PSN Hackers Continue to Target PS4 Users Through FIFA, Sony Silent

GamingBolt: "PlayStation Network users are no strangers to hacking. Though secure most of the time, Sony's digital platform for PlayStation platforms has been the subject of credit card theft, DDoS attacks and what have you. However, recent users are still reporting issues related to FIFA several months after the problems first started getting reported."

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PeaSFor1574d ago

its been on xbox 360 and ps3 too, tend to happen when you use the same account name/password for everything.

all it take is a shady website/service and you gave them the key for a lot of your accounts

Maml071574d ago

non-safty network... change your life and jump in

morganfell1574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

Sorry gamingbolt but when you learn the difference between a hacker, a cracker, and a phreaker I might give you a click.

Your article complains about a problem which you fail to properly define.

AgentSmithPS41574d ago

Yet another reason to switch to American football :P.

Lon3wolf1574d ago

I got hacked on PS3 via Fifa and I don't even own the game, bit shoddy on EA/Sony's part to not ask why are you buying £70 worth of DLC/crap for a game you don't even own. As for the using same name/passwords on everything 1) not in my case and 2) why are not more accounts held elsewhere being hacked at the same time? And EA/Sony have had issues with Fifa and hacking/cracking since they started releasing them on the PS3, question is why isn't this fixed. Sorry PeaSFor but that sweeping generalization of yours is complete garbage.

Saito1574d ago

Get out of here you troll garbage.

PSX041574d ago

I really don't care about this news ... that's all

andrewsqual1574d ago

Can't name a single Playstation friend who was ever "hacked" a cent but the one Xbox friend I do have had €500 "hacked" from him in Oct 2011 through the FIFA Ultimate Team "hack" on Xbox live. Of course I use the word "hack" as idiotically as this article is using it.

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Silly gameAr1574d ago

EA had better open their mouths then because this has ALWAYS been their problem with FIFA.

Enigma_20991574d ago

But if we don't acknowledge it, we can STILL blame SONY... get it?

OrangePowerz1574d ago

"While other users complain of being hacked on the Xbox (some despite not even owning the game), the fact that issues still remain with Sony’s platform is a cause for concern – especially since said issues have been known for a while."

How come the article is only about the concern for PlayStation?

How about we rephrase the sentence?

The fact that issues still remain with Xbox and PlayStation is a cause of concern regarding EA security meassures?

johndoe112111574d ago

I was just about to post this same exact thing before I read your comment. This is the pinnacle of deceptive journalism if I ever saw it.

Kayant1574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

Well said.

Again this has nothing to do with the back-end setup of XBL or PSN and everything to do with EA's. If the same issue keeps on happening with one specific title on both platforms what kind of dumb conclusion is it to make that PSN somehow has network loopholes allowing the issue to occur.

This is MS's response when it was happening a lot on X360 before - “We do not have any evidence the Xbox Live service has been compromised,” said a representative. “We take the security of our service seriously and work on an ongoing basis to improve it against evolving threats. However, a limited number of members have contacted us regarding unauthorized access to their accounts by outside individuals. We are working with our impacted members directly to resolve any unauthorized changes to their accounts."

rainslacker1574d ago

People expect EA to suck so it's not inflammatory enough to get people to click. Seriously...don't you know how the internet works?

Just kidding with that last part btw.

coolasj1574d ago

It's more of a phishing scam than a hack. But you get your money back with zero fuss if my experience with this stuff is accurate for everyone else.

GenericNameHere1574d ago

It's always with EA, huh? How exactly is it that most "hacking" problems are somehow 99% FIFA related?

Nuk1574d ago

FIFA is one of the most played games in the world. One of the highest selling globally since ¾ of the world plays futbol.

Can you believe you can still get this game on ps2??

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