Should Indie Games Provide Suggested Ratings?

SteamFirst: Here we are again at the crossroads of gaming and maturity. The rise of independent games has grown beyond control… and that’s a good thing. This means the restrictions that creative teams faced are all but gone. The goal of getting your game idea into the hands of people who will appreciate it is much closer than you think. But this amount of freedom means there’s almost no control over the maturity and content of games.

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Geekman1541d ago

No. *Plays Calm Time.* Yes.

DualWielding1541d ago

if they suggest anything less than 17+ and parents find the content inappropriate they may complain is safer not to suggest rating unless the rating is 17+

3-4-51540d ago

There are 14 Whore shows on MTV but video games are bad ? I don't think so.