The Games of March 2014

James Black writes: "March 2014 is an undeniably massive month for the video-game community. With a handful of the year’s most anticipated releases going along side some of the more unique experiences, the 31 days of March are going to be truly tough on our wallets. Below, we’ve compiled a near complete list of all of the games to release in March. Remember, some of the dates are subject to sudden changes, so don’t hate us if the game you’re hyping up doesn’t come out on the date listed."

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greenyboi1363d ago

Great gaming month ahead

SolidGear31363d ago

Time to take a part time second job.. as a jewel thief

urwifeminder1363d ago

Will save some cash personally only getting titanfall out of the entire list south park censorship makes me not want it at all now .

Hugodastrevas1363d ago

Can't wait to kill all of you guys in Dark Souls 2! (just kidding i want to live)