True HD Version Of Resident Evil 4 Being Made By A Fan

Angie Santiago writes: "With the release of Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD, one player (NeoGAF user crisdecuba) thought it wasn’t HD enough so he’s taking matters into his own hands. He is updating the textures by hand using Photoshop (with only a keyboard and mouse, mind you), but so far he’s only updated the graphics on Leon’s jacket – but that looks really good in itself. The comparison pictures show the difference between his version vs the original, as well as a HD texture mod patch vs the Ultimate HD version."

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rodiabloalmeida876d ago (Edited 876d ago )

I saw that comming. The Ultimate HD by Capcom is a bad joke, when it comes to texture rework. The modders will get this sh1t right. But I don't expect nothing special from this neoGaf guy though. It will come better done from other sources.

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LKHGFDSA875d ago

Sorry I hit disagree before reading "when it comes to texture rework".
I think they did a really good job on the port, the game plays very well and I love that it contains the different advantages of each previous version. (Except motion controls)

Razputin875d ago

We need people to help him.

I want to see this in a very HD version.

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Deadpool616875d ago

The modding community will make this game look even better over time. I'll have to pick this game up on PC soon for I can see the progress.

ThatEnglishDude875d ago

How many times will Capcom release Resident Evil 4? It was a good game, but for Christ sake, move on.

LKHGFDSA875d ago

You know alot of Japanese gamers still play the game.

LKHGFDSA875d ago

Quite an ambitious project, I sincerely doubt it will get anywhere near completion. There are so many detailed (albeit blurry) textures in the game, of buildings and such.

rodiabloalmeida875d ago

Community already did it once. It can be done again, and faster.

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