
The Domination continues!!!!!!
zeuanimals  +   634d ago
Well, it wasn't like it wasn't going to dominate Japan. Lol. X1 had no chance. The Wii U did okay in the beginning, not so hot now.
josephayal  +   634d ago
PS4 Un$toppable
if you can't beat them join them
LOL_WUT  +   634d ago
I always say ;)
MegaRay  +   634d ago
Mario and Halo for PS4?
mediate-this  +   634d ago

A cowards way
demonddel  +   634d ago
Sony is the masters of making ppl want there systems even I want one
Geekman  +   634d ago
Sony fanboyism of N4G continues. Geekman advises to leave when you see articles like this to avoid being converted. (Here come the dislikes.)
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Whiskeyjacked87  +   634d ago
Want some cheese with that whine?
Geekman  +   634d ago
Yes, please. I'll eat it while playing my PS4.
styferion  +   634d ago
It's inevitable to see more positive news about Sony when the competition keeps making bad decision here and there, most people loyal to games not console, it's logic 101.
You want the same amount of good news from the competition? tell them to stop screwing themselves.
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chrisarsenalsavart  +   634d ago
A sweet n SOUR chicken please
sic_chops  +   633d ago
Your power brick says hi. This is 2014. Mount it on your wall. M$ junk
Toxic-zombie  +   634d ago
The reason people are buying PS4 is because all the DRM policies Microsoft tried to enforce on console gamers.
If I wanted DRM I would buy a PC and game with its benefits, but I don't want DRM and that's why I'm a console gamer.
If Microsoft got their way we would have all their DRM policies.
We as console games have to speak with our wallets and that's why I choose PS4.
DigitalRaptor  +   633d ago
It's not the only reason, but I get your point.

PS4 is selling out like this because people are avoiding anti-consumerism and looking forward to the best and most diverse games, on the most capable console.

If Microsoft got their way, this industry would be in shambles, and Sony also would be out of the business: http://www.develop-online.n...
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TristanPR77  +   634d ago
And all of this without any price cut and "no games"

Those believing titanfall will make a difference will have a hard time when numbers are revealed after march.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   634d ago
I have some friends in Japan and the scene there is pretty wild. Although people are saying stores are on their second shipment, I've been told they're already through their third and eagerly awaiting a 4th shipment. This is absolutely isane!

Now just wait until some of the heavy hitters arrive on the PS4. Thing will really get crazy.
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worldwidegaming  +   634d ago
Already came in some places and went out in others. Not all places are selling out. If you check around you can get one.
chrisarsenalsavart  +   634d ago
My brother can,t find one and one shop said they won't have any until the 13th Of march(SOFMAP, HIRAOKA building, TOKYO)
s1xt6en  +   634d ago
This is great to hear. The last couple of years my purchases have come to bite me in the butt. I bought a vita and it didnt perform to well then I sold the vita and got a WiiU which again didnt perform very well. Glad to see I finally made a purchase that is turning into something great. lol.
stuna1  +   634d ago
Does this mean it's officially over 6 million consoles? Time to start it off with a Big Fat Blunts and some party favors.
hobbitooo  +   634d ago
ps4 mgs ground zero can pawn titanfall anytime
worldwidegaming  +   634d ago
They get shipments daily even if the website said otherwise. Check the stores! Online you are going to have issues because the stock is not being restocked fast enough in some area or they are holding shipments until a set date. Keep buying!
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rjs_252  +   634d ago

I guess you didn't mean to show your tab (top left) of what appears to be shemale and transsexual videos?


A troll and a transsexual lover. You couldn't make it up!
thebrownbox  +   634d ago
Omg haha. Good eyes sir. Good eyes :)
MasterCornholio  +   634d ago
OMG Alex is a tranny lover.

#20.2 (Edited 634d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
dredgewalker  +   633d ago
Oh my!.....
XabiDaChosenOne  +   633d ago
Knushwood Butt  +   634d ago
Firstly, yeah, agreed that the PS4 is selling very well in Japan.

However, I call BS to this comment:

'With the beginning of March Sony is halting shipments of the “First Limited Pack” of the PS4 in Japan, moving from the bundle with Knack to the standard boxes without the game'.

I've yet to see SONY Japan make any mention of a PS4 SKU that doesn't have Knack.


Sure, it will probably happen, but I don't see it happening for a while. You can't even buy Knack stand alone at retail in Japan.
Adolph Fitler  +   633d ago
More sales, more sales, & more sales is what I hope PS4 keeps garnering....and with that comes more games, more games & more games.....

Hopefully PS4 owners will start supporting MORE of the great 1st & 3rd party exclusives, so Sony & others don't have to keep closing studios, or hacking there staff down UNDESERVEDLY..... Just look how unfair London Studios & Zipper Interactive/s closures were....Both studios pumped out quality software for PSP, PS3 & PSVita, but suffered the worst kind of fate for it.

So as PS gamers, read MANY reviews on our exclusives, & ultimately make up your own minds on games, & if a game is undeniably great, then convince ALL your friends & family that game, to buy the damn things.......we have a responsibility as gamers to word of mouth good products in this hobby we love....that responsibility is TO OURSELVES, as if we fail to do all we can to ensure a great games success, then we may lose that IP, & possibly developer forever.
Panicradio  +   633d ago

The NAT Type 2 of your PSN screenshot indicates you used a wireless connection.
Tempest317  +   633d ago
Are you certain? My NAT type is 2 and im hard wired in
stinkytofus  +   633d ago
I went to costco two days ago, they had at least 40-50 sitting on a pallet for 479.99

Ps4 sold out everywhere, if u want one u euther buy a bundle or fork over 490$ for one
bligmerk  +   633d ago
Weren't there some xbot fanbois "worried" about the "poor" PS4 sales in Japan? After all, they went to stores two days after launch and there were units on retail shelves. Xbot fanbois illogic says any PS4 on the shelf is "poor sellz" but Day One XBO still sitting around and clearance sale on Ebay is "strong sellz". So ridiculous, it's funny.
moegirl  +   633d ago
CharlesSwann  +   633d ago
I live in a Playstation Nation.
SmilingAdvocate  +   633d ago
It's sold out everywhere here in Bristol UK again.. It's crazy how well they are selling!
Zefros  +   633d ago
Ps4 is selling out world wide every time they restock!
Father__Merrin  +   633d ago
just wait till Japan gets a taste of ryse, the tide will change

mark my words!!!

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