Xbox LastFm App Axed

Cev at Codec Moments writes "Recently, has decided that they plan to make some changes to their service, and one of those changes is the discontinuation of their Xbox app. This is something I generally wouldn’t have an interest in were it not for the reaction the company received and the argument provided by those who see it as a bad thing."

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mhunterjr1477d ago

I think what the author is forgetting is that some users might have only subscribed to the service BECAUSE it was available on 360.

I for one, never heard of the service until the 360 app arrived. I might be the minority, but I doubt I'm the only one. Those folks would understandably be upset with the apps removal.

Animal Mutha 761476d ago

That's a shame. I only used it on Xbox so they are going to lose a user.

FamilyGuy1476d ago

Last.FM is free so I don't think they care about losing users. I've been using the service for years without any sort of subscription on my Western Digital Live Media Player. It's cool and I can understand why fans of it are upset but I don't see it helping unless hey decide to pay for it.