New PrioVR Video Shows Motion Suit in Action, New Stretch Goal Added

YEI Technology has updated the already successful Kickstarter campaign for its PrioVR motion tracking suit once more. Included in this latest update is a new stretch goal and a video to show how the technology works. The 4 minute demonstration, which gives an in-depth explanation of the sensors and a look at them in action, can be seen below.

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SavageKuma1479d ago

oooh this looks interesting. I would not mind using this in an FB Fighting game like Fight on Ps3

M-M1479d ago

The end lmao. Looks awesome.

cyguration1479d ago

Definitely looks awesome.

DeadlyFire1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

Nerve gear early tech. I can see it already. VR device + this tech + Nerve/mind connection device. Almost there. Just another so many years. Free form motion in games is just the beginning. Living out a whole new world in every game is a direction beyond this and not likely for awhile, but within our lifetimes I believe.