Square Enix brings a mystery game with Die Hard roots to PS4 and Xbox One

Like so many things, it started with Die Hard. At a preview event on Wednesday.

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B-radical1486d ago

Looks interesting hopefully not over the top linear story line

3-4-51485d ago

This game actually looks like it has a good story to tell.

Modi19841486d ago

after thief i think this game is going to be mediocre!
i hope not, i really love to see games with fresh ideas

MrSwankSinatra1486d ago

different developers dude, you judge the quality of a game based off another one that has nothing to do with it. that's like me saying after killzone shadow fall, uncharted 4 is gonna be mediocre. different developers, different series.

3-4-51485d ago

What does this have to do with thief?

Do you think one person makes all the games ?

josephayal1486d ago

I'm pretty much done with Square Enix

Edsword1486d ago

Chrono Trigger? I doubt it. They would probably ruin it anyway.