1 Million People Voted for FIFA 15 Leagues

FIFPlay's FIFA 15 Leagues survey reached over 1 million of votes from FIFA 14 fans around the world.

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Scrivlar1359d ago

Man I'd love a Scottish lower league.

Degze1359d ago

I agree, pist off that all the frigging english leagues are there but the Scottish only get the top league! Thought when rangers sevco restarted at the bottom there would be a chance, the zombies could have simulated jumping up the leagues haha but hey sfa is only the oldest arganisation in football, jezo youd think that would count?
Hopefully can play as the mighty Dundee fc next edition

chrissx1359d ago

Hope fifa15 will be better from the disappointment that is fifa14

fractured741359d ago

FIFA 14 is the best one yet,first time you have to stop and think instead of ping pass shoot.

demonicale6661359d ago

Are you playing the same game that I'm playing?.

Oh and getting a red card in pro clubs should NOT end the game.

sGIBMBR1359d ago

FIFA 14 is still shite... Over the top through ball, shoot and score!

Or... Cross into the box, head and score.

It's still a one dimensional game.

theshredded1359d ago

When will they ever put Croatia in the International?World Cup Dlc my A$$

Horny1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

Agree, they should include all national teams who have at least been in one of the last 3 world cups. As for as club. Under the rest of the world section they can pick 25 leagues around the world and put the top two teams in it.