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Submitted by BehindGames 714d ago | news

Titanfall PC Minimum Specs Revealed, Needs at least 50 GB of free space, windows Vista supported

Respawn has revealed the PC minimum system requirements for Titanfall (PC, TitanFall)

Agent-86  +   715d ago
Wait, aren't these specs in conflict with each other. It states a HD 4770/8800GT or better, but also says it requires DirectX 11. Both of those cards are DirectX 10. If it's DirectX 11 only, then Vista wouldn't be supported either. So, which is it? My guess is that the DirectX requirement is 10.1 and this is a misprint.
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BehindGames  +   715d ago
Good point, if this true i think the game will not run on those cards
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   714d ago
Windows Vista!?!?!?!? Wait what?!?! So you mean all the haters that are all like.. "I'll just get it for the PC." Are still paying MS for this game!?!?!?

In the words of Wheezer... "Say it ain't soooooooooo"
TheEnigma313  +   714d ago
MS doesn't get a cut off of the PC version.
mkis007  +   714d ago
Ya, MS got my money 5 years's not like I have to pay them again.
Beastforlifenoob  +   714d ago
Yeah i didn't undesrtand the DX11 situation for a sec eaither. I believe it will also support DX 10
Mr Tretton  +   714d ago
50 GB? The fuck outta here!
Goro  +   714d ago
Jack Tretton, i am arresting you for the rape of Microsoft on June 6 2013, you do not have to say anything. But it may harm your defense if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence.
Utalkin2me  +   714d ago
50Gb, probably half of that is on the awesome AI =)
badz149  +   714d ago
what? no! AI is handled by the cloud, remember?
ForgottenProphecy  +   714d ago
I'm not sacrificing 50gb on a shooter I'll probably play a few times.
annus  +   714d ago
One must wonder why you would buy a brand new shooter that you would only play a few times, regardless of size.
GentlemenRUs  +   714d ago
Let alone an online-only shooter, That space is hugely un-optimized.
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Volkama  +   714d ago
You can uninstall things if you want to...
Scenarist  +   714d ago
i recall them saying something about insane texture sizes for PC
LAWSON72  +   714d ago
I know that is ridiculous. It is insane big some games on PC are for example MGR is 25GB which is a joke because 20 some of it is uncompressed low res cutscenes
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webeblazing  +   714d ago
50gb is ridiculous. i doubt is its textures and ai. ill wait and see. devs are having these insane install sizes of games that dont even look better than games from the last couple of years. seriously, dont battlefield4 only take up 30gb?
Activemessiah  +   714d ago
50GB?? well... good thing it doesn't have single player or it might have been close triple digits O_o
CryofSilence  +   714d ago
50 GB for a multiplayer only arena-based shooter with unremarkable textures (in PC standards)? That's strange to me. It'll still turn out well, I trust.
Allsystemgamer  +   714d ago
Well...this isn't going on my SSD.
DivineHand125  +   714d ago
I call BS on this one. If the game really needs 50GB then how to they get this to run on xbox 360? On the PC, only the big mmos like Terra online needs that much space and its a massive open world mmo with decent graphics. I expect this to be 15GB at most.
Eamon  +   714d ago
I think it's because PC version has much higher resolution textures than 360 version. Also, the 50gb is probably completely uncompressed whereas the 7.8 gb 360 game has been compressed.

But I still can't understand how a multiplayer shooter can come to 50gb. I mean it's larger than BF3 which was a much bigger and better looking game.
gamernova  +   714d ago
You can find a TB drive for around the same price as Titan Fall. 50gb is no problem. Bring it on.
SilentNegotiator  +   714d ago
Uhhh...and the download?
gamernova  +   714d ago
Pre-load? I have fast internet so it really is no issue to me.
WolfLeBlack  +   714d ago
Physical copy would be the most likely choice, there. I've not got the best Internet speeds, so I'll just grab a boxed copy :)
deadfrag  +   714d ago
Another reason why a digital only future will not work now and neither it will for atleast 10 to 15 years more,limited caps by internet providers need to die to even consider a future with only digital downloads viable.
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Allsystemgamer  +   714d ago
Yea lol my limit is 120 gb a month lol. Thank god for school bandwidth
Plagasx  +   714d ago
Sometimes I feel like devs are just making games bigger and bigger just for the hell of calling it "next gen".

This game does NOT need to be 50gb..
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Allsystemgamer  +   714d ago
Well to be fair it is probably uncompressed. Many ps3 games were near 50gb aswell.
CaulkSlap  +   714d ago
I don't think any of the downloadable full retail games hits much over 20GB. And those are the long single player campaigns with cinematics.
AceBlazer13  +   714d ago
I think it were just the 1st party exclusives hitting 50gigs. And if games like TLoU or Uncharted 3 are anything to go by that space was 100% quality.
CaulkSlap  +   714d ago
Xbox One install is also reportedly 40GB. Without a single player campaign you have just got to be fucking kidding. With any decent optimization no online only shooter should pass 10GB.
Shakengandulf  +   714d ago
When you put it that way, you're right.
40GB seems way too high for a game without sp and the textures don't exactly look A grade.
mrmarx  +   714d ago
pandehz  +   714d ago
lol its not 50gb

Many game specs say 40, 50 etc etc

The install size is 13gb or around that maybe a bit more
worldwidegaming  +   714d ago
I remember when people complained about 1gb!
Just put your porn in an external hard drive and you will be fine!
beatled  +   714d ago
considering it looks better maxed on pc than anything that has ever, or will ever look on ps4/xbox1/ps3/xbox360 it stands to reason it will take up some space

hell a mediocre looking game like killzone shadowfall is over 50 gb, the ugly, last gen looking dead rising 3 had a 13 gb patch

50gb is nothing nowadays, you can get a 2 tb hd for like $60 on sale

pc supports resolutions VASTLY beyond anything the xbox1 or ps4 will ever dream of, along with monstrously larger textures and effects

this is to be expected
traumadisaster  +   714d ago
Right...resolutions on pc are at 3840 x 2160p for almost a year now. Old classics from 8 years ago look so crisp and clean, no jaggies and rival current console games.
fenome  +   714d ago
Yeah, but unfortunately it's still running on Source Engine. Nothing fresh about that..
kingduqc  +   714d ago
Fun fact: PC isn't a console that limit you in storage size and does not use more expensive 2.5inch drivres. You can get 3tb for under 120$ shipped so that`s about under 2$ worth of storage space.

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