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Why I’m Not Interested in Grand Theft Auto

The Late Night Gamer: Now, don’t get me wrong here, I enjoy playing Grand Theft Auto. I’ve played quite a few titles and have fun each time. It is an inherently enjoyable game that gives the player an ability to roam an enormous land of various environments with a sense of such complete freedom that dozens of games just wish they could compare to. Millions have been put into each game, and I can easily see and understand that it has paid off. Rockstar has produced a fantastic franchise that these days, is one of the big dogs of gaming, and I wish it nothing but good will in future. But, as a consumer, there are several reasons why I’m really not that tickled by the game. (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Xbox 360)

sobotz  +   415d ago
Stopped playing, never finish it. It is just not my thing. It looks so bloated, and the story doesn't seem on par with Red Dead Redemption.
Derekvinyard13  +   415d ago
Your loss dude tons of fun. Btw what does bloated mean as a complaint towards a game?
TheBurger29  +   415d ago
No its not a loss. The game was so hyped but SP was a let down and MP is shit because RS got greedy.
KonsoruMasuta  +   415d ago
That's your problem there! Don't play GTA just for the story. The majority of people who buy GTA buy it to dick around in an open world.

When I got the game, I skipped the story for the first week, and went straight to the cheat codes. Fast running + Super Jump + Explosive Melee attacks = Tons of fun.
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SolidGear3  +   415d ago
I agree. GTA has always been boring to me. Now Red Dead and L.A. Noire I loved.
diehardmetallicafan  +   415d ago
i finished it and played a bit of mp but it disappointed me big time. i rarely spend full price on a game and it was a complete waste of $100 bucks in my opinion. nothing new
3-4-5  +   415d ago
So hyped for GTA5. Loved it for like a day, beat it, played online for like 2-3 days then realized this game is the most overrated game in the history of games.

Can't believe I got suckered into buying into the hype and then tricking myself into thinking I liked it more than I did for the first 4 days.

I've learned my lesson.

That is what we get for $320 million ? no thanks
bullymangLer  +   415d ago
these kiddy games with the easy violence, copy and paste grafix and lack of inventivity that anybody could have imagined . fun games but deff overrated .
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ape007  +   415d ago
LoL, do u know anything about videogames??
SolidGear3  +   415d ago
Bubs Up!
crusf  +   415d ago
*Before release*"This game looks so good I am so excited for it!" *After Release* " Damn this game got TOO popular! Gonna act cool and unique by NOT liking it! Chicks dig that.:D"
Audiggity  +   414d ago
Pretty much. I feel like all of the people still complaining about GTAV either:

1. Think they are AWESOMELY KEWL for not liking a game that cost a quarter of a billion dollars to make


2. Don't have the mental capacity to enjoy a truly non-linear game and actually require the structure put in place by most other largely linear games


3. Based their entire opinion on the launch issues surrounding GTA:O and the subsequent microtransactions... which have nothing to do with how well GTA:O works now.
TheTimeDoctor  +   415d ago
sadly I couldn't get into it. will try again when I have some more time.
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   415d ago
games that give you to much freedom to do anything you want is not fun at all, maybe the first two hours or so, then you see there is no meaning to play anymore.
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LogicStomper  +   415d ago
So... what you're saying is that freedom is a bad thing?
Audiggity  +   414d ago
That's nonsense.

Skyrim? Fallout? GTA? Red Dead?

These are all great games, very non-linear, and still maintained the very difficult task of having overarching goals on top of that freedom.

If one doesn't have the mental flexibility to enjoy open world games that is one thing... but to say they aren't fun in general is just silly.
CRASHBASHUK  +   415d ago
I am not a GTA fan more of a saints row fan because I like sci-fi stuff etc I do find it very fun and its good how its different
also cant wait for watch_dogs
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diehardmetallicafan  +   415d ago
i agree. i actually had a lot of fun with the saint's row games
GamerChick4Life  +   411d ago
Saints Row 1 and 2 were fun, 3 was somewhat satisfactory, and aliens ruined Saints Row 4, and now GTA V Online raised the bar significantly!
Beatmaker  +   415d ago
I enjoyed GTA3, vice city and san andreas. but ever since gta lV, its just been dated. theres really just nothing new they can do to the series.
SneakyDoo  +   415d ago
Yeah, but that goes the same for any franchise thats been going at it long. That's why people praise new IP's so much.

look at Assassins Creed, that games been the same for ages.
HiGwA  +   415d ago
'Why I'm not interested in your article..."
SneakyDoo  +   415d ago
Why does everyone have to act all rebellious on this site by saying, "stopped playing gta v after... " or "have no interest in gta v... ". You think anyone really cares lol? Just enjoy your preference of games, but don't bash another game on the internet constantly.
SneakyDoo  +   415d ago
Saints Row is a joke. Terrible driving and shooting mechanics, crap physics, vile visuals, non-interesting characters... i could go on.
brightlight  +   415d ago
I hold off GTA V on last gen for a hopeful next gen version, I didn't enjoy GTA 4 as much as Red Dead but I don't expect much of GTA V, it's like pizza.
GamerChick4Life  +   411d ago
GTA V and GTA V Online took gaming to a next level. Rockstar did a wonderful job with GTA Series, and I hope they continue on this path. GTA V put many other videogames including new ones to shame, this game was worth every cent.
GamerChick4Life  +   411d ago
The game is what the game is, life is what life is, you need to separate the two

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