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Thief PC native 1080p versus Xbox One upscaled 1080p - can you spot the differences?

A video which looks at Thief PC native 1080p versus Xbox One upscaled 1080p in sequence. Both version suffer from Youtube compression, but do give an idea of the differences. (PS3, PS4, Thief, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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Angels3785  +   591d ago
Not in a highly compressed youtube video.....

The only differences you would ever be able to make out (possibly) is dramatic texture differences as they don't have so much to do with the image quality (like the Forza 5 e3 compared to release footage)

seeing frame rate and resolution differences would require images with the quality of the game uncompressed side by side.
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DCfan  +   591d ago
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Lukas_Japonicus  +   591d ago
Oh how i wish Gamersyde did comparisons.......Their direct feed videos are the best. I remember before the PS4 was released i downloaded the MP footage of Killzone SF in full 1080p 60fps...it was glorious. These crappy, compressed video comparisons are useless.

Screenshots, direct feed video or gtfo.
ABizzel1  +   591d ago
The easiest way to spot differences is to simply look at thin / narrow objects. The PC version is smooth meanwhile the XBO version becomes jagged.

Thief is just a poorly coded and optimized console port. It's good they tried to make it as similar to the PC version on very high settings as possible, but performance > max settings.
vulcanproject  +   591d ago
PC version can achieve 60FPS and smooth response without mad hardware apparently.

Whereas the Xbox One versions struggles and has some sort of crazy frame duplication judder.

I am sure that in a youtube video they are not that easy to tell apart quite as easily but playing them hands on it would be a piece of the proverbial.

Saying that if you max the youtube video PC seems obviously cleaner to me and that's WITH compression.
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dantesparda  +   590d ago
So much for the PS4 version supposedly having the worst framerate. That was just proven wrong. They both have a bad framerate, but the X1's framerate is actually a little worst overall. Also this game doesnt seem to like AMD processors. An Intel i3 can outperform AMD's best. Also its questionable whether the X1 version really doees have the tessellation and parallax occlusion mapping of the PC while the PS4 definitely does. But the X1, does have better texture streaming and anisotropic filtering. Although the AF is baffling, given that its virtually free, so its most probably just a bug
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miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   590d ago
Weird that this is the story on N4G right now, and not the DF story that this game is better overall on the X1 despite the 1080p.

LMAO at the cronies. b-b-b-b-but 1080p... but it's not overall better?!?!?


cozomel  +   590d ago

Weird that you are being your usual fanboy self. And its not better on the XO, it doesnt matter what they said. The evidence says otherwise, the PS4 has a better framerate, higher res and tessellation and POM, whereas the XO doesnt, contrary to what they claim, just cuz Thomas said he liked the XO ver. better simply because of better AF doesnt not mean its better. Technically the PS4 version is the superior version, period.

LMAO at the cronies, b-b-b-b-but the XO has the better framerate,.....NOT!



And AF is free in modern GPUs so there's really no excuse for not having it turned on, on the PS4. Other than bad programming. I bet you they'll turn it on through a patch.
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speedforce131  +   590d ago
just wanted to leave this comment here directed towards midnight:

DF openly admitted that PS4 had the better framerate, better resolution, controls.

The only thing they didn't like between the two was the texture filtering and a lot of intelligent people will say that it doesn't deserve the win while other people (usually Xbox fanboys) will say that it does (despite fanboys not knowing wtf DF means when they explain these things).

How is it that texture filtering alone gets Xbox the win compared to better framerates, resolution, effects, etc? It doesn't make any sense.
Mariusmssj  +   591d ago
Youtube compression being shit aside lets not forget that Youtube can't show more than 30 fps. Sort of void comparison.
Jessika_S  +   591d ago
Only thing I can see in this video are jagged edges.
GribbleGrunger  +   591d ago
AGAIN with the Youtube comparisons. Jesus, when will this con stop? Get it on your 40" TV and then make the comparison. Upgrading from ACBF 900p to 1080p on my 32" TV showed an obvious improvement.
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edonus   590d ago | Spam
Gamingcapacity  +   590d ago
The resolution argument thing has lost its way. The point that the PS4 can handle 1080p while the X1 struggles shows a big power difference.

The original argument was to prove the PS4 had more power now as changed to an heavy focus and numerous comparison trying to show that there isn't much difference between the 2 resolution.

While this is kind of true, imagine what the extra power can be used for instead of better res. Better and more complex AI, better particle effects, better textures etc.

This is not to say that the X1 will not make up the ground between the 2 consoles and show there isn't much between the 2. But right now the PS4 has the edge.

To note I think that Ryse is a very good looking game but they had to sacrifice a lot of things to achieve it like dumb AI, lack of good looking particle effects and shocking gameplay.
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dantesparda  +   590d ago
Wow, edonus, you have just shown that you do not know what you are talking about. 1080p is not just one step up from 720p, its several steps up. And its also more than twice the pixels. Do you know what that means? it means that even if you drew two 720p screens at the same time, they still wouldnt be pushing as many pixels onscreen as one 1080p screen. So, please get with the program and stop pushing stupid excuses spewed by people on the internet coming up with excuses and defenses for the X1's inferiorness (i know, not really a word, but you get the picture). Im tired of all the ignorance being spewed by fanboys on the internet just to protect/defend their system. And where did you come up with this 10% difference showing on Youtube crap from? Your arse?
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starchild  +   590d ago
PC version looks better even in this video, but the difference would be even more noticeable if you were playing both versions at full quality.
ramiuk1  +   590d ago
although the game struggles on my pc(no idea why except im on AMD)
that looks like its on medium graphics?
defo not highest.
JsonHenry  +   590d ago
I think the biggest difference is tessellation, shadow quality, and sharper textures. Even at the same resolution those differences would be night and day.
bayport  +   590d ago
Hehe, Youtube is an absolutely horrible place for graphics comparisons.
Axios2  +   591d ago
This the game that Digital foundry said to buy on X1 if you have a console.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   591d ago
Lol. But i thought gameplay was more important?...So if im not mistaken, the PS4's framerate during gameplay being higher and a more consistent 30fps is more favourable, no? Or would you rather have better AF over gameplay framerate? That's what i thought.

What is the point of your comment anyway? It has nothing to do with the article topic. Sounds like a blind, childish attempt to mention a "win" for the X1.

On topic: Yes, you can. If you have a native 1080p TV/monitor the difference is easy to tell apart.....why this is even being disputed is beyond me. Granted, 900p upscaled to 1080p is going to look much better than 720p upscaled to 1080p...but it's still going to be noticeable when comparing to native, non upscaled 1080p

The only people who say they can't see the difference are the people with the weaker console, those are the only people ive ever seen say that on this website. You don't need a "keen eye", you don't need a "big TV", you don't need to "sit really close".....all you need is a native 1080p TV/monitor/game and a pair of fully functioning eyeballs......and not being in denial.

Oh....and why the hell are we STILL using crappy, compressed YT videos for comparisons? "Can you see the difference between native 1080p and upscaled 1080p on this NON-native 1080p video?".
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MidnytRain  +   591d ago
Lol, why are you flipping on this guy?
Lukas_Japonicus  +   591d ago

Huh? Flipping? Im not, im replying to his comment and to the article topic.....I asked if anisotropic filtering was more important to him than gameplay framerate, seeing as most X1 fanboys (himself included) have constantly said before that gameplay > graphics. I then asked what the point of his comment was...as it has nothing to do with the topic.

As for calling him childish, that's how his comment comes across to me...entering an article and saying " DF said to buy the X1 version"....and ignoring the topic is childish imo.

Hardly "flipping" on him.

As for the article....i haven't seen Thief in person and i refuse to watch crappy YT comparisons, but judging from other 900p games that i have seen and played (Ryse and BF4), im 100% sure i would be able to tell the difference in Thief too. Upscaled games simply do not have the same clarity than native 1080p offers.
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Sitdown  +   591d ago
I think by flipping he means, why did a single sentence invoke the need for a 5 paragraph response from you. Mainly your second paragraph... His point could have been that the difference resolution wise is not that big of a deal, so all things considered you could go with The xbox one version. I don't know his intent... But it appears that you do, and for some reason it rubbed you the wrong way and made you resort to what appears as attacking behavior.
DeathOfTheFanBoy  +   591d ago
Lukas, why the fu*k have you got so many bubbles, your attitude is horrible. Was there ANY need to go off like that?

Sort your head out mate.
thereapersson  +   591d ago
@ Sitdown

Because if you knew Axios's post history, you'd know that he was making that comment to attempt to bait PS fans into making a comment.
webeblazing  +   591d ago
he always like that he get very defensive over his ps and bash every other platform on the sneak. im still wondering how one of the biggest fanboys on this site has the most bubbles
Lukas_Japonicus  +   591d ago

Oh please, stop being such a drama queen, i didn't "go off" on him. All you have to do is look at his comment history to see exactly how his comment was intended. A bitter,jealous troll is all he is.

"Your attitude is horrible"...lol whatever, Calling known X1 trolls out on their off topic comments and ignorance of the facts is having a horrible attitude?


Im still wondering why the hell everyone cares so much about my bubbles more than i do.

As for being defensive about the PS4...whatever, i asked if he thought that the PS4's more stable 30fps during gameplay was more important than AF on the X1, it's a simple and legit question. Carry on talking like you know me.


Yawn. All i asked is if a more stable 30fps during gameplay is more important than AF......for MONTHS now all we have heard from xbox fanboys is "gameplay is more important than graphics".....but now that DF gives an X1 game the win because of graphics(AF)....framerate doesn't matter. Hypocrisy, gotta love it.
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malokevi  +   591d ago
Jolly Old 1080p Luke, hère to write his angry paragraphs. Go get em, Tiger!

Digital Foundry said,that the X1 version holds its own against PC on max settings and is the superior console version. Personally, I don't care, won't be buying the game, and would get it for x1 regardless of what DF has to say... But its funny to watch you go all hyper sdf on commenters. DF Is stupid when they don't agree with you, right guys?

.... Right?!?!?!


ok lady I love you buh buy!
malokevi  +   591d ago
Lol? You've been hearing that game play > performance and graphics. And the game play is identical on all platforms... As this is the same game. But yeah, no, I like your spin better. Suddenly we've all been saying performance > graphics. Sounds about right.

nobody cares. Its you Sony kids who have been droning on about menial grapic and performance,differences,for,mo nths. So now, you are getting a taste of your own medicine and can't handle it. That's what's funny, here.

Its the same game on all platforms. Doesn't get any more fun on ps4, but looks ever so slightly better on x1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! Now go home, east a bucket of ice cream and cry to your momma.

tee hee
Lukas_Japonicus  +   591d ago

Man, you are so dense.

" And the game play is identical on all platforms... As this is the same game"

Lmao.....do you even realise what you just said? Framerate directly affects gameplay...FACT. The PS4 version, holding a better 30fps during gameplay will be better to play...FACT. Going by your hilarious logic...you could have a game running on the ps3 at 10fps....30fps on the PS4 and 60fps on the PC....but they would all be the same in terms of gameplay, because it's the same game? Haha. Not your brightest comment....

"nobody cares. Its you Sony kids who have been droning on about menial grapic and performance,differences,for,mo nths. So now, you are getting a taste of your own medicine and can't handle it. That's what's funny, here"

....i don't even.

The only thing i can't handle is blatant hypocrisy of Xbox fanboys who HAVE been saying for months on end how gameplay is more important than graphics (don't try and say they haven't because they have), yet when i (and DF) present them FACTS showing that the PS4 versions holds a better framerate during gameplay....they side with graphics. They also forget that the PS4 version is 1080p, has POM, has the same textures as the PC and X1 versions (which take a few milliseconds longer to load) and has less screen tearing than the X1 version.

Oh but no...the X1 versions wins because of 16XAF...whatever. Call me a damage controller, a spinner, an PS fanboy...but the fact remains that if you own both consoles and care more about gameplay than 16xAF, the PS4 version is the version to get. Im not going to ignore the facts just because it makes me sound like a damage controller. Strider looks better on the X1....i didn't damage control or make excuses for that at all...because its a clear X1 "victory"....but if i see things that i think need mentioning with other games, i'll mention them.

"DF Is stupid when they don't agree with you"

No, i didn't say anything bad about DF and i still look forward to their comparisons...i just question why they give the win to the X1 in light of things that prove otherwise. Way to put words into my mouth. What a cheap way to have a discussion with someone.
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starchild  +   590d ago
@ Lukas_Japonicus

Since you keep repeating that and seem to be such an expert, what are the average framerates of the PS4 and XB1 versions? Because all I got from the comparison is that both framerates are extremely juddery due to irregular frame pacing issues and the actual drops are minuscule in comparison.

"but in amongst the frame-pacing issues this is trivial"

If you watch the framerate analysis video you can see that both versions have a similar framerate. Trying to claim some kind of win for the PS4 in terms of framerate is a huge stretch and a bit ridiculous.

I do agree with some of the other things you said and I personally think the PS4 version is probably marginally better all things said, but the way you keep trying to make it sound like the PS4 version is going to feel noticeably better to play is a bit like grasping at straws.
dantesparda  +   590d ago
Wow, just look at how delusional MS fanboys are, acting like Lukas was all going off (or "flipping" out) on Axios, when we all know Axios is a bigtime MS fanboy troll. The only "horrible attitude" i see is you fanboys exaggerating and bullsh!tting and attav\cking him (Lukas).

And to starchild, DF said it themselves in the article, did you not read that part or just conveniently forget it? They said that the PS4 version had the better framerate (albeit minorly). Yet all week long all we heard was how horrible the framerates on the PS4 are and how its because of it being 1080p instead of 900p like the X1's version. And yet the truth is that its X1 that has the worst framerate, oh irony! And contrary to what they said in the article, the X1 version doesnt appear to have the POM, whereas the PS4 does. Dont believe me? Well just look at the 1st video and go to 2:08 and look at the ground (the stones), notice how the PS4 version looks bumper and the X1's flatter? Thats parallax mapping. And the PS4 not having AF (or more like a lower setting of it) makes no sense at all because AF is virutally free (you'll get like a 1 frame hit), so it really looks like devs messing up or making some really stupid choices.

Now delusion on fannies.
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Play2Win  +   590d ago
AF is very important just saying.
MorePowerOfGreen  +   591d ago
They posted this trying to leave an impression, avoiding posting the Eurogamer article.

LOL at that fanboy posting first, slamming Forza over this. He must know about Eurogamer article.
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cozomel  +   590d ago
What the EG article where they say that the PS4 ver, has the better framerate, higher res and parallax occlusion mapping and tessellation, whereas the XO ver. doesnt? That article? Oh yeah, youre right, that is funny, lol
1OddWorld  +   591d ago
I have the PS4 version of the game and it is great.

My comment has nothing to do with the article.

I'm a honey badger.
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Insomnia_84  +   591d ago
Yes, the textures look more defined in native 1080p on PC. Clearly seen best at 1:05, 1:35. Even the colors look more vivid. Not a HUGE difference but yes, there is a difference and I prefer native 1080p to 720p or upscaled 1080p.

The framerate on both is terrible though, or is it the video??
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Lukas_Japonicus  +   591d ago
"The framerate on both is terrible though, or is it the video??"

It's the game.
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starchild  +   590d ago
That's silly. It's not the game. It runs at an absolutely rock solid 60fps on my PC.

It's very well optimized on PC and it looks and runs fantastic, so quit trying to put all versions in the same basket.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   590d ago

Just because it runs well on your PC, that does not mean it's not a mess on consoles and that the fault isn't with the devs. I actually didn't realise he was referring to the PC either, i thought the video was PS4 vs X1 res, so calm down.

It's great on your PC? well that's brilliant, but on consoles, it's an unoptimized embarrassment. And don't give me the "it must be the hardware" BS, because there games on both next gen consoles that easily beat Thief visually and technically.

So glad i didn't support these lazy ass, incompetent devs.
Audiggity  +   591d ago
Ummm... what? That comparison video makes no sense. It would have been a better idea to take uncompressed screen grabs and compare stills.

Half the time you don't even notice the switch from PC/XB1 if you are paying any attention to the video.
zRude  +   591d ago
Even with the compressed youpoop compare this to this video. You can clearly see the difference between xbone and PC.

Can we spot the difference ? Yes we can, unless the watcher is blind.

It's honestly sad how weak machine the Xbone is.
pure 1080p Should be the standard and absolute minimum for so called " next gen " We live 2014 for crying all loud !!!
1080p footage was invented in 1990. So there's no Excuse how mayorly Microsoft screwd up.
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FlyingFoxy  +   591d ago
Even the cheap budget R7 260x graphics card mostly keeps up with PS4 & X1 on that Digital Foundry frame rate test. R9 270x 280x and 290 wee all over both consoles.

Neither console is all that powerful, which can be seen by the fact some games are already dipping into the high 30fps range on PS4 like Tombraider.
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zRude  +   591d ago
If they try to keep the console prices around these what they have been. Consoles will fall behind in comparsion to PC with every next gen they release.

So... I would honestly say Consoles as they are now, will cease to exist in future. And they will be merged more like PC's overall.
Vasto  +   591d ago
Of course there is a difference but just like all the other games that run at a higher resolution they still look nearly identical. Don't like the youtube videos? Feel free to post any video from any site on the internet showing different.
AutoCad  +   591d ago
PS4 version blurry at 1080p?hmm who wouldve of thought.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   591d ago
What? Blurry 1080p is literally impossible unless you have the sharpness setting on your TV set to zero. Or the devs have some blur filter applied.

Blurry 1080p.....now ive heard it all.
AutoCad  +   591d ago
thats what the dudes at digitalfoundry are saying.

"Xbox One's 900p resolution downgrade isn't as much of an issue as we thought it might be, while PS4's sub-par texture filtering comes as something of a surprise."

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Shakengandulf  +   590d ago
Having you're tv sharpness set to zero doesn't blur the image, its giving you a native, untouched image.. Setting it higher is only giving you an artificial one.
Laptops, ipads, pc monitors phones are all default and set to zero.. No artificial sharpness.

I put the same image across everything i own and only my tv was too sharp, when i lowered it notch by notch.. Zero equalled how it should be, the same as both my laptop and pad.
People don't care though, most were happy with xbox's sharpening filter.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   591d ago
""Xbox One's 900p resolution downgrade isn't as much of an issue as we thought it might be, while PS4's sub-par texture filtering comes as something of a surprise." "

Oh, there's the confusion then. Poor texture filtering, even at 1080p, will be blurry - http://www.tweakguides.com/...

Why the hell Thief is using Tri-linear filtering on PS4 is beyond me.....that is way outdated.

I thought you were saying the overall IQ is blurry at 1080p, which isn't what DF is saying at all.
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nycgamer4ever  +   591d ago
This game looks like a last gen game on all platforms and is a crap game to boot. I am sure no one should be using this game to see what we could expect from this gen. I can't believe people are debating over a subpar looking and playing game. Shit is worth no more than $30.
MachineGunnTalk  +   590d ago
from NY? Take an L
corvusmd  +   590d ago
Other than differences in light and darkness, it's not a noticeable difference at all...I know that 1080p on youtube isn't exactly the best...but then again when I play the game I'm not less than a foot from the screen...so give and take I guess.
lemoncake  +   590d ago
This game is poo either way
aondaatje  +   590d ago
A pc and xbox comparison? Why not a ps4 comparison? Oh yeah, its hard to compare games at 9fps. My bad
kx11  +   590d ago
the problem with the console version is the UE3

it's an old engine that will use 3 CPU cores maximum so it won't show the real power of those consoles at all

while on PC the sharper textures are thrown on the gpu which is usually 2x or 3x faster than both consoles

so the comparison is completely useless and done by people who wants to promote their sites
lulumink  +   590d ago
Both look horrible compared to the order 1886.
This is so last gen.
OsirisBlack  +   590d ago
I would not give this company one shiny penny for this game. Both the XB1 and PS4 have horrid frame rates dropping into the 20s and the XB1 version has better texture streaming than the PS4 which just screams lazy or rushed development. Thanks but I will pass.
Petebloodyonion  +   590d ago
I have to agree by looking the video you can see a clear difference between them, It's striking!
Yes you can clearly see the word PC when you see the pc footage and Xbox one when you see the xbox one version!

The real question shouldn't be about the pc vs Xbox one or PS4 But more about How the (explicit comment) the ps3 and xbox version are almost Identical to the mighty ps4, Pc and Xbox one


If that's the big difference between next gen games and current gen, then HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA on PPL who paid 500$ and 400$
Tedakin  +   590d ago
PC doesn't get half the games I want to play. That's the issue with PC gaming. All the graphics in the world don't matter if there's nothing to play. When PC gets Uncharted, God of War, Halo, Gears of War, Killer Instinct, Dead Rising, Metal Gear Solid, Quantum Break, Killzone, Infamous, The Order we'll talk.
Petebloodyonion  +   590d ago

I guess you miss my point a bit (my English is far from perfect)
My point wasn't about how great the graphics of the pc version are,but about How sad it it to see People trying to brag about the better version of game that a 8 year old console can still compete with (see the vid)

As for your point
I partially agree Graphics don't make a game but the experience and game play.
I will be the 1st one to purchase a PS4 or a Xbox one when there will be real next gen Content, not, upscale version of a Ps3-360 game, not a Indy game that I can find for 5 bucks on Steam, not a multi-platform game that will have a better resolution and texture pack compare to a Ps3 and 360 (see COD, BF, thief, Watchdog and all other)

The partially part is that I do love Steam and:wow there's some neat stuff to play there too man!
(see Amnesia, Shadow warrior, Gone Home)
Maxor  +   590d ago
PC have a zillion of games that console doesn't have. Strategy games of any nature, MMOs, online action RPGs, the list will probably fill this entire page.

But all that doesn't matter when all you wanna do is play Killzone or God of War. Because you know, FPS will space Nazis and arcade beat em ups with a ton of QTEs are special.
DOOMZ  +   590d ago
Cool PC comparison video but what's really funny is that Thief runs much better on the XBOX ONE than the PS4!
#16 (Edited 590d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Flames76  +   590d ago
There is no difference at all its all overblown by fanboys when it comes to full 1080p
Sano64  +   590d ago
Why do they always show pc games at 1080p instead of 1440p? Maybe they should just show ps4 games at 720p when the compare games to the Xbox one because this is getting ridiculous. 1440p is becoming very popular, and the prices keep dropping(sub $400). Please no more 1080p PC comparisons.
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larrysdirtydrawss  +   590d ago
Its the same game on all platforms. Doesn't get any more fun on ps4, but looks ever so slightly better on x1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! Now go home, east a bucket of ice cream and cry to your momma.

tee hee

better framerate,better res,more noticeable artifacts/shimmering on the xone shaders,much more texture pop-in on the xone,much less pom on the xone making things look like it has a very flat dull texture compared to the ps4......yup xone is the definitive version,makes all the sense in the world,no ms didn't pay for a fake positive review at all,nothing to see here

and I thought the strider thing was a glitch
Maxor  +   590d ago
This is almost as pointless as those 4K vs Bluray Youtube vids.
DOOMZ  +   590d ago
Cool PC comparison video but what's really funny is that Thief runs much better on the XBOX ONE than the PS4!!!
Dirkster_Dude  +   590d ago
Personally, I think this game is too dark regardless of system. This game is also crap because graphics are merely okay and the game play and level design suck. On top of that you have the whole 720p vs. 1080p or frame rate argument that really goes nowhere and really isn't worth arguing about on a game like this.
GundalfDeGrej  +   590d ago
Graphics merely okay? Have you even played it? It looks awesome on my pc. Sure, you can argue that the art style isn't the best but on a technical level it's still pretty good.
Darkwizard904  +   590d ago
I feel like the this era of gamers are more concerned with the irrelevant things such as an extra pixel rather than the actual games themselves.
BlayneRTFM  +   590d ago
I have the game on PC and 360, my son has it on Xbox One and my daughter has it on PS3 so, I've played every version running except PS4. You know what differences I notice between the versions the most? Absolutely nothing! The game play and graphics quality is pretty much the same while playing.

Now, I'm sure if I took my PC into my sons or daughters room and put the screens side by side and somehow managed to play both games simultaneously, I might notice a difference. My PC version on my 26" Monitor might look a bit better than the Xbox one version on my sons 40" T.V. or my daughters PS3 but, who the hell plays games on more than one device at one time?

The game runs smooth on all systems. Why would you need 60fps on a stealth game anyway? All this resolution and fps crap is exactly that - crap. Nobody notices the difference.

My son plays COD ghosts and other shooters on 360, X1 and sometimes on my PC. He's at the top of the score pretty much every game he plays on any platform so, fps makes very little difference, if any, in his ability to play shooters. His kill rate doesn't suddenly jump because he's playing 60fps on a game instead of 30fps.

People need to stop benchmarking games and just play the freakin' things.
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jay2  +   590d ago
PC build is darker, some textures are smoother. Thing such as the paining at around 1:40 loses detail on the XBONE.
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