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Microsoft introduces 24 month Xbox Live Gold subscriptions

Microsoft appears to have introduced a new 24 month option for Xbox Live, offering a 2 year subscription to Xbox Live Gold for £59.99. (Xbox 360, Xbox LIVE, Xbox One)

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No1up  +   550d ago
Guys, SERIOUSLY, elop will take care of everything. Like the next Steve Jobs of xbox.
Mystogan  +   550d ago
Elop is a really nice guy. He cares about Customer Service(He answers his emails personally) and He cares for Developers.

I can vouch for him, He gave me a Lumia 920 Developer Device free of charge.

I am an App developer for Windows Tablets and Phones soon to be game developer which will include Xbox One I have signed up for ID@Xbox.

My Studios name is BlackFire.
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egidem  +   550d ago
Elop also butchers/destroys companies. Beware of him, now that he is in charge of Xbox.
Back-to-Back  +   550d ago
"I can vouch for him,"

.....because he gave me free shit and I can be bought.

There finished your sentence for you.

PS If you were smart you would be developing on proven markets like ios and android. Windows phone apps are a dying breed.
rainslacker  +   550d ago
MS gave me a free Windows phone a few years ago at my local Global Game Jam for the same reasons they gave you a tablet.

I'm an app developer as well, and while I appreciate that MS did what they did, and I have used it to work on code and test it and such, as a gamer, I still have expectations from console makers to work hard to improve the industry in every way possible.

To date, Elop hasn't done anything worthy of merit to do such a thing. I'm not saying he won't, and for the time being I will give him the benefit of the doubt, but the health of the industry and gaming itself relies on console manufacturers innovating and building strong ties with the development community and gamers, not just brought to serve a company wide agenda. I've pursued supporting Live apps, and will probably explore ID@Xbox one day, but it has nothing to do with MS giving me free stuff, it has to do with it's an outlet to the customer. Same with Sony, Apple, Google, or Steam. It isn't about being brought.

I personally feel right now that Phil Spencer seems to be the only one trying hard to right the ship without being combative or idiotic. I've yet to see a report on what Elop is doing, or if he even really cares.
loulou  +   549d ago
24 months live... i cant yet find these on amazon uk. but ill buy one when i do
Giul_Xainx  +   549d ago
Sorry. This is yet another one of those big ol huge warning signs that gamers just don't ever F'n pay attention to.

The Xbox is in serious trouble and they need the money back from this money pit.

I have experienced several downfalls of companies that I have worked for in the past and it all points to the same road they take to save their way of business. But in the end? They go out like a head light in your car. It builds up a strong glow with a sudden bright flash of light and then.... darkness.

Disagree, hate, thumb down, and call me immature all you want. It is the cold hard truth. And if it means I get a bloody lip for speaking it then so be it.
Death  +   549d ago
Since the PS4 is glowing brighter, does that mean it's about to go out too?

Seriously, the Xbox does something good and it's doomed. The PS4 does something good and they are bringing the industry forward, listening to gamers and developers, and died for our sins after walking across the Pacific to hand out a free system to little gamer boy and girls for Playstation day morning.
Darrius Cole  +   549d ago

I can be bought too. This stuff is not about my core principles, which I won't sell for anything; this is about fun and games, literally, and I can be bought where the fun and games are concerned.

If you give me better hardware, better games, and more games for $100 less and I'm sold.


Care to point out or elaborate on some more of these signs that the Xbox is in serious trouble?


Not today
showtimefolks  +   549d ago
Elop proposed when he was in running for CEO of MS back in the day to sell xbox brand so not sure where this taking care of developers or gamers is coming from

bunch of fanboys on every gaming site believe that MS can spend whatever it wants to on xbox one and secure any and all exclusive content, when in reality investors aren't happy how xbox divisions spends

I really hope that xbox brand is around because without competition sony or nintendo would become lazy. Competition is an healthy thing
Death  +   549d ago
I'm with you brother. Fanboys think that Sony can go bankrupt and it won't affect the Playstation brand. Sony has been selling 750,000 consoles a month since the start of the year and still can't keep up with demand. This is after producing and selling close to a million a week at the end of 2013. I wonder why that is?
Mr Pumblechook  +   549d ago
In response to the superior games given away with PlayStation Plus many multi-format console owners have been letting their LIVE subscriptions drop.

24 month subscription is a necessary measure for Microsoft to lock-in their loyal customers.
getmad  +   549d ago
Lol, Elop sucks. Didn't you see what he did to Nokia. Betrayed the Finns, he was beasically a trojan horse, so M$ could buy Nokia for a low price.
Eonjay  +   550d ago
This is $100 so in the US its the same as buying two single subscriptions. I don't mind this at all but would prefer a discount because you can get single year subscriptions at less than $50 sometimes.
bleedsoe9mm  +   550d ago
it would be nice but sales are good in the US , no need to do it
famoussasjohn  +   550d ago
Right now you can get them at $40 for a 12 month subscription. Might want to get them while they're discounted people!

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Arkardo  +   550d ago
Thank you i was thinking am i the only one who sees that this is a stupid offering? My god 100 USD...
famoussasjohn  +   550d ago
The sales are probably going to be ending soon and will go back to $60 for 1 year, which would be $120. So you'd be saving $20 if you bought the 2 year option, but currently, not the best deal.
Irishguy95  +   549d ago
If you're stupid enough to think currency conversion actually affects a local system then sure, it's a stupid offering.
ovnipc  +   550d ago
Ms store has gold year for 39.99. Well $100 for two years its not bad cause you save $20 of the regular price. Something good about the xone its that only one account needs gold other accounts on the same console dont need gold.
PsylentKiller  +   550d ago
I'm finally glad they added this feature. Sony has had it for years.

I, for one, am taking full advantage of home gold. I'm buying all digital so my family room, where anyone can play, gets all the games I bought and my Gamertag carriers all those games with it as well. It's like a buy one get one free sale on every digital game
nightsurge  +   550d ago
Sony has not had this for years... you had to have a PS+ account to access PS+ content on PS3 (not sure about PS4). Non PS+ account was still limited to like 2-3 users. You could not buy a game on someone's machine and have them play it without your account unless it was one of their 2-3 licenses. I know from first hand experience.
Iceman X  +   549d ago
@nightsurge that's not true, PSN was limited to 5 users could use same content since launch. It was changed last year to 2 users.
Bigpappy  +   550d ago
Once amazon gets their hand on this, it will be cheaper. I like it. One lest thing to renew.
Wikkid666  +   550d ago
Cheaper to buy 2 12-month codes
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SliceOfTruth888  +   550d ago | Well said
If this was Sony
"This just shows that Sony keeps gamers in mind by offering Value and more OPTIONS"

"BAHAHAHAH GETTING DESPERATE! Xbone is doomed i know because i am 16 and cant afford systems on my own"
hankmoody  +   550d ago
Absolutely. Bubble up.
TXIDarkAvenger  +   550d ago
I'm shocked by the amount of agrees you have, I mean I am on N4G right?
Immorals  +   550d ago
Maybe n4g switched around agree and disagree?
carlosjrix  +   550d ago
lol..i though that too
ITPython  +   549d ago
I think it more has to do with a lot of people on N4G just loading the PS4 sections and ignoring everything else. So they would never see this article unless they checked the main page.

Can't blame them, at one point there was like 100 Titanfall articles with random, mostly useless, TF info each day. Which was quite annoying as it was bumping out many other interesting articles that got buried under a mountain of TF articles, which most didn't even classify as newsworthy.
CEOSteveBallmer  +   550d ago
The Butthurt is strong with this one. May the force be with you, always...
SonyStyled  +   550d ago
right you are. correct he is not
Ipunchbabiesforfun  +   549d ago
Hahaha. I have an allegiance to ONLY games and Microsoft makes bone headed moves but this was flat out hilarious.
UbiquitousClam  +   550d ago
The stupidity and conspiracy theorists it the comment section hurts my soul. This is just the same thinking behind a season pass, its for the people you were going to buy xbox live subscriptions ANYWAY. now you can buy it in one go and get a discounted price!

"I bet you any money they made this subscription just to keep xbone users locked down for two years so their more likely to stay with xbone"

- No sh!t why do you think ANY company offers a paid subscription
DeadMansHand  +   550d ago
To be fair, this is not a discounted price. You can go buy 2 12 month LIVE subscriptions for 40 a piece. That's only 80 dollars, mate.
BattleN  +   550d ago
UK card would work if I'm in US? Oh I tried to google a link for the deal but couldn't find it :( If you know the link could you please post it? Thank you, come back anytime!
GUTZnPAPERCUTZ  +   550d ago
Just bought a 12 month for $39.99... lol
ainsleyharriott  +   550d ago
Not complaining with a £20 saving
DomceM  +   550d ago
less money for something that should be free is still too much.

You already pay your ISP for internet.

Its like watching someone get a discount on oxygen we breathe every day and see them exlaim: gee! a discount of x% on air! Ill take it!

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SliceOfTruth888  +   550d ago
Someone here never played the Titanfall Beta which was lag free. If i could pay for oxygen that will make me stronger, faster and live longer...point me in the direction and ill pay
DomceM  +   549d ago
@slice of truth
What does a beta for a video game have anything to do with paying for something twice?

And lag or no lag it has everything to do with your ISP And minimal amount to do with xbox live. PC gamers dont have live or PS+, and they play without lag just fine.
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Megaton  +   549d ago
If we're going to use Titanfall as an example, how about you mention how it didn't work for the entire first day because of Microsoft's janky "CLOUD POWA" servers.
Wikkid666  +   550d ago
Live is far beyond an internet connection. It's too bad don't understand that.
GamerRising  +   550d ago
I usually buy the 3 month cards me and my broke ass
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ajax17  +   550d ago
I hope Sony does this. The longer I can go without thinking about reuping my subscription the better.
headblackman  +   550d ago
i like the sound of this. i'll get that asap. i also hope that this is something that will be permanent.
Harmy666  +   550d ago
Americans in the comment section aren't realising this is a UK offer. XBL and games in the UK are more expensive than in the US…
RiPPn  +   550d ago
Godda get all that sub money before they sell it off. lol
GoodnessGreatness  +   550d ago
Not worth it.
t-hall785  +   550d ago
Bad time for this offer when amazon is offering 39.99 1yr subs. the day one edition gold sub is 39.99 right now. highly suggest it to killer instinct players shadow jago is frickin awesome. i don't even use regular jago at all.
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TheSaint  +   549d ago
This doesn't sound like a great deal, I got 12 months for £26.50. That's only £53 for 24.
foie  +   549d ago
Now I just need Sony to allow me to purchase a Generation-long PS+ subscription.
PickAShoe  +   549d ago
PS+ was 22 dollar on Ebay for Black Friday of last year. Now my subscription ends on 2017, ha.
Father__Merrin  +   549d ago
"today we bring great news, you now have the option to purchase a 2 year Xbox live subscription instead of 1"


is there any perk for purchasing 2 years?
Hozi89  +   549d ago
I must admit since I first heard that the XBONE was gonna have DRM...for some reason I started hating MS(even after they supposedly disabled it)....I guess I wanted them to care...but this is actually nice of them.
Games_R_Us  +   549d ago
This is excellent. In Australia, 40 pounds = $80, which is XBL cost for 12 months. So with it being 60 pounds for 2 years, thats $120, or $60 a year. This puts Xbox Live now below PS+ membership annually of $70.

If MS does this, its getting very competitive indeed.

Good job MS, lets hope it rolls out across all continents.
mitford  +   549d ago
ive never payed more than £25 for 12 months live, in fact i just got 13 months for £25 from cdkeys website
UNIFIEDONE  +   549d ago
Fact is your all FOOLS! Lol making assumptions about a guy that's not officially with the company yet? Pretty dumb.. Anyway nobody knows what's going to happen until it happens. Stop with all the speculation! Nobody believes or cares frankly. I make no assumptions until something happens. Never assume anything. Remember that.

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