Titanfall won't have Season Pass and Split-screen

It has been confirmed that Titanfall won't feature any form of Season Pass or Split-screen.

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ArchangelMike849d ago (Edited 849d ago )

One thing I wished would be brought back this gen is couch co-op/multiplayer. some of the best multiplayer experiences are when your buddy's right next to you.

Here's hoping all that cloud power will allow enough room for couch co-op/multiplayer again this gen.

xDHAV0K24x849d ago

not a deal breaker BUT yeah those times were fun

4Sh0w848d ago (Edited 848d ago )

Agreed couch co-op needs to come back, it's one of the many reasons I love Halo so much. I mean just recently I had a blast with Halo 3 and 4 campaign through split screen co op.

king_george848d ago

Yeah its not a deal breaker at all but many games i've played could've benefited from couch multiplayer. Hopefully it gets brought back

SniperControl848d ago

Spent alot of hours with my mates playing Golden Eye on N64 using just a 21" TV.

Good days indeed.

dedicatedtogamers848d ago

A multiplayer-only game that does not support split-screen? At least they're giving this system-seller away for free.

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OpieWinston849d ago

You want couch co-op/MP? Get a Wii U or X1.
Mario Kart
Mario party
Super Smash bros
PvZ Garden Warfare

Sony First party studios don't believe in couch co-op. They don't like sacrificing graphical fidelity and textures for Local MP instances.

That's why I'm disappointed in what Playstation has become...It used to be a platform I'd invite a bunch of friends over and play games with.

Dark_king849d ago

Yeah LBP,RFoM and many other Sony games didn't have local co-op.

deviouslight849d ago

Even uncharted had some form of split screen play

CernaML848d ago

I must have imagined those split screen modes in Twisted Metal, Gt5, Gt6 and even Killzone 3....

djplonker848d ago (Edited 848d ago )

Not true the ps4 can use a vita as a second controller and screen making it a better choice than the xbone...

Master-H848d ago

Load of crap, say that to my copies of Little Big Planet 1 and 2 , PS ALl Stars, Modnation Racers/LBG Karting, GT.

dedicatedtogamers848d ago

Article is about Titanfall, so you decide to go all Sony Too(tm) and not even discuss the topic?

PONTIAC08G8GT848d ago


Yet you care to troll with your earlier post.

"A multiplayer-only game that does not support split-screen? At least they're giving this system-seller away for free."

Hypocrisy at it's finest.

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KingDadXVI849d ago

I agree that it is too bad that that mode of gaming seems to be disappearing. Spilt screen MP offline and online for campaign, coop and competitive is a great feature if you have friends over or have a family. I used to love playing Halo MP online and coop campaign with my son via split screen.

It seems that the distancing between people caused by social media and mobile (i.e. people in the same damn house texting each other) has had an effect on games as you see split screen less and less. Damn you Apple ;)

BakPAin849d ago

Since Xbox Live my coop gaming has been exclusively online. I started my family young so I preferred keeping the fellas as far away as possible!

thehitman849d ago (Edited 849d ago )

I agree best times I had multiplayer wise is with my friends next to me. Last gen that feeling was completely gone and I hated it. There is too much focus on online gaming that offline and split screen has completely taken a back seat.

Volkama848d ago (Edited 848d ago )

Titanfall was always unlikely to feature splitscreen though, because it has no playable offline modes.

That means a splitscreen game would still have involved joining a full online game. While doing so is very possible, it would mean very few cutbacks or comprimises could be made to accommodate the extra workload.

Basically the overhead for a splitscreen mode would have to be baseline and the fullscreen game would be diminished for it. Respawn seem to be struggling to get the quality they want out of the box as it.

Maybe a 30frames per second, reduced detail split screen mode could have been achieved if they considered it any kind of priority, but split screen is quite a niche demand these days.

3-4-5848d ago

Only people still making High quality couch/local co-op games are Nintendo.

That is one thing they've always done really well.

PsylentKiller848d ago

Couch co-op is great for some games but not all. Fps games are horrible most of the time. Sports games, fighting games, platformers, adventure games, and racing games are usually better suited for split screen. Halo and goldeneye were great with quad screen because there was no service like Xbox live or PSN.
I don't mind that Titanfall is missing this feature but at the same time I don't want this feature to disappear from all games entirely. I just think there is a time and a place for everything. Titanfall is not the place for split screen at this time.

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ichdich849d ago

am loving respawn(Old Infinity Ward) more and more every damn single day atleast they are not thinking of how to gain more money while they can do that easily i love it when u buy every single DLC and to choose weather to Buy this one or no

AstroCyborg848d ago

not including a season pass just shows they are just wanting more money season passes are great deals since you get all dlc at a discounted price

sAVAge_bEaST848d ago


I buy a season pass,, to save 10 bucks. (except CoD, since I skip the last map pack.)

Not giving you the option is actually b$.... Since this is Multi-Only.. I was under the impression that DLC would be free, seeing as it/s part of the full game,.

Aces17849d ago

They messed up with no season pass, I would have brought that right along with my copy.

Shadonic848d ago

that would of been a rip off. Charging you for new maps that will most likely be key in the progression of the online story thing they are doing. It would basically be you paying 60 bucks for just the online mode with 13 maps. DLC should be free on this one.

Aces17848d ago

I guess people disagree that I would have brought it along with my copy.

bestofthebest848d ago

I think there is going to be a lot of dlc that's why they didn't go with the season pass. I can see this game being supported for 2 years with dlc.

Tedakin849d ago

I'm done with season passes. I used to get them when hype was huge at the launch of a game, then by the time the actual content started rolling out, I was long past being interested in that particular game.

SWayne848d ago

You hit the point correctly sir. I too am done with season pass.

Shadonic848d ago

That's what happened with me and Halo 4 the hype was so intense. Couldnt stop myself everyone jumped in giving support to the new developers than the game bombed with the community drastically dropping. By the time DLC came out more than 50% of the population was gone.

micx848d ago

I'm done with most of the DLC.

AstroCyborg848d ago

thats why you wait & see if you like the game first

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CertifiedGamer849d ago

I prefer to pay $50 for a season pass than pay $150 in dlc and this game has already been confirmed to have dlc so at the end of the day, it is still EA.

The_KELRaTH849d ago

Don't want season passes or DLC - just sell me a physical proper expansion pack like it used to be.

4Sh0w848d ago

Yeah I can't think of any good games that don't have DLC, especially every big release.

Either way you can't please everyone, but I got an idea don't buy the game if you don't think that content is worth $60 and if you are satisfied enough to buy it for $60 you don't NEED to buy any DLC.

zeronhero849d ago

Problem is, season passes cause single dlc content prices to jack up, since publishers want you to spend as much money on them as possible, if they can force you into getting season passes, in the BS excuse of you getting a "Deal out of it".

Tedakin849d ago

What game doesn't have DLC?

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