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Where’s the cloud power Microsoft advertised for Xbox One?

"Where’s the so praised cloud power? Because it seems that it isn’t helping Xbox One at all." (Microsoft, Xbox One)

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windblowsagain  +   554d ago | Funny
It has since rained on many parts of the usa and europe, hence the cloud has gone.
ArchangelMike  +   554d ago | Well said
Lol. yeah it seems that the first batch of games that have come out have not used this mysterious 'cloud' technology that Ms keeps harping on about.

Does Microsoft just mean that they've got loads of servers hooked up for multiplayer games? So for example, Titanfall will have much smoother multiplayer connections?

That's one thing, but to tout the cloud as some super computing and processing powerhouse, and then your next-gen games cant even run at 1080p/60FPS means that your just blowing smoke up peoples a$$.
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Hatsune-Miku  +   554d ago
Microsoft cloud service is in the sky
styferion  +   554d ago
true, and even on the case this "cloud" finally appears less major country most likely won't be able to reap the benefit of it. That's the main point why I don't like XB1 visions, too much focused on local turf they alienate foreign fans and forget the rest of the world
Prime157  +   554d ago
3x power to each xbox! Duh, apparently that meant dedicated servers at best, right?
LuaMaster  +   554d ago | Well said
"Lol. yeah it seems that the first batch of games that have come out have not used this mysterious 'cloud' technology that Ms keeps harping on about."

Of course not.

It was never anything more than lame damage control to desperately try to keep the rapidly dwindling number of Xbox fans from abandoning the Xbox One.

It's no different than the idiotic claims of a 'miraculous SDK update' that will magically make the wimpy Xbox One hardware put out PS4 level graphics.

There are effectively two different ways the stupid marketing buzzword 'teh cloud' can refer to.

1. Computation done on servers and then the results sent over the Net to your local machine. This is already done for most multiplayer games already.

2. Rendering is done on servers and then streamed to your machine so it may display graphics it wouldn't be able to on its own. This isn't happening because it would mean that the only way you could play games with the high level server rendered graphics would with a constantly on Net connection. Meaning that many people wouldn't be able to play certain games or game companies would need to support two entirely different versions of games. One with graphics streaming and one with crappy Xbox One rendered graphics.

And even if Microsoft tried to do server side graphics rendering for Xbox One games it would immediately raise the question of why the hell are they selling a console for 500 dollars that has graphics hardware so bad it needs to be bypassed by Microsoft servers rendering each game's graphics.

The Xbox One is the worst of both possibilities. Too expensive and wasteful for 500 dollars if Microsoft plans on doing server side rendering. Too weak and poorly designed to be in the same league as the PS4 graphically on its own.
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antikbaka  +   554d ago
some of those servers you can use to save ur game data :3 supa POWA!
Why o why  +   553d ago
Where’s the cloud power Microsoft advertised for Xbox One?....

at the moment its been blown up the rear ends of its most loyal hopeful fans.

Cell proved itself year on year but there were drawbacks that made developers, not familiar with it, work harder. Obviously sonys 1st and 2nd parties showed and proved what was possible. The cloud still has time but I just see it as a euphemism for dedicated servers....kinda like apple tried to brand 'face time' like it was new almost when it was really just video calling for the rest of the tech world.

Ultimately time will tell but its telling that we hear more of the talk about it from fans and fanboys than we do from Microsoft. Theres been zero proof shown or explanation given so the naysayers feel their cynicism is justified.
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nukeitall  +   553d ago | Well said
Cloud power is staring right in your faces!

Respawn went to both MS and Sony for their cloud power needs, and only MS responded. That is why we have Titanfall. Leave it to Sony and you would get flagship games like KillZone: Shadowfall with essentially P2P online gaming with proxy server.

MS delivered Titanfall with 15-30 ms ping to the cloud almost anywhere in the world.

In sort, cloud is massive computing power on demand, made easy with automation and specialized tools. What do you think powers the cloud?

Hint, it is computers!

The power of the cloud enables consistently lag free gaming, and defeats cheaters with lag switchtes and host advantage.

That alone is way more important than any resolution. Nothing more frustrting than that.

Azure to the rescue!
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xHeavYx  +   553d ago
I love nukeitall damage control nonsense. You forgot that it was EA who went behind Respawn's back and made an exclusivity deal, probably thinking that it would be the Xbox beating the PS4 I'm sales (boy, talk about betting on the wrong horse)
But hey, whatever helps you sleep at night
KingDadXVI  +   553d ago
Yes, TitanFall played more smoothly than any other online game I have ever played period. After they tweaked their settings that thing played smooth as a baby's ass.

As far as the 1080p 60fps goes I assume that you are not a fan of Sony's PSNow then because if MS cannot use its server farms which are ranked the highest in the world for the lowest data loss and error rate and in the top three for size and speed then PSNow will be a still born abomination.

Go get an education in computer and network engineering before you talk like you have any clue as to what the cloud is or is capable of.
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UltraNova  +   553d ago

Shiiiiiiiiit man the Xbone is aaaaaawesome!
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DragonKnight  +   553d ago
nukeitall doesn't even try anymore. Every time he posts a reply, the only thing to do is just..


I mean seriously. The amount of damage control and flat out incorrect information should be its own comedy act.
gaffyh  +   553d ago
"Where’s the cloud power Microsoft advertised for Xbox One?"

Well, as any sane person expected, it was all BS. I understand the whole dedicated server argument as this is technically possible, but "making games look better with 3x Xbox One power" was total BS.
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darthv72  +   553d ago
Cloud is so last year. Its all about the "Polar Vortex" now.
MysticStrummer  +   553d ago
"cloud is massive computing power on demand"

Good lord. No it isn't. There is zero evidence of this. Even the fastest connection can't deliver data faster than the internal systems of the console can process it by themselves. That goes for both XB1 and PS4, though PS4 is faster.

So far, "cloud" means dedicated servers and remote data storage, which Sony had last generation. When playing an online game, the end result still comes down to the individual's own connection speed to those servers.
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mewhy32  +   553d ago
wow that was an awesome article and an awesome comment there archange. If I'd said that I'd been restricted for sure. Well said and bubbles.
Gozer  +   553d ago
You getting "Well Said" Luamaster is a perfect example of how backwards N4G is. You are completely wrong BTW. The "cloud" so far has been used in Forza 5 and Titanfall for the a.i. This article is a fallacy.
DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   553d ago
it's the american way..
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reko  +   553d ago

are you butthurt?
morganfell  +   548d ago
Only one company is effectively demonstrating cloud power and that is Sony with the beta of PlayStation Now.
ITPython  +   554d ago
Cloud computing power, uh... you mean like what the PS3 did when steaming remotely to the PSP? Nearly a decade ago? Or... umm, PS4 streaming to Vita via remote play? It's the exact same concept, but instead of the 'cloud', it is the PS3 and PS4 doing all the computing and streaming that data onward. Either via LAN Wifi, or over the internet (with LAN Wifi being the better choice due to lower latency and higher bandwidth).

Those work fine and dandy due to the minimal bandwidth required for the low-res screens of the handheld, but when we are talking pure 720p or 1080p, it's a different story. Bottom line is, the internet infrastructure needs to be significantly improved for this to be of any practical use to the everyday consumer. Most people struggle trying to get heavily compressed 720p video streaming without buffering, and that is not even considering latency.

Until everybody is on at least 50-100Mb fiber with 1ms or less of latency, this isn't practical. MS jumped the gun by at least a whole generation on this one.
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alexg587  +   553d ago
Now that you said that i guess thats y sony killed the remote play from your friends console feature( whatever it was called)..ps4 games are just too epic to stream over internet i guess. Would have been a revolutionary feature ..sad
stuna1  +   554d ago
I believe they have "Cloud" power, but it's more like that cloud that hovers over peoples head walking down the street, while everyone else is walking in the sun.
Blaze929  +   553d ago
lol despite Forza 5, a launch title using the cloud, Titanfall using the cloud, Xbox LIVE profiles using the cloud, marketplace using the cloud, people still think Microsoft was making up sh--.

It's February, no game has really came out. Titanfall is releasing next month.

What do you all want Microsoft to do, show nothing? If they talked about it today would anyone understand it without a game to show it off/try it with?

Patience is everything. They're preparing to show it off for E3 this year, which Phil Spencer already said awhile ago (but no one looks that info up huh?).

E3 is only 4 months away. That's like saying every feature Sony & Microsoft announced but isn't available yet were straight up lies.

smh, keep hating on Xbox/Microsoft.

@traumadisaster "Patience is not everything. I would offer "results" is more important."

yeah ok results with what? Words? Clearly, Microsoft's words aren't enough for "gamers" on n4g. So they have to SHOW you all to shut up the speculation. But they can't SHOW something that's not ready...like releasing only 2 minutes of gameplay for The Order 1886
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traumadisaster  +   553d ago
Patience is not everything. I would offer "results" is more important.
MightyNoX  +   553d ago
LOL people thought the cloud was giving them 4k graphics not an over glorified storage for data. If that's your definition of the cloud, may I introduce you to PS + cloud?
iceman06  +   553d ago
But, see, when you spoke about The Order 1886, you weren't talking of patience. You were on the "why didn't they show more gameplay?" train.
See, I understand that we need to be patient. But, I also understand that what MS is promising (by most accounts from professionals outside of the N4G "pro" pool) seems nigh impossible with current worldwide infrastructure limitations. So, sure I'd like something tangible that isn't just dedicated server stuff that we've had (in one form or another) for years.
That being said, I'll patiently await the E3 show because, contrary to popular belief, I'm not HATING on MS just because I doubt their ability to deliver their complete vision of the cloud in the beginning of this generation.
DragonKnight  +   553d ago
Blaze, you know very well that people aren't talking about data storage and dedicated servers. Those have been around for far longer than the Xbox brand has been.

Microsoft shouldn't have opened their mouths and tried to market something that isn't ready and won't be for a long time. You can't say "the cloud will make one Xbox One as powerful as 3" and produce literally nothing tangible to back that claim up. When you do, it's called "blowing smoke."
maniacmayhem  +   553d ago
Well seeing as how the Xbox One JUST CAME OUT what are you people expecting?

I love how the same folks expect MS to show things RIGHT NOW, but defend other companies and allow them to be given time to make their roadmap of features complete.

We have already gotten an article stating that Spencer and the MS team is still behind the cloud and that their next showing has to be impressive.


How about we wait and see before we start to bash. Because if they do show something impressive you guys know you won't hear the end of it from the Xbox fanboys.
DragonKnight  +   553d ago
@maniac: Well seeing as how Microsoft were touting the power of the cloud for so damn long, and making it a key marketing campaign for the device, you would think they'd have something to show instead of words now wouldn't you?
DoubleM70  +   553d ago
Phil Spencer twitted it this week. We will have to show you what we are talking about.

otherZinc  +   553d ago
Another author that doesn't know the truth.

He said the the opposition (PS4) has a standard of 1080p 60fps. When the reality is, the PS4 has "No" games running 1080p "native" @ 60fps: online or offline. For Proof: go to Digital Foundry & see the fps drops of Killzone:SF drops in fps into the 30s.

The only AAA next-generation running 1080p "native" @ 60fps without 1 fps dropping during gameplay is Forza Motorsport 5.

For Proof, see Digital Foundry.

Also, if the author would read or conduct an interview of Respawn Entertainment; he would find that those M$ Cloud Servers were critical to the development if TitanFall.

But for the author, why let the truth get in the way of an opinion
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sinjonezp  +   553d ago
Go compare forza from e3 to final release. They cut back many assets to achieve such. As for titanfall. What could the cloud possibly do besides help make better match making, swift lobby times ND smooth online play. Maybe textures loading faster (black ops 2 suffered bad online if your connection was weak, example). Ps4 can play games in 1080p. I think bf4 was the only one that could not. However, your argument for using forza is a slippery slope one. In the broad perspective, if the competition wanted to implement its own server farms to perform cloud computing, then the conversation becomes even more irrelevant than it already is. If you tout features, shouldn't you execute them? That is why no one believes in MS cloud computing resources.
saint_seya  +   553d ago
U know, hd releases on ps4 could run with resolutions over 1080p.. we are talking of real next gen games. So please dont mention forza, or we could say "god of war 2 runs in 1080p on ps3, amazin graphics, its 1080p"
XabiDaChosenOne  +   553d ago
Call of Duty and MGS5 on the PS4 says, HELLO!
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EasyOneTwoThree  +   553d ago
mediate-this  +   553d ago
I say that all the time, some guy up above wrote xb1 could not match the ps4 level of graphics, im asking what is ps4 level of graphics? I have both systems, i cant really judge the order because the video they showed was so confusing, it was not a good video.

Bf4 is by far the most demanding next gen game graphically, ps4 is 900p, so that right there tells me ps4 is not locking native 1080p60fps.
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DigitalRaptor  +   553d ago
If Sony wanted to concentrate on last generation visuals and engine technology to define their new hardware, their first party would've already have released a decent handful of last-generation quality games in this very aspect.

Forza 5 doesn't justify next-gen - and that's why it's able to run at 1080/60.
assdan  +   553d ago
Yeah lol. I think it's clear that they were lying the whole time though. I thought it was so funny that some people actually believed it was going to be 3 times stronger with the clouds.
Septic  +   554d ago
Phil Spencer said that they'll be showing something more concere soon enough.

Still, they made a big hoopla about it and haven't really delivered anything apart from the Cloud operating at its basic level as dedicated server support (which to me is the most important thing anyway).
Charybdis  +   554d ago
Phil basicly recognised (in a tweet) that they need to show the benefits instead of talking about it, because who would believe Microsoft in their word anyway. So it seems they aren't ready to showcase any substantial benefits yet.

Except for the benefits of dedicated servers which certain region such as Australie can't benefit from untill Microsoft finish construction of their servers in that region.

Same question goes for ps now were is it now well they are working on (the software and local hardware needed) in order to bring it to the consumer market.
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princejb134  +   554d ago
I'm starting to think the cloud they kept advertising is imaginary. Just an advertising gimmick.
The difference between the cloud and ps now though is that we have seen how ps now works. We haven't seen anything on this cloud.
Charybdis  +   554d ago
In the titanfall beta the advantage of dedicated servers has already been shown when looking at ms (except for regions with no local servers). I know its kinda obvious to point out dedicated servers are preferred in on-line gaming, only in microsoft/azure case these servers will scale to demand and will be essentially free to use/implement.

It might be more interesting and believable, that there are possible cloud advantages, to look into other cloud projects where Microsoft is not involved such as project flare.

- http://www.ign.com/articles...
- http://jp.square-enix.com/f...
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kingdip90  +   554d ago
You would think that from a marketing standpoint you would think that if you are going to harp about a technology that will define your system that you would make sure the capabilities are both shown and made clear from near release.

Now the perception is that the xbox one is not as capable a machine as was hoped and that stigma may stick now that we are 3 months in with nothing cloud based to show even if they prove themselves further down the line.
infectedaztec  +   554d ago
This is the problem with sites on N4G, 60% are made by uninformed fanboys who want to get their biased point across - some might try to hide the bias but for others its shameless. Another 30% are just uninformed gamers. I would class this article in this category. While the xb1 is struggling to get 1080p for alot of its games, its not struggling to get 720p. Maybe 10% of the stories on this site are reliable fact based news and that mainly because they're just twitter links.

Septic pointed out instantly, as I could have too, that Spencer has addressed the cloud issue very recently. Check out his twitter page and you'll see you didn't need to write the article
ArchangelMike  +   553d ago

"uninformed fanboys" is right. But it is M$ who have left us uninformed about the 'cloud'.

Since you seemed to be more infomrmed on the subject, please enlighten us on what this 'cloud' is, and how it has been used in any games or applications so far?

FYI Phil Spencer did not "address the issue", he basically said "wait and see".

Sony on the other hand have already shown what their 'cloud' aka Gaikai aka Playsation Now, can do. They've shown it working and put it in consumers hands.

It seems like you're the one that needs to acknowledge that you are indeed an "uninformed fanboy" when it comes to accepting blind promises from Microsoft!
traumadisaster  +   553d ago
I think the article should have been written because this cloudgate lie is anti consumer. We are all on that team and need to support the customers being told the truth. Remember KZ?
infectedaztec  +   553d ago
Spencer did address the issue ("wait and see" is not a correct quote btw - a perfect example of the pathetic standards on this site):

I would be a fanboy of xbox (though I have good time for the ps3....haven't played the ps4 yet). There was no need to bring Sony into this, completely off topic.

BTW I have no faith in Sony's cloud. I was looking to get PS Plus last week and wanted to check what games came with it. It took an age for their page to load. Having 50mb broadband I was not impressed with their dial-up like website. If they can't host something as light as their site right I really don't have alot of faith in their cloud.....
Volkama  +   553d ago
I want to see more from the cloud, and I do believe we'll see more at least in the form of large-scale hosted AI (looking at you Halo, give me a flagship showcase war!)

But even if it never materialises and all we get is dedicated servers... those are a good thing. After witnessing my monstrous PC jerking around a COD: Ghosts map I simply never want to touch peer to peer again, and the One has a pretty huge advantage in that area.
DoubleM70  +   553d ago
You still got disagrees....LOL Hilarious!
corvusmd  +   554d ago
Odd article...considering Titanfall is about to release, and the game makers have REPEATEDLY stated how important the cloud has been and that the game could not exist without it. Seems like this would mean this OPINION piece is either just denial or ignorance. It's weird how often people want to dismiss the cloud as nothing....then have absolutely no idea what they are talking about.
johndoe11211  +   554d ago
Do you?
pyramidshead  +   553d ago
haha, great reply. Not to mention he hasn't replied.
Hellsvacancy  +   554d ago | Well said
"the game could not exist without it" that's rubbish, how come games like Battlefield 4 exist? there's so much more going on in BF4 with SIXTY FOUR players running around blowing everything up

Titanfall can easily be done without this cloud bs, how come it's on the 360? does the 360 have the powah of the cloud aswel?

And you have the cheek to say "people have absolutely no idea what they are talking about"
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brich233  +   554d ago
I believe the ai are controlled by the cloud. So I guess the 360 will have some extent of cloud power.
MasterCornholio  +   554d ago
"I believe the ai are controlled by the cloud."

Have you seen how stupid and useless the AI is? I watched a video from Angry Joe where he stood in front of a bot and the bot did nothing.
jessupj  +   553d ago
Knocked that one way out of the park, Hell :)
Volkama  +   553d ago
Yes, the 360 version uses the cloud as well. This was confirmed when the game was initially showcased at E3.

And yes, dedicated servers are possible outside of Azure. But Titanfall's beta offered a far more stable and reliable environment than BF4 even now.

No, Titanfall's AI are not impressive, and do not showcase anything to separate Cloud Compute from a simple dedicated server hosting the game.

Still, to anyone that likes playing latency-sensitive online games the 'cloud' is awesome, even in it's basic 'dedicated server' capacity. Having fast, well-located* servers available all the time is great.

*Unless you live around Australia :)
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mcstorm  +   554d ago
I do wonder if things would of been different if we still had the original vision of the xbox one as all xbox one's would of been connected to the internet and we may of seen something different from the cloud side where Microsoft are hard at work changing bits at the moment to take the connected xbox ones out of there vision for the xbox one.

I will be interesting to see if Microsoft bring this up at E3 this year.
SoulSercher620  +   554d ago
If this cloud is so powerful why did Turn 10 have to cut content just to get Forza 5 running at 1080p 60fps?

Sorry I have yet to see anything great about this marketing ploy called the "cloud."
Blaze929  +   553d ago
what exact content was cut from forza 5? Just wondering...
InTheLab  +   553d ago
They didn't cut content for hardware constraints. They did it to sell to fans of Forza a few weeks after launch.
Why o why  +   553d ago
Bait and switch mate. The Fallon version was blatantly different from the retail copy. Please feel free to do that normal deflect to Sony thing you do...you know you want to
ArchangelMike  +   553d ago

"...the game could not exist without the cloud..."

Is that why it can only run 6vs6 players, and cannot render at 1080p/60pfs?

Is that how powerful the cloud is?
kainslayer  +   553d ago
how come titanfail also comes for x360 and pc which both if i remember correctly dont take advantage of the smokescreen in fron of you (cloud) xbone will never reach the dream m$oft hype machine went for...sorry to burst your buble sell the one buy a pc (keep the controller)
kayoss  +   553d ago
In all honesty. If the cloud is that powerful why the hell do we need an Xbox one? Can we just use the xbox 360 and use the power of the cloud to make the Xbox 360 go Super Saiyin 3??
reko  +   553d ago

makers said that? post a link then?
TheOmniGamer  +   554d ago
"While the competition has managed to obtain the standard of 1080p and 60 FPS"... Are you kidding me, hardly any games maintain this standard on PS4 and if they do, they hardly ever maintain 60 FPS, it drops consistently.to 30 - 50 FPS (e.g. Killzone, Ghosts, BF4, Tomb Raider, etc)

PS4 standards is 1080p 30 FPS, while XB1 seems to be 720/900p 30 FPS.
#4 (Edited 554d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(35) | Report | Reply
mhunterjr  +   554d ago
Yeah this is true, the only exclusive game that maintains that 1080p/60fps on ps4 is Resogun (to my knowledge). The only Xbox 1 exclusive to do it is Forza.

Still, ps4 multiplats have thus far, performed much better than the xbox counterparts.

I don't believe the cloud can be very useful for graphical processes, but even if it could, it would mean MS providing and developers using, an engine capable of taking advantage of the capability (like project flare). I just don't see multiplatform developers taking the time to specialize the xb1 versions in this way, especially when the ps4 is the sales leader. Only 1st party games would.
#4.1 (Edited 554d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(17) | Report | Reply
TheTowelBoy  +   553d ago
I don't know why people are disagreeing with you, it's true. Both platforms will have good games, I don't see why all these graphic discussions even exist. Yeah it's less powerful and more expensive but who cares, any informed consumer will buy the better product for themselves. And as far as GAMING goes, it's all perspective. Who has better games?
LordMe  +   554d ago
Hanging out with Milo in the smoke and mirrors.

I am skeptical of this Cloud, mostly because the devs say how great it is, but we never get any examples of what it does per se. When new rendering, computing, or tech developers talk and give us all the info they can... They act like a kid in a candy store. We knew The Order 1886 was using Soft Body Mesh very fast. We knew allot about the PS4, we knew the PS3 was tough to code for due to multithreading on the Cell being harder to calibrate.

What do we know about this Cloud? NOTHING, all the devs say is it's vital to this game and that game, but give no comments to back up how it is better. It helped Titanfall? For what 720p? If this Cloud is so powerful, could it not have gotten higher?

I hope MS can show it soon, and I hope it is good. But until they showcase it very well, I do not believe it has any credibility towards the systems games.
#5 (Edited 554d ago ) | Agree(21) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
NeloAnjelo  +   554d ago
The cloud is part of the MS make belief... Just like how we need Kinect, and its a "better experience".

Kinect is only better because the UI is so poor that you're forced into using voice commands. Just like the cloud is mentioned because they know the console was under powered.

The MS Formula:

Cloud + Kinect + $100 more - Power = BS
#6 (Edited 554d ago ) | Agree(19) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
jay2  +   554d ago
The clouds not happening simple as that!
midget_gem  +   554d ago
The cloud was just another of M$ bullsh!t damage control. And just like all the other crap they came out with. Just smoke n mirrors tbh.
ArchangelMike  +   553d ago
Too true. It always amazes me how ppl cannot see this. blind fanboyism FTW.
Blaze929  +   553d ago
what exactly cannot be seen? That it's only been 3 months since the product came out and the full extent of cloud features aren't ready yet? Yes, blind fanboyism FTW!

Where are all those Sony PS4 features still missing from PS4? Was that just damage control from Sony too or do you just need to wait more?
midget_gem  +   553d ago
@Blaze. The difference is none PS4 features are based on myth n legend, unlike the xbone.
Hicken  +   553d ago
@Blaze: Microsoft spent much of the time between the XB1 reveal and its launch talking about how the cloud would change gaming. How it would make the console itself more powerful. Yet all we've seen are things that could have been done- as evinced by Titanfall- on last generation hardware.

At what point do we stop letting MS get by on what they say, and instead tell them "Put up, or shut up?"
Tedakin  +   554d ago
Wiped out when they were forced to dump DRM?
MasterCornholio  +   554d ago
Since when do you need crazy DRM policies for dedicated servers?

Yes Microsoft's cloud power isn't something that boosts the graphical prowess of the console. Instead its just dedicated servers.
styferion  +   553d ago
that was like saying the whole factory disappear because they fired all security officers
Godz Kastro  +   554d ago
ArchangelMike  +   553d ago
Wow still? Cloud computing won't and can't make the Xbone more powerful. Dedicated servers are not E3 headline material, not in maybe back in 2006, but not anymore in 2014.

Ont he other hand, what you will see at E3 2014 is more of Playstation Now, a true vision for Cloud gaming.
MasterCornholio  +   553d ago
Funny how Microsoft is bragging about the cloud but the only ones to demonstrate their cloud technology has been Sony.

Funny world we live in.
Ron_Danger  +   553d ago
Ah yes... The common phrase uttered by MS fanboys every spring... Wait till E3... We've been hearing you guys say that every year, and every year it's the same.

Here's how E3 is gonna go:

Sales figures with very specific stats to make it seem like things are better than they are.

Third party timed exclusive games or DLC


"Game play" of upcoming games (it's in quotes because last years E3 gameplay trailers were all fake PC vids since all launch games looked worse)

Some stats about how many times players have reloaded their guns in Titanfall

And then Halo announcements

And then come spring 2015, we'll hear "just wait till E3" once again...
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parentsbasement  +   554d ago
It seems NEITHER console has all their bells and whistles yet so maybe it will be used in the future (but never to everyones satisfaction , not here anyway, damn thing could cure world hunger and still take a beating here )
MRMagoo123  +   554d ago
Clouds are made of hot wet air , MS PR is made of hot air so putting 2 and 2 together I can only guess the cloud was really just MS PR.
g-nome   554d ago | Trolling | show
xSHADOWx   554d ago | Trolling | show
cabbitwithscissors  +   554d ago
The NSA is holding them back by requiring them to integrate software in to their infrastructure for spying. That alone takes a whole lot of processing power out of the cloud and MS needs to tweak their cloud by another 8% additional power to enable them to achieve 1080p capability and 60 fps on the xbone. Additional capabilities like using the latest software drivers and tiling together with the dGPU, low latency DDR3 is required for this to work. This will allow NSA to take videos, photos, voice recognition, face recognition to a whole new level of achieving a police state and controlling the public.
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DC777  +   554d ago
In regards to that does the camera have to be on or can you like put tape over it or something? I don't have XB1 so just curious.

I'm sure that wouldn't be welcome to the partying crowd.
cabbitwithscissors  +   552d ago
The camera is always on if you link it to you box. You can put a tape over the lens but you still have to contend with the mic that is on.
RosweeSon  +   554d ago
Where's the power fullstop.!
jazmac  +   554d ago
I personally never thought "The Cloud" was going to improve gaming performance directly like that.

If you logically think about it, regardless of how many servers they use the issue that crops up is to bring the sort of performance gains you're expecting would require large amounts of data to travel back and forth between your xbox and their servers.

Even if you had an amazing connection you still have a delay and a certain speed at which you can bring information across.

The fact that your console is guaranteed dedicated servers is quite a huge boon in itself though so it's not all bad but don't expect anything more than that coming from the cloud any time soon.
True_Samurai  +   554d ago
They're preparing their tech demo for e3 Spencer already mentioned this a few days ago
Nexus38  +   553d ago
Where are the games sony advertised?
traumadisaster  +   553d ago
Nice title, but horrible editing and questionable writing in that piece. However, it does appear that MS is going to be caught is a lie, at best. Or a major "cloudgate" scenario should this network not show up soon.

I am platform agnostic, so objectively and from a consumer standpoint I would like to see this blow up for MS. Do not sell based on a lie, as I look at KZ.
bunfighterii  +   553d ago
All the cloud hype was BS. I remember talk that it would mean more processing and better graphics for XB1. Now we know it just meant some dedicated multiplayer servers.

There are more Wii U games running at 1080p 60FPS and Xbone right now.
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SliceOfTruth888  +   553d ago
Rofl at Sony fanboys who still don't realize Titanfall is only on Xbox because of the cloud network..seems like a winner so far. And the games that will really use it haven't even been shown yet
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T2  +   553d ago
Ah yes the games like forza, halo, gears, fable? Yes those games are completely revolutionary and could never exist without the cloud... Oh wait
killzone619  +   553d ago
well actually forza 5 uses the cloud for AI
#23.1.1 (Edited 553d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report
Phoenix76  +   553d ago
Rofl at "MS" fanboys who still don't realize Titanfall is "NOT" only on Xbox because of the cloud network..seems like a winner so far.

PC's and 360's say hi.
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SliceOfTruth888  +   553d ago
I am not a fanboy of course its coming out for 360 and PC......and all 3 use Microsofts cloud so....yeah your wrong....you know the Microsoft branded platforms. Gamers need to accept that these systems are 4 months old and if anyone thinks sales right now decides who is the winner then the Wii last gen spanked 360 and PS3....Every gamer needs to realize Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo dont give a damn about you and then maybe you will realize how stupid fanboyism is.
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HitmanReborn   553d ago | Spam
Izzy408  +   553d ago
Calm down, it's only been a few months since release. Quit acting like the PS4 has given its users all of the features it promised them.
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cruzngta  +   553d ago
Its up in dem cloudzzzz.....
purp13m0nk3y  +   553d ago
Cloud computing is feasible. It does offer many advantages. Perhaps towards the end of this current gen we'll see cloud computing equate to improved game performance. For now I think it'll be limited to less apparent applications. For example online only MMO's and server end improvements.

The problem with off loading graphics and/or game engine processing to the cloud is two fold.

1. It requires an "always on" internet connection. As game critical processing it done server side, loose Internet, loose the ability to play the game. Do we not remember the huge meltdown the gaming community had when MS revealed they were planning an "always connected" console? I know the DRM and 24hr check in's were also major issues. But the reality is, if you want "da magic cloudz" that make all games 1080p/60fps then your going to have to deal with an always online console.

That leads me to the next issue. Not all Internet is created equal. Cloud computing of real time graphics requires a fast low latency (and this is the important one) stable connection. Much of the world does not have a data infrastructure advanced enough to make real time graphics processing feasible.

For example here in AU we are currently in the process of rolling out a national broadband network. It's still several yrs from completion. My suburb has moved over to the new fiber network and so my Internet is fast and rock solid stable. My bro who lives across town however is still on an archaic copper network. His Internet by comparison is woefully inadequate. To the point that he doesn't bother even playing competitive shooters online because it effects the experience. We have gaming sessions at my place instead.

If MS managed to implement their cloud computing solution now, would that mean that my bro would be unable to enjoy his new Xbox1 while across town I get all the benefits? How would MS compensate my bro for having a crap gameplay experience (because remember if critical game assets are calculated in the cloud he would either be unable to play the game at all, or it would run with lower quality graphics).

The world is simply not ready for cloud computing in the form MS were hyping. It definitely will become more and more important and widespread with time. But it is not something that is exclusive to MS or the Xbox1. Any platform is capable of this tech.

I'm pretty sure that the reason SONY hasn't been pushing the whole cloud computing thing is because they realize it's true potential is some yrs away yet. PS Now is a prime example of a cloud computing solution that is much more feasible currently.

It is still limited by the quality of your Internet connection, but it's also an optional service for those who want to pay the premium and who have a suitable connection. If MS push cloud computing the way they've been portraying it, those with poor Internet will simply miss out on certain games of have to accept a second rate experience compared to those with a quality connection. Would lead to some very unhappy customers I'd think.
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kainslayer  +   553d ago
ok nice thesis but all of this wouldnt be avoided if the xbox one packed a descent gpu like an amd 7950, insted of the wasted money on servers and maintenance etc etc plus it would justify the steep price also.

mrdxpr2  +   553d ago
Ms cloud has so many negatives that just outweigh the positives why would a 3rd party developer making a multiplatform game choose to use the cloud? It would require extra work extra resources= extra money.. plus anything that only works with internet is destined to fail I'm sorry.. u can't trust the internet. It's hackable, it can crash so many variables that just building a system surrounding it sounds risky.. especially here in the US were internet is still sub par..
kalbo14  +   553d ago
its right up there..duh puck!?
CEOSteveBallmer  +   553d ago
Simple, Its in every Xboner's Ass. in the form of "Methane gas" or in laymans term, "Fart"
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