Titanfall PC Minimum Specs Revealed, Needs at least 50 GB of free space, windows Vista supported

Respawn has revealed the PC minimum system requirements for Titanfall

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Agent-861420d ago (Edited 1420d ago )

Wait, aren't these specs in conflict with each other. It states a HD 4770/8800GT or better, but also says it requires DirectX 11. Both of those cards are DirectX 10. If it's DirectX 11 only, then Vista wouldn't be supported either. So, which is it? My guess is that the DirectX requirement is 10.1 and this is a misprint.

BehindGames1420d ago

Good point, if this true i think the game will not run on those cards

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1420d ago

Windows Vista!?!?!?!? Wait what?!?! So you mean all the haters that are all like.. "I'll just get it for the PC." Are still paying MS for this game!?!?!?

In the words of Wheezer... "Say it ain't soooooooooo"

TheEnigma3131420d ago

MS doesn't get a cut off of the PC version.

mkis0071420d ago

Ya, MS got my money 5 years's not like I have to pay them again.

Beastforlifenoob1420d ago

Yeah i didn't undesrtand the DX11 situation for a sec eaither. I believe it will also support DX 10

Mr Tretton1420d ago

50 GB? The fuck outta here!

Goro1420d ago

Jack Tretton, i am arresting you for the rape of Microsoft on June 6 2013, you do not have to say anything. But it may harm your defense if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence.

Utalkin2me1420d ago

50Gb, probably half of that is on the awesome AI =)

badz1491419d ago

what? no! AI is handled by the cloud, remember?

ForgottenProphecy1420d ago

I'm not sacrificing 50gb on a shooter I'll probably play a few times.

annus1420d ago

One must wonder why you would buy a brand new shooter that you would only play a few times, regardless of size.

GentlemenRUs1420d ago (Edited 1420d ago )

Let alone an online-only shooter, That space is hugely un-optimized.

Volkama1419d ago

You can uninstall things if you want to...

Scenarist1420d ago

i recall them saying something about insane texture sizes for PC

LAWSON721420d ago (Edited 1420d ago )

I know that is ridiculous. It is insane big some games on PC are for example MGR is 25GB which is a joke because 20 some of it is uncompressed low res cutscenes

webeblazing1420d ago

50gb is ridiculous. i doubt is its textures and ai. ill wait and see. devs are having these insane install sizes of games that dont even look better than games from the last couple of years. seriously, dont battlefield4 only take up 30gb?

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Activemessiah1420d ago

50GB?? well... good thing it doesn't have single player or it might have been close triple digits O_o

CryofSilence1420d ago

50 GB for a multiplayer only arena-based shooter with unremarkable textures (in PC standards)? That's strange to me. It'll still turn out well, I trust.

Allsystemgamer1420d ago

Well...this isn't going on my SSD.

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The story is too old to be commented.