Titanfall Beta had Full Res Textures, more info on PC's Cloud Servers

Titanfall's Beta had full res textures, more info was shared regarding the cloud servers on PC.

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kaiserfranz1330d ago

Good, a PC multiplayer shooter is worthless without private matches

pompombrum1330d ago

Still blows my mind that they are releasing the game without the ability to do private matches. Fingers crossed the patch comes sooner rather than later

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TheUltimateGamer1330d ago

No complaints here. The beta was beautiful.

brich2331330d ago

lol at the 15 people that didnt own an Xbox One or Pc to play it.

gamernova1330d ago

Exactly! It feels like any time you like titanfall/praise it, you get hate. As a PC gamer, I didn't really see how much Sony fans dominated the site until Titanfall which is also on PC. Suddenly all the Sony fans were praising the PC version and saying no one was getting it for the one and suddenly the 360 was going to stop the one from selling. Then suddenly the game was a cod clone even though it really isn't. Lol and all this from Sony guys that apparently have PC which can handle the game at max settings lol

bumnut1330d ago

Or those who own both but thought it was not very good (me)

Alexious1330d ago

Great news about the upcoming patch on PC. About graphics, I definitely wish they had chosen another engine, but it's done now.

I just can't wait for Titanfall 2, powered by Frostbite Engine.

Dudebro901330d ago

Frostbite is garbage. Its pretty but that's it.

Cernunnos1330d ago

I don't think you understand what an engine is exactly? A game using Frostbite doesn't mean it will turn into Battlefield 4. You can have vastly different games on the same engine. Frostbite definitely has some excellent performance, and is a very versatile engine.

papashango1330d ago (Edited 1330d ago )

frostbite being one of the better optimized engines and great for benchmarking. Is not up to par in terms of hit registry and fluidity. Basically its sh*t for true competitive gaming.

the Source engine that Titanfall is built on has been optimized over the years to give you fluid gameplay with optimal hit registry. Balance and alot of the competitive fun-factor in an fps begins with these very very basic fundamentals. Often overlooked by ambitious developers.

Take Cod4 for example. While the series may have gone to crap. It released the same year as Crysis a classic gameplay vs. graphics comparison. At its core what made cod4 great was that it produced extremely fluid gameplay, hit registry was spot-on, game menu was simple and load times were perfect. Yet it couldn't hold a candle to how great Crysis looked.

Thinking about it I just commented on a game where the developers at Respawn had a huge role in creating. It just tells me they havn't lost sight of what made Cod4 a great game.

MidnytRain1330d ago

But I thought bad hit registry was an internet problem.

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carlosjrix1330d ago

Let me guess. On ps4, right?

cabbitwithscissors1330d ago

Frostbite is only for EA internal studios use. Third Party developers who are not part of the company aren't allowed to use this engine.

Gozer1330d ago

If there is anything to complain about Titanfalls graphics, imo its the outdated Source Engine. Hopefully, Respawn will go with a newer engine with TF2. It doesn't look bad now,I just know it could look better on the X1.

Tedakin1330d ago

I really have few complaints by how it looks. It's not like OMG amazing, but it's definitely a great looking game when robots are running around in flames and there are lens flares and smoke trails going everywhere.

kiz26941330d ago

It would look better with a higher resolution, but the power just isn't there. I don't think it could look better at all, especially if they can't hit 1080p in Source. OT TitanFall isn't about graphics its about the core gameplay experience, and cant wait to get into this along with I:SS.

Alexious1330d ago

They'll use Frostbite, just as every other EA studio. And it will look amazing, and it won't have Battlefield 4 bugs and issues just because of it for those who are thinking this.

Mustang300C20121330d ago

Except Respwn isn't an EA studio

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