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An Open Letter to the Xbox Team from an Xbox Fanboy

Why are the North American early adopters of the Xbox One the most neglected group in next-gen gaming? (FIFA 14, Forza Motorsport 5, PS4, TitanFall, Xbox One)

ElementX  +   522d ago
Prices in Europe are higher so I don't feel too bad about them getting a free game. Also nobody is forcing you to be an early adopter. If you want to pay less or get a free game, don't buy a console at launch.
xHeavYx  +   522d ago
Nobody is forced to be an early adopter, but that doesn't mean people can't complaint for not getting anything after a sudden price drop after being on the market for only 3 months. No other console dropped the price so quickly, and even when the 3DS dropped its price they offered 20 (freaking 20!) free games
kahjah  +   522d ago
You do have a point about the price drop as well. I know sales haven't been amazing but this is pretty early in the game for this kind of tactic.
Neonridr  +   522d ago
3DS price cut came after about 6 months, and that was considered shocking at the time. Best thing they could have done, the price cut coupled with Mario Kart 7 and Mario 3D Land helped skyrocket the 3DS into massive success.
darthv72  +   522d ago
so when the ps3 got its first price cut 8mos after launch, did people complain then??? If memory serves there were more early adopter cheering sony for that move because it meant that the platform would sell more. Thus the potential for more developer support.

Early adopters will always be early adopters but to think you deserve something in return for being an early adopter...that is up to the company to decide. not the early adopter. Nintendo made the choice to give out those games. it wasnt due to any sort of consumer pressure that i can recall.
xHeavYx  +   522d ago
3 months is not the same as 8 months, also, the PS3 went from being $600 to being $500
darthv72  +   522d ago
You also forgot that was across the board (globaly), this price drop is for one region.

Im not arguing that this will all of a sudden boost sales through the roof. But you cant fault MS for trying something that has been done before.

Despite the timing its now all of a sudden Ms price drop = bad. where as sony / nintendo price drop = good. you cant be that one sided. you have to see this as a good thing for those in that territory. And even better thing would be if they did it across the board.

Seriously i am not hating on sony but you guys just need to stop hating on everything else. Put your console loyalties aside for a moment and look at the bigger picture. Price drops, more games and ultimately more happy consumers are a good thing to have.
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creatchee  +   522d ago

"8 months is not the same as 8 months, also, the PS3 went from being $600 to being $500."

Tell that to somebody who bought a PS3 in month 7.

Regardless, anybody who buys a launch console has to know that a price drop will happen at some point. It's the risk you take when you buy ANYTHING really.
sweendog  +   521d ago
Exactly what I thought when reading that letter. I bought an n64 in the Uk at launch for £250, less than 6 months later it was reduced to around £175 (not sure on the exact price). I read in the back of the official Nintendo magazine to write to Nintendo Uk if you where unhappy. I got a copy of Mario kart and a banana yellow controller as a thank you four my support.
medman  +   521d ago
Well, that's what they get for falling yet again for Microsoft's deception. They get what they've earned. Which is precisely nothing. Isn't getting nothing exactly what Microsoft only gamers are used to? How many lies do they have to tell you before you buffoons wake up from your live gold comas? They offer you nothing, yet you insist on returning for more punishment, only to complain time and again. Stop whining. You're getting your just desserts.
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Giul_Xainx  +   521d ago
Change is instilled best when done over a long period of time.

Movies usually come out at a price tag of 30 bux for the Blu-Ray and DVD combo packs... three months later they drop usually 5 bux if it was popular enough, or they drop 15 dollars if the stock wasn't even depleted on its first batch.

"BUT THIS IS A CONSO-" Stop you right there. PS3 had a price drop after 8 months with a redesigned unit. This unit did not include the PS2 chip inside of it and was reworked to reduce production costs.

The BI-HI-HI-HI-HIIIIG difference here is the new Xbox price drop is the exact same unit with no redesign to it, coupled with a game called Titanfall.

The new redesigned units are going to be disc-less and will probably be priced at 350 dollars to maintain some sort of edge on the market.

Microsoft seriously should have pulled the new Xbox out of the market, waited a year and launched with the true Xbox 360 successor. The Xbox 720.
ITPython  +   521d ago
@Darth - Price drop for only one region? You do realize the TF bundle is being sold for $499 at Amazon right? (and is being sold directly by Amazon, not a third-party).

That essentially means a $60 price drop for the XB1 for those in the US.

dantesparda  +   521d ago
8 months (or heck even 6 months) later is not as bad as 3 months later, and those 2 systems werent selling that good at the time. I thought X1 was supposedly selling so well according to the fanboys. And Titanfall was supposed to be a system seller, yet now they are giving it away for free!? Now any so called sales numbers for the game will mean nothing to me. Cuz you cant tell me that people bought the Titanfall bundle because they wanted it when the option is what? to get the reg version with no game, for the same price?

This is not the same as those price drops this is more desparate
RustedMan  +   521d ago
This is the biggest problem with today's gamer. We all feel like we are entitled to something. They "owe" us.
While I can appreciate the open letter, and I too have felt very much the same way about the launch of xbox live in 2002, I don't feel like Microsoft "owes" me anything.
Why would they? they are a business, not a best friend. They will ACT like a good friend, but their real intention, like all other businesses, is to profit.
If it makes fiscal sense to "sweeten the deal" by APPEARING to care about such things as loyalty, then they will abide by it.

But, like Apple, if far too many people are complacent with what they are given, what reason is there to change?
If people go bat-sh*t crazy over a few more pixels, a more lightweight design, and other "features" of an iphone or ipod, why make that evolutionary step towards something brand new?

I haven't purchased any of the next gen systems because, to be honest, I have far too many ps3 and 360 games to catch up on, and the last time I bought a launch system, my ORIGINAL 360 RRODed on me twice, and my ps3 YLODed soon afterwards.

I want to wait until any and all flaws can be ironed out to the best of their ability, and that a larger library is made readily available.

I would love to see Microsoft become far more loyal to their consumers. I, too saw the future of console gaming online with the launch of xbox live, and a revolutionary game called Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow to showcase its awesome abilities.

Then I got playstation plus, and just couldn't believe it. Sony was struggling day in and day out to perfect their online capabilities, and suddenly, everything just fits.

They figure, hey, "we HAD free online gaming at a time where everyone else seemed hellbent on charging, how are we going to set up a premium online service to compete with Xbox live?" All it took was GAMES. Free games.

I just don't understand how Microsoft didn't think of it first. And after the incredible steps they made with the service in '02, it's a hard to believe that they could have faltered where it really mattered: games.
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FamilyGuy  +   521d ago
Exactly, people can complain if they want. If it feels unfair there's nothing wrong with speaking up. If MS is truly listening to their consumer feedback then something positive could eventually come out of it.

"The squeaky wheel gets the oil."

MS has been largely neglecting their U.S. fan base in general. They've been taking their largest market for granted because they don't think they need incentives to sway them. Being a loyal fan = getting screwed in this situation, just like early adoption.
jebabcock  +   521d ago
N4g should be able to give us a way to vote articles out of existence or at least to get them blocked or downgraded... Why would a post entitled "An Open Letter to the Xbox Team from an Xbox Fanboy" be tagged with PS4? Whoever posted it was baiting... It is great we have ten million ways to flag comments... It would be ALOT nicer if crap articles could be flagged too.

Then maybe all these stupid posts with titles like "console X has an announcement coming sometime", and then the article says nothing more than "console X is developing some game we don't even have the name for and the only detail we have is its going to be awesome... and they may release it sometime in the next couple years."

this is NOT news and the frequency of crap articles seems to be continually increasing.
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Illionaire  +   522d ago
Quickest console price cut in history = "nobody is forcing you to be an early adopter"

This is why Microsoft attempted to enforce DRM on the Xbox One and why they pushed out an underpowered console for a higher price with what should be an optional accessory.

They can do anything and their fanbase will blame themselves or other people.
fonger08  +   522d ago
Wait what? How does Miscrosoft attempting to enact DRM with the Xbox One have anything to do with this guy's open letter?
StubbyStan  +   522d ago
Nobody forced me to be an early adopter. You're right. Thanks for reading, btw.

My problem is not that I'm an early adopter or that MS was trying to get one over on the world markets by pushing out a POS (It's not a POS but it did release half-baked). It's that other early adopters of the same console in other markets received more incentives to purchase the console than we did in the home market.

I think it's an indictment on the lack of respect we get as North American Xbox gamers from MS.
Pogmathoin  +   522d ago
Illionaire, can we blame Xbox on the 1986 challenger disaster too? This is about price, and nothing else. I am sure the buyer knew at the time he bought X1 that it was maybe too expensive, but no one expected a drop so soon. There is no DRM between the lines here. Go find something more substantial to troll.

@stubby, bang on. My nephew got it for xmas in Ireland, nice free Fifa game.... In Canada, nothing, just the offer of an extended warranty from EB Games.... For a price of course!
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aiBreeze  +   522d ago
Correct me if I'm wrong but the launch fifa bundle in Europe cost about £430. That is $719.. you could buy an Xbox One console plus like 2-3 games for the price we had to pay. I know there are electronic tax and economic elements that I'm overlooking but either way, we always pay a fair amount more than people across the pond for electronic goods so it kind of feels nice to see us getting a little special treatment like a free game once in a while.
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PoodlePuncher  +   521d ago
That came out wrong let me try this again...

@StubbyStan You say you want MS to respect north american xbox gamers, Illionaire pretty much gave you the reason why they don't "respect" you. North American xbox fanboys will justify any shortcomings of their system. In other countries I imagine people must have enough common sense to realize the competition has a better product for less money. Illionaire's point was they can get away with ridiculous crap like their DRM (which was bad, I don't care how you justify it, that just proves my point), and selling an underpowered system. But you people buy it! and completely justify the purchase. They could have just repackaged the 360 (which is close to what they did) and sold it to you and everybody would justify it and talk about how great of a system it is. So, what do you expect Microsoft to do? They're going to take advantage of that because they're a corporation, not your friend, and try to make as much money off of you as they can.

And seeing as most of the fanboys are out of the way, they have to actually start appealing to customers that aren't loyal to a brand. I bet a month or two after titanfall comes out they will probably drop the price on the Xbox One quite a ways in the US.
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jebabcock  +   521d ago
So long as you continue to purchase, your words have absolutely no meaning... You realize that right? MS pays attention to actions not to comments on the web. EA has continually been voted one of the most hated companies every year. Yet people continue to buy games...Obviously we don't hate the company as much as we claim... Anyone who did any research and still purchased any of the systems early doesn't have any real reason to complain. Early adoption has it perks and its drawbacks. I purchased a Wii U last year. It has floundered pretty bad but I don't regret it because i got it for some specific games. If you don't feel that way about a console, then you really ought to wait for the dust to settle before you purchase or be willing to deal with the trouble that comes with early adoption. If you spent all your life's savings for it, then that was even more foolish on your part...
Mega24  +   521d ago
Like the man in the article, I was a loyal fan of Microsoft, on May 21, I stood behind them on their views, but they lost me after E3, Microsoft treats their fans like dirt, and I can't believe that I followed them like that. I thought the games for gold was a great idea, until I bought PS+ and Last Of US on my almost unused ps3, I saw how much better was this service which I sometimes made fun off saying how it was a rental service, it was actually better then I thought. I might buy an Xbox One, when they lower the price, but as I see now, Microsoft doesn't really care for their loyal fanbase, all they care for is Hype.

I'm now a neutral, I stand on no ones back and protect them like a Soldier, I follow which ever offers me more service (bang for my Buck), and for now it appears as sony, which in the last 3 months have given me more game than I have bought in 2013.
T2  +   521d ago
yes i bought a 360 mid cycle and it got its uses, but I haven't touched it in a year, since borderlands 2. PS3 I'm playing Bully (75% off rockstar games right now), dragons crown (remember 2013 sale), payday 2 (free on psplus) and metro last light (free)... still can't find a ps4 but having too much fun to care for now.
jessupj  +   521d ago
He's an MS fanboy alright.

He doesn't complain about the draconian DRM and was actually excited for his rights to be taken away by a greedy company.

(and for the millionth time, the game sharing was nothing more than a gloried demo. You think after everything MS does an continues to do they would let you share full games with 10 other friends? GTFO)

He doesn't complain about his sub par multiplats. Maybe because he thinks the new sdk will magically bring to weaker xbone hardware up to the level of the PS4.

He has a PS3 and PSN Plus yet still chooses the xbone when he acknowledges how much better plus is.

No, instead he chooses to focus on the innocent, perfectly acceptable price cut that MS was forced to do after a huge drop in sales...

Wow, just wow. Way to get your priorities in the wrong order.

I understand Sony fanboys, but MS fanboys are so ridiculous I'll never understand them.
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AndrewLB  +   521d ago
What's hilarious is that Sony had planned the EXACT SAME DRM and pulled the plug on it after watching Microsoft get a thorough beat down by the gaming community and media. What do you all think the Day 1 mandatory update was for?

Here... It's even on a Sony fanboy site... http://ps4daily.com/2013/06...

Come again, please drive through.
IRetrouk  +   521d ago
Whats hilarious is that you provided a link with no proof of what you say other than some dude on a website, those rumors started from a patient sony had waaaay before the ps4 was even being talked about lol
bennissimo  +   521d ago
You are such a sheep.

Keep on keepin' on.
Chrischi1988  +   521d ago
I hate to say it, but Xbox is doomed... Not because of Xbox, but because MS put Stephen Elop, the trojan horse, as the top man of Xbox Division... Stephen Elop ruined Nokia, everyone knew that, from the very start, when he came to Nokia, that he will do, what he did and that Nokia will sell its shares to MS.

Elop, the same guy, said he would sell Xbox Division, if he became the new MS CEO, he didnt, but now he is the Boss of that very division... He is a trojan horse. He is the way of selling Xbox, even though the MS CEO doesnt want to sell it.

I like the Xbox, but Elop is no good sign...
TheRedButterfly  +   521d ago
Yeah I have no idea what Microsoft was thinking when they put Elop in charge of Xbox… Listen to the latest episode of IGN's Podcast Unlocked (titled "Eloping It") to get the opinion of Xbox gamers on Elop's appointment.

Edit: Here's the podcast. http://www.ign.com/articles...
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Yahdaree  +   521d ago
The fact is, you pay for a product knowing the price. If you thought it was too high then you would not have bought it. Don't complain after you purchase something, geeze entitlement these days.
r1sh12  +   521d ago
Its just regional marketing, you (in the US) get to pay for XBL in dollars which works out significantly cheaper than what people in the UK pay.

There needs to be some give and take here, due to the currency difference.
In some cases the US gets games earlier than Europe etc..
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geddesmond  +   521d ago
If your a true fan of a consol manufacturer because you like the experiences they bring then you are going to get their consol at launch or as soon as you can even when there's only a few games that could spark your interest. You pay there asking price because quite frankly you never expect them to drop the price for at least one year from launch.

I'm a Sony fan. I spent 630 euros on the PS3 with no games and a further 140 euros on two launch games. After paying that, if Sony dropped the price after a few months I would have been pissed off. Granted it wouldn't stop me from enjoying my experience with the consol but it would teach me to never buy a consol at launch ever again.

That's the mistake Microsoft made. How many fans will think twice about buying their next consol on launch after this?
kahjah  +   522d ago
I totally get the "don't be an early adopter" idea. I'm usually in that camp 95% of the time. With that said I do think the optics are bad for MS in this case. There are still lots of disgruntled people who feel like they got a raw deal. Thanks for checking out the article btw.
BattleTorn  +   522d ago
Fantastic letter. (StubbyStan, too)

I have always considered myself a Xbox fanboy (until extremely recent)

I too can recall Live launching in 2002, and exclusively gaming on Xbox, and Xbox 360 until 2011 when I bought my first Playstation console, ever.

In your letter, you bring up very important issues that the Xbox team seems to overlook. Namely how insulting the Games with Gold program is.

Part of the reason I do take such issue with how much Xbox Live now pales in comparison to PS+ is because of the numerous years I dedicated myself to XBL exclusively.
Now that I've seen the Playstation side, and Sony's focus on gamers, the Xbox team's gamer-programs do nothing but infuriate me!
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StubbyStan  +   522d ago
Thanks for the comments. The prices in Europe have always been higher than in the states. The point here & the one I was trying to make is that MS knew they needed to do more to entice European consumers so they offered free games. My complaint isn't that I'm early adopter, it's that NA early adopters got the shaft when compared to other markets.
likeaboss302  +   522d ago
I couldn't agree more. NA really got the short end of the stick here. I got both Xbox One and PS4 at launch. I play my Xbox One more because of exclusive games like Forza, KI and Dead Rising. However, I also like that I've gotten some great free titles from Sony and nothing other than free Jago in KI from MS. That really didn't matter anyways because I bought the Ultra edition of KI.

I realize that it's a risk you take as an early adopter but it would be nice if they gave us a little something for our loyalty.
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Ace Killa 08  +   522d ago
Plus there are more F2P titles on Ps4 than on the X1. Warframe and DCUO do bring more to the PS4. Of course these are medicore games or nothing worth bragging about, however these are available to US PS4 players. Also more titles will come in due time. I am not aware of any F2P titles for X1 so I cannot mention them
ThanatosDMC  +   521d ago
I disagree with Ace about calling Warframe mediocre.

DCUO though i'm not sure because I just played it to kill noobs but never maxed out a characted. Flying was fun though.
theXtReMe1  +   522d ago
You cannot blame Microsoft for this, you can't blame anybody. Microsoft knew they were going to have a harder time selling their system in Europe, which has a large Sony Fanbase, so they offered incentives to try to get people to try the Xbox brand over Sonys own. I'd be surprised if Microsoft didn't give away a car for every Xbox bought in Japan, when they release there.

If you were one that bought the Xbox early and feel like you got the shaft, there are two other brands on the market that may make you feel better. Microsoft made its own bed in introducing the machine the way they did. I can't feel bad for them or the people who bought the system early, because you knew from the start that Microsoft designed you a multimedia machine, with less a focus towards games and more a focus towards home automation and living room control. They made that very clear in their unveil. It was only when Microsoft's own Fanbase turned on them, that they had to do the 180 they did and basically follow Sony bit for a bit. Something I'm sure killed them to do. It made them look weak and like a lesser corporation than Sony, even though Microsoft has more money in the bank and is in better financial shape.

I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft launches a new console in the next 3 to 5 years or betters their own and forces a split. The more powerful console will play games at 1080p and 30 to 60 frames per second, the old won't but will be lesser in price. It is the only way I see them competing with Sony unless they come out with some kick ass first party software in line with the Mario's and Zeldas of the world

I am talking as one of Microsoft's former supporters. I had the PS2, then the Xbox, then the Xbox 360 and was all geared towards getting the Xbox one until their unveil and became a Sony fan again when I saw Microsoft turning on its Fanbase and Sony gearing their systems for gamers by gamers. I could care less which company's brand is on my console, I just want the most powerful system(console) that will play the best games.

I think Microsoft took it's hard-core gamers for granted in their design of the system and are now kicking themselves in the ass for doing so. Because from now on out, everything they do, is based around damage control and changing the publics new perception of their hardware. Nothing short of a new system, I don't think, can get them out of this. I will give them this. Their Fanbase, is more dedicated then most any Fanbase for anything around the world. They introduced their new gaming system as a multimedia machine, taking the focus off of the games, and still 4 million people followed them and bought their system. Though, I would love to know the number of people who switched from the Microsoft brand to Nintendo or Sony.

Both systems are going to have great games, no doubt. They are both more than capable of producing great experiences. Microsoft just has an uphill battle to change the publics perception of exactly what that machine is and how good it can actually play games. Which is what the Xbox brand was originally designed around. They need to reassure people that is who they still are, as far as the Xbox console is concerned.
T2  +   521d ago
xbox could give a car away with every console in japan and not sell one million , LOL.

Then a year later the cars would overheat and get red piston ring of death.

(I kid, I kid)
LeCreuset  +   522d ago
It's not that deep, Stan. You're ending friendships over this stuff?

I am no defender of MS, but come on. You want an incentive? How about the multimedia aspect of Xbox being more geared toward the US than other markets? You are paying less than Europe. They need to shore up that market. What do you expect? Did it ever occur to you that the logistics of giving away games, cutting prices, etc., are different between the largest market, the US, and other markets?

You do make a few good points. GWG is a joke compared to PS+, but you still have to take some of the blame. You chose to get the XB1 over the PS4, knowing what Plus offered versus GWG.

MS does what they do, because they know they can get away with it. They can pull the DRM move and still have you defending them, because of some imagined fairy tale in which (if only MS had their way) you would have been playing one paid copy of a game between you and all of your friends. You said MS was "forced" to backtrack from game sharing, dutifully parroting the PR spin. So how were they forced? They can't still offer that? So, why haven't they? It's because it's better for their image if they allow you to believe in this fantasy about what DRM would have been. They could put family sharing right back on the table, for digital purchases, right now, but they know it won't live up to the hype they led you to have. From Marc Whitten:

"At the same time, you need to do a good job of managing that there's only ‘one copy' of the game and this isn't some unbounded sharing club that isn't fair for the game creators."

So stop pretending that you would have had this great sharing program, if not for those meddlesome detractors, and start speaking through your purchases.
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T2  +   521d ago
As long as there are people buying , MS will do as they please.
I still haven't heard spit about xbox compatibility with rogers, shaw, bell, telus TV boxes (canada) as well as the dreaded CRTC (canadian content police)
kahjah  +   522d ago
I know that some folks might see as a bad thing but I wonder if it will ingratiate some people back into the fold. I think if the bundles and TitanFall sell well (probably will) if this won't be a good move for them.
likeaboss302  +   522d ago
I think the bundle is a great idea and will help the Xbox One install base grow.
NeloAnjelo  +   522d ago
MS should offer Titan Fall at a discount for Day one console owners at least.
kahjah  +   522d ago
THAT WOULD BE AWESOME, I doubt they would do it but THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!
NeloAnjelo  +   522d ago
I also think it would be good press for MS and EA.
ObiWanaTokie  +   522d ago
So funny that waiting just 3 months (counted on one hand) i can get a Xbox one and the best selling game for it for a lower price than all launch owners paid.

crazy how fast newspaper boys can jiggy and move
LeCreuset  +   522d ago
These things cost money, you know? Every game they give away is a sale they didn't make. Don't you think this UK move is already costing them?

Listen, I get it. It sucks, but they had to do it to stay in the race. I get being disappointed. I get being reluctant to buy their launch products, in the future. I don't get being angry, or demanding additional stuff.
NeloAnjelo  +   521d ago
I hope I didn't sound angry. I'm not. I know my suggestion is a cost, but it would go a long way with consumers. In the end that alone is priceless and can benefit both EA and MS in the long term.
Freeball  +   522d ago
You asked "what do you get?". You get a wake up call that Sony has figured out how to cater to the gamers and MS is looking to fleece them for whatever they can in anyway they can. Brand loyalty is useless when it's not reciprocated.
kahjah  +   522d ago
It has really been interesting to see how things have flipped from last gen to this gen. I think Sony got their stuff together when they really started to push PS+ in a real way. MS hasn't really figured that out at all. Great comment and thanks for checking out the post.
Ace Killa 08  +   522d ago
Feels like MS wants to go in multiple directions with Media and Games where Sony main focus is games and then adding on to the media.
StubbyStan  +   522d ago
LOL Freeball! I think you're right!

Thanks for reading and commenting!
BattleTorn  +   522d ago
You're absolutely right!
SteamPowered  +   522d ago
How about some Games with Gold for the early adopters? Give us something for going to the trenches for Microsoft. I really dont expect anything judging from the pathetic GwG for the 360 though.
Customer appreciation = Game Over
RoboticusRex  +   522d ago
People may be loyal to MS, but it sure doesn't seem to be reciprocated. What was it that Aaron greenburg said "just deal with it" that should be Microsofts motto.
MightyNoX  +   522d ago
It was Adam Orth who said it, then reiterated by Don Mattrick...basically, the whole division's modus operandi.
Gunstar75  +   522d ago
You didn't get Forza AND FIFA 14 in the uk. It was one or the other.

Stop whining and be grateful how much an xb1 costs in America. We pay a hell of a lot more for it here.
CEOSteveBallmer  +   522d ago
An open letter to a loyal xbox fanboy:

You are very welcome to try other consoles when you see fit. nothing good comes out of blind brand loyalty. gamers should be loyal only to a product or company whom he thinks really benefits him for the services. I was once a nintendo fanboy, until the wii came out, PS2 graphics with not much 3rd party games because its too time consuming and expensive to downgrade 3rd party games to fit the wii. i chose the PS3 because all its exclusives catered to my taste not only shooters. so if you still wanna follow MS with their practice and inferior hardware then be my guest.

your fellow gamer
#10 (Edited 522d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Sh0ckWav3  +   522d ago
I've learn my lesson with x360..i went through 4,im not getting xone till halo 5 comes out...hopefully it be cheaper then and all the kinks be work out..
UnHoly_One  +   522d ago
This guy lost a friend of 10 years arguing about framerates on Tomb Raider?

Give me a break. That's just ridiculous.

And maybe this is a stupid question, as I already know the answer, but why is this tagged under PS4?? The whole thing is about Xbox. The only reason to tag it under PS4 is to beg for hits from the fanboys.

Pretty sad.
D-riders  +   522d ago
If he lost a friend after 10 years then maybe being a fanboy isn't such a good idea
IRNMUNKEY  +   522d ago
Even with price drop and titanfall free its still cheaper to buy the same in US so just get lost you self entitled bell end!
Dlacy13g  +   522d ago
I will say this in response to this article. I think MS should and needs to make an announcement regarding Games with Gold for Xbox One soon...as in leading up to Titanfall. Don't just let us be excited for the game but get owners excited about the whole ecosystem of next gen on Xbox One. We know they have plans in the works, so just give us something a bit more tangible to be excited for.
BattleTorn  +   522d ago
I have this terrible feeling that once they do, it'll be for Loco Cycle :/
D-riders  +   522d ago
Sounds like being a fan boy and blindly supporting a console that doesn't even support its main cause to its best ability is a dumb idea. But hey so if being a fanboy
N4GJD  +   522d ago
How many times does this need to be clarified. Family Sharing did not mean you could share your games with 8 different people at the same time. That would hurt the industry more then used games. This was just the same bs marketing as "the power of the cloud", until they clarified this.
thespawnpointblog  +   522d ago
I just wanted to clarify that we didn't post this in the PS4 section as a way to start beef. We can talk about our feelings for each other's consoles without it starting flame wars. That isn't and wasn't the intent of this article. Thanks guys for commenting and reading the story.
#17 (Edited 522d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
LeCreuset  +   522d ago
"We can talk about our feelings for each other's consoles without it starting flame wars."

You say that, but the author ended a 10 year friendship, over a debate about Tomb Raider.
#17.1 (Edited 522d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
esemce  +   522d ago
Tough titty for choosing the wrong console maybe?
The_devils_chum  +   521d ago
I have no synopathy for stan at all, he's coming down from the coolade. The signs were all there from the begining. Something didn't smell right then came the rumors that all came true, used games, DRM, 24 hr check in, and then yes kinect bundled with every console and had to be on. Then there was the clear signs of disaster, canceling roundtable at E3 and killer instinct 720p. Cut your losses and trade in your xb1 at gamestop because theres nothing left but a pride swallowing seige.
Shane Kim  +   521d ago
What is this doing on PS4 section?! I don't want to read about nor see the XB1!
tommygunzII  +   521d ago
Microsoft will never love their customers more than their potential customers.

With Microsoft and EA at the controls, Xbox fans are along for a bumpy ride.
#21 (Edited 521d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
PumPum  +   521d ago
Fanboy tears... delicious.
ADECENTBOY777  +   521d ago
I am not surprised at all!!! You guys forgot what Microsoft planed in the very beginning with all the features like always online and so on. THEY are not treating you as you deserved, why should they. Microsoft is and was a company with a focus on the money only. SO don't be surprised by all this moves from their side.
Father__Merrin  +   521d ago
from its inception the Xbox1 gas been a disaster the negativity is immense

I hope they pull through, but a price but after 3 months is shocking!!!!
Gamer666  +   521d ago
I don't get what's wrong...

You can look at XB thru the perspective of a PS fan which this person seems to be doing or you can look at the benefits of being an XB owner...

If you look at the benefits they include:

- A stable online network that very rarely has issues. Much less than what we saw on PSN over the holidays.
- Sure PS+ has free games, but this month I didn't see game sales like the "ultimate games sale" from major nelson's web site where for 7 days straight there were 33-75% discounts on 50 games on demand, 20 arcade games, and add-on content. PS+ had a small sale around valentine's day, but it was junk compared to the ultimate games sale. And now gold members get two free games a month and they own them unlike PS+ where it is a conditional rental
- And lets talk about the games so far this gen... X1 fans had Ryse, Forza 5, Deadrising 3, Killer Instinct, and Powerstar Golf. Then, after launch MS has kept MS exclusive content flowing... Halo Spartan Assault and Max and the Curse of Brotherhood are notables. And the timed exclusives Peggle 2 and PvZ Garden Warfare. Then, in a week and a half Titanfall. No X1 owner should be unsatisfied with the game content so far.
- Also, MS has worked hard to improve the features in X1. They have added more features in fewer updates than Sony has on PS4, and it looks like this is only the beginning. MS seems to be intent on continuing to improve the X1 OS well beyond what gamers are asking for.

I could not be happier with my X1 purchase so far. If MS is doing stuff to sell more X1's, I am fine with that. I was an early adopter and this is not unexpected. Given the bad press MS had for launch announcements, they did a great job at recovering. PS fans were gloating about 9:1 sales ratios for PS4... That never came true.
N2NOther  +   521d ago
MS is a company that wanted to restrict used games and make us check in once every 24 hours to make sure we paid them for the game we're playing.

Sorry, but you can't really be that surprised that they aren't offering something more. In their mind the US was a lock. So far it hasn't been.

Thankfully, desperate times call for desperate measures so I'm reaping the benefits of it because I'll getting Titanfall for free with the console in 10 days.

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