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The Molyneux Paradigm: Hate the Past, Hype the Future

Hardcore Gamer: Peter Molyneux refuses to settle in the current environment of gaming; whether it’s good, bad or in between, the Lionhead visionary has never stayed in one place in the industry. He loves the future, but can never reach it. He hates the past, but can never embrace its strengths. Welcome to the Molyneux Paradigm. (Mobile, PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

mochachino  +   636d ago
Very true, every time Molyneaux makes a game he's like, "I'm making the greatest game imaginable". Then three years later, "I feel like my last game was a major disappointment and failed on so many levels, but my new game is literally the greatest game imaginable".

Rinse repeat.
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Gamer666  +   635d ago
It is easy to have visions of unique games that are amazing. The truly great gaming visionaries find a way to make those visions into real games!

Peter has vision, but he has always lacked on making them into a reality.
nirwanda  +   635d ago
He has made some really clever games though, populas was a revolution in gaming, also black and white and magic carpet were all amazing.
The problem is he's never really progressed since, I don't know weather he's been restricted by the people he's worked for or he just ran out of ideas.
Or if its just a square soft syndrome were he just hasn't got used to what new generation of console/tech can do until its to late.
iDadio  +   635d ago
I'm inclined to agree (although I thought it was a bit far to call 3 a trainwreck, it was ok), the Fable series is good don't get me wrong but it never evolved how he wanted it to and it resulted in the series that got worse with each incarnation.
XXXL  +   635d ago
This guy is simply awful.
T1Publishing  +   635d ago
I know it's cool to hate on Molyneux sometimes but I think he's good personality for gaming. He's excited about pushing new ideas, even if they look stupid on the surface - eg, Curiosity.

The 22Cans vision of making a bunch of games as experiments for one ultimate game is an interesting one if they actually see it through
Danniel1  +   635d ago
But they won't see it through, if Molyneux doesn't get resounding critical acclaim for a game he's involved with then he slates the game and his staff and goes and tries something else. It's a vicious circle.
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MysticStrummer  +   635d ago
It's his own fault. He's made a career out of over promising and under delivering. If he'd just keep his mouth shut people wouldn't be so let down with the final results. Other devs do it too, but he's the poster child for it.
LoveSpuds  +   635d ago
I honestly feel that he peaked in his Bullfrog days, other than Black an White the Lionhead releases have been average at best in my opinion.
CharlesSwann  +   635d ago
Black and white was the last game of his I played. What a letdown? The hype he played up was rediculious given the result. What a chumpster.
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DomceM  +   635d ago
i thought black and white 1 was good. are you talking about black and white 1 or 2? or both?
Haki1112  +   635d ago
black and white was the shit I can play that game forever
MightyNoX  +   635d ago
The article forgets step #3: repeat ad nauseum
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ValKilmer  +   635d ago
Hey, Fable was a pretty good game...
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   635d ago
its written scam all over his face, just look at him
Game-o-holic  +   635d ago
LOL. This title sums up Molyneaux to a T. Nuff said. :)
webeblazing  +   635d ago
Shut up n make another black n white

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