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DayZ creator: Xbox One has "exciting things" coming, can't share details.

If comments from DayZ creator Dean Hall are anything to go by, it sounds like Microsoft is cooking up some exciting new features for the Xbox One. After meeting with Microsoft to discuss a console version of DayZ, Hall said he got to see some "really interesting" features coming to the platform, though he's not allowed to discuss them just yet. (Microsoft, Xbox One)

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Gozer  +   239d ago | Well said
Keep the features coming MS. So glad I own an X1.

@bolts and rays
Nothing wrong with owning both. I personally am not interested in the ps4 though. I like MSs exclusives over sonys.
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Bolts-N-Rays1109  +   239d ago
I'm glad I own one, as well. Though, I'll be glad when I get my PS4, too. I kinda like playing games.
CynicalKelly  +   239d ago
>I kinda like playing games.

That seems like a jab. Pretty uncalled for, Xbox is at least doing games right so far, there is plenty of play on the system.

Edit: Ah, I see. My bad, yeah, being able to play the best of both worlds is a fantastic position to be in.
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Bolts-N-Rays1109  +   239d ago

I didn't attend for it to be a jab! I just meant I like playing all the games.

XB1 has a lot of really good games, and like I said I'm glad I own the system.
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scott182  +   239d ago
That was a jab from you as well, I'm pretty sure Sony is doing games right too. Depends on your taste in games... Neither systems launch exclusives scored high on meta.
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No_Limit  +   239d ago
"I kinda like playing games"

Me too, that is why I bought the XB1 a month ago with Forza 5, Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct, and looking forward to Titanfall and Project Spark soon.

I also have a PS4, bought it at launch and haven't touch it in a month because I like playing games and the PS4 is in a drought right now.
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JodyCones  +   239d ago
I don't need need an xbox to say I like playing games.
Pogmathoin  +   239d ago
I like playing games too.... From Atari, Spectrum, Amiga,ST, C64 through nearly all of the consoles.... Then I found out some machines were more powerful than the other, but the fun never changed on any......
malokevi  +   239d ago
That didn't sound like a jab to me. I like playing games, too! Which is why I broke the bank.
sak500  +   238d ago

Same here, atari 2600, c64, amiga500, PC 486, pentium 90, voodoo cards 4mb in pc, ps1, ps2, 360 and xbox one.

we didn't have this rampant fanboy problems back then. Due to net's anonymity even fat pimply kids can write so much negative things about something they dont like and think the world thinks the same way. Luckily n4g is only a negligible percentage of people and their opinions dont mean jack in real world, let them pray to $ony Gods and put MS down but MS are still doing better than these stupid people are writing about.
UncleGermrod  +   238d ago
@bolts, I got x1 first, but the best thing I ever did was jump on ps4 early. Now I do not need to miss out on anything, and the "console wars" do not exists in my realm.

Still, I love my x1, and this type of news has been more prominent lately. I always had a feeling that once the x1 hit the market and things began to flesh out a bit, that MS would show us plenty of reasons to have one.
DOMination-  +   238d ago
I think people like playing games
Shiken  +   238d ago
PS4 console generation exclusive games out (That I like):

Killzone Shadowfall
Don't Starve
DC Universe Online

XBone (same concept):

Dead Rising 3
Killer Instinct
Forza 5
Crimson Dragon

PS4 2014

Infamous Second Son
MLB The Show
The Order 1886
Final Fantasy XIV
Deep Down (maybe)
Planetside 2

XBone 2014

Titanfall (sequel probably on PS4 as well)
Project Spark
Halo 5 (maybe?)
Fable Legends (maybe?)

PS4 Post 2014

Uncharted 4
Everybody's Gone to Rapture

XBone Post 2014

Quantum Break
Sunset Overdrive

Both consoles have things yet to announce and have good things to come. XBots are fools for saying PS4 has no games and PS4 fanboys are insecure and pathetic. People will get what they like, deal with it. There is nothing wrong with liking XBone.

Why I chose PS4...

Despite what XBots say, PS4 has more quality games in the making than XBone IMO (in sheer numbers alone regardless of quality is FACT) and launch line ups were pretty evenly matched. Furthermore I love 3rd party games as well, and getting the best version on those games is a huge plus. The PS+ value is just the icing on the cake.

MS is bringing the heat though (which I love). This competition is only going to push Playstation to continue delivering the quality titles I love to stay on top. As of right now, Titanfall and Quantum Break are all that the One has that could be a console seller (not a Halo fan), and the PS4 has so much on the way in the big picture that I won't have time to utilize both fully. Nothing against XBone, but for me PS4 is just better as a long term investment and I'm not dropping 500 (or even another 400) for just two games.

Fanboys grow up, people have tastes and the competition is a GOOD THING. Not sure what I can say on the matter other than I am excited to see what the XBone has to offer, even as a Playstation fan.
christocolus  +   239d ago
I cant wait to see what ms brings to E3. Its going to be a great show, below is Phils recent comment on twitter regarding what to expect at E3.

@StonecoldMC E3 planning is looking good, will have a lineup of new, announced, unannounced and hopefully unexpected.

"Unexpected" now thats what i want to see...
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danthegamerfiend  +   239d ago
Hell yeah guys. Very happy to own my Xbox one. Being a beta user for the new dashboard update. You could say we are in a great hands. The new party system is great!
DEEBO  +   239d ago
so what does the update offer? i just DL today i know i can brodcast now with twitch but what else does it do?
I was shock MS let me in the preview update program.
danthegamerfiend  +   238d ago
The update brought in a party system similarly to the xbox 360 but better. It doesnt involve having to jump to one screen and then having to turn on party chat manually. They have provided more options with inviting people in the party system. whether it is to game together or just party up and chat together. The friends list also has been revamped as well. They made getting to your friends list one click away versus three clicks. If you set up your favourites, it makes even easier to track them. I find overall the dashboard laggs less and there are more audio settings in the settings. For me these have been big changes and im glad the team is listening to us and making those changes.
tontontam0  +   239d ago
I like ps4 exclusives games over ms, but I like games and I'm willing to spend $500 just to play ms exclusive games.

ps4 for multiplats for superior resolution.
xbox one for exclusive games that I can't play on my pc and ps4.
killzone619  +   238d ago
real gamer.
GW212  +   238d ago
Yup, totally agree. I have my PS4 plugged into a gaming monitor and Astro A50 headset. XB1 is plugged into my TV.

PS4 for most of my gaming, XB1 for some exclusives and media.

Isn't that the way each wanted their console to come across to the consumer market?
Zombro  +   239d ago
Me to bro me to I have both but not to sound like a fan boy ps4 is covered in dust plantsvs zombie garden warfare is so fun
ger2396  +   239d ago
Why don't you sell it? With its high demand, you could recoup some of your money.
Bigpappy  +   239d ago
I like when people buy and play games that peak their interest. Tell those 'pro reviewer': "go play what you like and I will do the same". Reviews are gamers, not all of us have the same taste. I would read and acknowledge their opinions, but I how when I comment, after playing it myself, they offer me the same courtesy... commence holding breath.
Zombro  +   238d ago
I'm sure games are gonna come out for it
BoriboyShoGUN  +   239d ago
Not Interested!
sckipt  +   239d ago
"I like MS exclusives over sonys"

maybe on the xbox one but if you are saying that about xbox 360 then something is wrong with you
beerzombie  +   238d ago
Not if you online shooters over linear story telling.
sckipt  +   237d ago

thing is doing linear story telling right is much more of a complete game then doing an online shooter right
jessupj  +   239d ago
I prefer Sony exclusives because imo there's more variety, more quantity and most importantly more quality. However, I'm not that much of a fanboy that I would bitterly say I'm not interested in MS games, unlike you.

I hope for you sake and other people that enjoy MS exclusives that MS doesn't drop support again half way through the generation to focus on the juicy casual pie.
Prime157  +   238d ago

There has to be many more x1 exclusives coming out based off of the above image.
itBourne  +   238d ago
That image never gets old lol. MS cannot support a consoles life span because they do not have 1st party devs. They buy a few exclusives early on in a console life span then it is done. It happened with the xbox, it happened with the 360, it will happen again.

My point is, why support a company that does not want to support you. I would rather support the company that gives me fucking amazing games all the way through, even 6 or 7 years into a console cycle (GoW 2, Last of US, jst to name a few in a late life span of a console).
FriedGoat  +   238d ago
That image is RIDICULOUS.
haha, I knew it was bad when I stopped playing my 360 but I didn't realise it was that bad. This just proves it.
itBourne  +   238d ago
You like MS exclusives over Sony? I am sincerely curious as to what exclusives you are talking about? Halo? Really old franchise and not made by the same people. Gears? Same thing, Epic and Bungie no longer doing either. Fable maybe? Rare, they are doing great things... I Really just cannot understand from a logical stand point your argument. Unless maybe you are a massive Forza fan, I am unsure as to what exclusives you speak of. Sunset Overdrive? Insomniac is a washed up dev, their last 5 games have been meh at best. I loved Insomniac, they fucked up and expanded way to quick, lost a lot of quality for quantity. Project Spark is the only exclusive remotely interesting, and I actually am thoroughly excited for, could be a massive ball of fun or a complete cluster fuck. Outside that though, I just do not see the talent from a first party developer stand point.
beerzombie  +   238d ago
The box is an online box to play multiplayer games. It always been that way and still the best place to play online games with dedicated servers. If you do not get it I understand, play by your self on the Ps4 and have a great day.
MELMAN26  +   238d ago
Watch this...You like the ps4 exclusives over the xb1's??? You mean killzone a boring 1st person shooter? knack? Seriously? oh wait are you talking about infamous, the rehashed game that has no character progression and is a downgrade from what was shown at E3, maybe you mean the order, a squad based game with no multiplayer that we know very little about??

Do you see how silly your response was??? I am looking forward to ALL of these games (xb1 and ps4), but it is easy to point out flaws for ANY game or developer. IMO the xb1 has better and more new next gen exclusives, but I am looking forward to The Order and Infamous, and whatever else the ps4 has to offer, when those games release.
itBourne  +   238d ago
I was not talking about launch games... We know MS can deliver exclusives the first year or two of a console, then what after that? They have no 1st party support. It happened with the xbox and the 360, it will continue to happen.
Obscure_Observer  +   238d ago
Oh yes. Family Share all the way! :)
GoGoGadge7  +   238d ago
Denial is a helluva thing to go through.

I have a PS4 and XB1... I haven't turned it on since I beat Ryse in December.

PS4 getting straight love all night long.

TitanFall is going to be tits though.
MELMAN26  +   238d ago
Yes denial is a helluva drug. I bought both as well and I haven't touched the ps4 since killzone....and???

What games did you buy for the xb1? What you say is easy to claim if you only bought Ryse.
Wizard_King  +   239d ago
lol DayZ will never make it to any console ever.

Full stop.

You are delusional if you think otherwise.

A different game by Bohemia Interactive with Dean as lead dev maybe.
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donnieboy  +   239d ago
Wizard_King  +   239d ago
I encourage any one who disagrees to tell me why?

I play DayZ and all the other mods a hell of a lot.

It take a modern quad core running at 3.2ghz or higher, steaming the install data from a 6gbps SSD and over 8 gig of RAM to run this game anywhere near playable.

BI (Bohemia Interactive) have been using the very same engine from Operation flashpoint to ARMA/2/3 much the same way the COD devs have. They simply keep modding the same old engine.

Having said that there is no way that either the ARMA 2 or AMRA 3 simulation engine could run on either next gen console and achieve above 10fps, they are simply to CPU heavy for the weak (yes I said it) laptop CPU's that exist in the XB1 and PS4. Not to mention that it take at least a 2 gig frame buffer on the GPU to be able to keep up with the amount of streaming texture data that the engine requires.

The control scheme is mad and nearly every key has a function or more, controls will never work.

It took BI 6 years to port the orgignal OpFlash to the first Xbox and that was cut down to hell and ran like poo.

BI have not ever bothered with building a new engine and the current engine has been in development for well over a decade and suffers from the same 32 bit limitations as Operation Flashpoint had in 2000. Due to this and that BI has shown no signs of new engine development I can conclude that DayZ will never make it to any console unless they start making a new DayZ engine for console (ground up) it will never happen. Last estimate from BI regarding porting the current engine to 64 bit was something in the line of 5-7 years.

Like I said earlier if BI gets Dean working on a console exclusive game with a different game engine then anything is possible.

But DayZ as we know and love even the standalone will never grace any console MARK MY WORDS!

If you think it will please explain to me why you think this, when every logical sign says it never will and isn't technically possible.

EDIT at those guys above. KRIBWALKER

I have a very low opinion of most console games as they pander to the lowest common denominator games like Killzone I thought was boring, I don't even know what Knack is and I only have COD4 on PC... The way it was ment to be played.

EDIT 2 at everyone above.

So I think those games are shit and that makes me a Sony defense force troll? Please suck me of you children, just because I think MS's offering is mediocre at best doesn't mean I am a Sony fan either, at this point the PS4's range of games is laughable at best.
#3.1.1 (Edited 239d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(34) | Report
webeblazing  +   239d ago
i dont even know why you posted the hardware. arma3 is a beast to max but, console gamers would praise it even if it run on med that just what they do. i do agree on the controls tho. too many keys to be on consoles to give you the edge and right control over your char. the last game i could think of that give you close to the control over your char is socom cf ps3 and it only had the lean aspect. great game dont know why everyone hated it.

the thing is to put dayz or even arma on consoles would equal dumb it down. you either swim or sink. people will help you but if your not trying they will help or watch you drown.
RexLex  +   238d ago

Wow you have i5 at 3.2 ,.. PC mustard race ,.. lolol

PS4 eats your PC for breakfast,.. I am sorry if get you are upset, but is just how it is,..

Look at FF15 ,.. Runs maxed out on PS4 1080P @60FPS ,.. Now go download FF15 benchmark tool ,.. and run it (@1080p maximal) and cry.

But it is true that Arma 3 is optimized like crap,.. like all bohemia games,.. You almost need to wait for new generation to play it @max and brute force it,.. (Still think Arma3 runs pretty well compared to Arma2)
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Nero1314  +   239d ago
May not come to other consoles
Elit3Nick  +   239d ago
despite the fact they teased it during the twitch video...
Paulie_gualtieri  +   239d ago
Despite the fact dean himself has said he wants it on consoles eventually
ABizzel1  +   239d ago
We'll see come GDC / E3. DayZ has been rumored for PS4 by the devs. quite a while too, but they've been quite since expressing wanting to develop the game for the platform.

I don't think Day Z is a console type game based on what the majority of console games buy even excluding the huge sellers like GTA / COD / BF / AC / etc... It's an unforgiving game, and if it makes it to console I see it with a niche audience.
Gozer  +   239d ago
I don't know, its a zombie game. Xbox fans love a good zombie game. Dead Rising, State of Decay, COD-Nazi Zombies, and Left 4 Dead have all done well on the Xbox platform.
JustPlay4  +   239d ago
At least it not as bad as Nether, that game is truly unforgiving

But there both still beta, so it won't be coming out and any time soon unless this is old mod of dayz or something
ABizzel1  +   238d ago

If you played DayZ you know it's nothing like those games, beside the fact that zombies are in it. None of those games are die hard as Day Z.
CynicalKelly  +   239d ago
What sort of insider knowledge do you have on this matter? Considering the developer of the game just returned from meeting with Microsoft and Sony to discuss it going to console and has said the decision will be made before the end of 2014.

If the developer doesn't know if it's going to console, how do you?
lets_go_gunners  +   239d ago
Funny..I run this game on an Intel duo 2gigs of ram and a radeon 6670 ddr3. I play at about 40-50 fps on whatever setting the game auto chose. So either I'm delusional or you're just wrong.
2LiterSoda   239d ago | Spam
xx4xx  +   238d ago
The article sure seems to indicate that it'd be coming to the Xbox in some form....and I'm sure the PS4 as well.

Way too much money on the table for it to stay PC exclusive.

It may not meet the master race technical specs you so freely spouted nor may it be an exact port but it's coming.

Dean Hall said he can't share details....If nothing was cooking why would he say that...just say 'no comment', 'not happening'.
Prime157  +   238d ago
I agree as he said, "He explained that a decision about a console version of DayZ is likely to be made by the end of 2014. He made clear that a console iteration of the zombie game is not in development right now, and if it does get green-lit, it will probably take 12 months to create a console version."

If it takes them 10 months to decide and 12 to port, it will be too late.
iistuii  +   238d ago
@wizard you go about the Arma engine & how it wouldn't work on consoles & your right. But it's not the consoles, it's the engine that even for a top gaming PC it's unoptimized. It's been plagued with problems for years & many people not being able to get a steady framerate. Agree the engine wouldn't work on consoles, but the engine is the problem.
beerzombie  +   238d ago
From what I read Dayz is over rated and boring as hell.
HAC522  +   238d ago
i disagree, the guy in the past has said hes working on getting it ported.
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Bolts-N-Rays1109  +   239d ago
Looking forward to these "exciting things."
donnieboy  +   239d ago
Hmm? What could it be?
BillJr106  +   239d ago
Can't wait to see what the Xbox One has coming in the next few months... the only thing missing is a good massive online game like GTA or The Division. GTA V with 32 players per would be great... and 60fps in WHATEVER res...
BillJr106  +   239d ago
How can someone disagree with my enthusiasm about what's coming?
bosoxs505  +   239d ago
This is a sony fanboy website.
JustPlay4  +   239d ago
Because GTA online was crappy
WeAreLegion  +   238d ago
18 agrees. 8 disagrees. CLEARLY the site is overrun with Sony fanboys. -_-
thecowsaysmoo  +   239d ago
Titan Fall, Dead Rising 3, Forza, PVZ garden warfare and killer instinct are good games worth getting an xbox one for.
JustPlay4  +   239d ago
No of those are worth buying a x1 for, there all average, but titanfall will be better then the rest of those games
JeffGUNZ  +   239d ago
E3 should be really awesome this year.
Tmitmp4  +   239d ago
I can't wait to learn what features XB1 has in store. 2014 is going to be a great start to the generation of XB1.
bosoxs505  +   239d ago
I can't wait for these good things and DayZ coming to consoles.
ziggurcat  +   239d ago
Considering that every other "exciting" or "major" PS4/xbone announcement has fallen flat, I don't think anyone should read too much into what he said.
#11 (Edited 239d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
corvusmd  +   239d ago
Sounds great, a lot of these Devs keep saying great things about XB1 lately...it's nice to see things looking up for the next gen consoles (which btw, we seem to have overlooked how smooth this gen's launch has gone...no major issues for ANY console). In a way though I wish he didn't tease this, cause now it's driving me a little nuts wondering what got a Dev so excited...is it something cloud based? Or is he getting familiar with DX 11.2 tiled resources? That could make transferring a PC game to console REALLY easy...and if he seems to think that it'll hit consoles by the end of 2014.... who knows, I don't have a crystal ball, but I wish I did.
AutoCad  +   239d ago
E3 will be once again amazing for MS.
WeAreLegion  +   238d ago
Once again?
AutoCad  +   238d ago
Yes, once again as showing nothing but games instead of playing the PR card.

That once again
SynestheticRoar  +   239d ago
Let just hope MS will do better than last year.
UtraAtomic  +   239d ago
This is the first and probably the last i see n4g not being biased.
2LiterSoda   239d ago | Spam
Geekman  +   239d ago
Kinect 3.0 and price raise to 600 USD confirmed.
No1up  +   239d ago
Really.... Was that needed?
#16.1 (Edited 239d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Geekman  +   239d ago
denero1  +   239d ago
whoa the mods unbanned my account after falsely banning it in the first place I must have an enemy in a high place along with another that follows the sites rules O.o

ahhh but they took my bubbles away :|
on topic though isn't this shocking a article talking about msoft in a positive light is derailed
#17 (Edited 239d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
pop-voxuli  +   239d ago
"can't share details"
Yeah, thats coz they dont exist.
R0n0rve  +   239d ago
Oh shut up.
No_Pantaloons  +   239d ago
""exciting things" coming, can't share details."

-then STFU.
HacSawJimThugin  +   239d ago
2015 tho...
jaixvx   239d ago | Offensive
Silly gameAr  +   238d ago
Be excited!
daedra  +   238d ago
Xbox one exclusive!!! Buy it Microsoft!!!!!
idontcare  +   238d ago
so glad i bought a Xbox One! MS always delivers on all fronts! great time to be a gamer!
mysteryraz11  +   238d ago
wheres the ps4 version
Adolph Fitler  +   238d ago
"Me too, that is why I bought the XB1 a month ago with Forza 5, Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct, and looking forward to Titanfall and Project Spark soon.

I also have a PS4, bought it at launch and haven't touch it in a month because I like playing games and the PS4 is in a drought right now."

Yeah right...You don't have a PS4 at all....that is why your biased preference shines through like a blinding fanboy light.... I own a PS4, & I'm pretty sure I'm enjoying KZ:SF, Outlast, DC, Warframe, Warthunder, Resogun......The difference is, that I got many of these for free, as they are downloadable titles,...and fact is, Dead Rising, Killer Instinct & even Forza are stripped back version of there predecessors & should be free downloadable games..lol. I'm even enjoying Knack...some may laugh, but they are the same dopes that are playing Ryse & trying to palm it off as some AAA+ game that was hard done by, by reviewers.

It seems you MS fanboys all of a sudden are excited about downloadable titles like Day-Z, whilst your last breath was shunning PS4 for getting downloadable & indie games in abundance.....It seems all fanboys are as big a hypocritical arses as one another....I notice this same guy also mentioned Titanfall & Project Spark, whilst failing to mention Infamous:SS & Driveclub as on the verge of release for PS4.....
To keep it balanced, neither system has the touted, "system seller" as of yet....and fact is, Sony's machines traditional have a myriad of "system sellers", whilst MS usually has 3-4 at most.....Xbox Original actually really only had Halo as an actual system seller (not saying it didn't have other great titles, just that ONE game was renowned for moving machines).... So, just forget your, "I own both systems" crap, as it becomes unraveled when you start carrying on that one is a dust collector, & has been for months, when the systems have only been out for that barely 3-4 months...lol.
AutoCad  +   238d ago
damn calm down buddy lol.
bmx_bandit  +   238d ago
Insecure much?

Lookin at your name makes me wonder if u are 11 or 12yo…
sAVAge_bEaST  +   238d ago
""Wait till E3""
DoubleM70  +   238d ago
The problem is balance we had video games but we also went outside and played. Alot these kids have developed some kind of personal relationships with these consoles.

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