5 Ways to mentally prepare for South Park: The Stick of Truth

MMGN: South Park: The Stick of Truth hits Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 next week. So in a bid to make you super-duper mentally prepared, buddy, here are five things we recommend you do to prepare yourself before you pick up what’ll be arguably 2014’s best licensed video game.

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Snookies121303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

I'm eating some cereal right now, I'm super cereal... In fact, I'm going to have a bowl of cereal ready for when I start the game up. Man, I hope so much that they include some tributes to the 'good times with weapons' episode. That was my absolute favorite. I want to see the ninjas again, and hear that fabulous theme song 'protect my balls' (I so want that to be a boss theme).

Snookies121303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

Fear not, Al Gore will save us from this dire threat.

Yi-Long1303d ago

I was really looking forward to this game, especially after some very positive previews, but after this week's news that Ubisoft has decided to censor/butcher it for Europe (for no good reason), I sadly won't be buying it.

hulk_bash19871302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

My body and mind have been ready for a very long time. Tuesday can't come any sooner.

worldwidegaming1303d ago

My goodness! This game is going to be crazy!!

Wni01303d ago

This is the last game im buying for 360, havent got one in a year. I might start jakoving in the meantime to pass time and stuff. And watch Wild Wild West cause its Treys favorite movie.

AceBlazer131303d ago

Drink some vagisil guys it'll prepare your brain.

NegativeCreep4271302d ago

This game is going to be so TITS!

I bet the 50 or so employees laid off recently from SCE are shouting "theytookour joooooobs!"

Bathyj1302d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.