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Submitted by TristanP_ObViews 709d ago | news

New Dark Souls 2 Information Regarding Difficulty

There has been new information regarding Dark Souls 2 released by VaatiVidya on YouTube. He talked a lot about the new Souls game, a lot of which detailed on how the difficulty of the game has been changed (Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2, Dev, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Jackhass  +   709d ago
I'm sure this new difficulty is still way too hard for me.
admiralvic  +   709d ago
The games were never really that hard, you just had to learn your mistakes and take things slow.
rdgneoz3  +   709d ago
Yep, they were never hard. They just punished you brutally for stupid mistakes. Rush too much and even the weakest of foes can kill you with a group of it's friends. Take your time and it's not too bad.
Tdmd  +   709d ago
Except from 4 kings. Those bitches were insane. The most annoying boss battle I have ever seen.

Contrary to general concern, I think the Souls games get harder with every new iteration: I thought Demon's Souls was the real hardcore material, but after a dozen of hours on Dark Souls, I went back to Demon's Souls to find it a cakewalk. Now, from everything I've read so far, Dark Souls 2 sounds batshit crazy (in the best, terrifying, way possible). Can't freaking hold my anticipation back!
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Hassassin  +   708d ago
@Dmd I just tanked four kings with havel set+wolf ring and magic shield ;)... piece of cake
Sly-Lupin  +   708d ago
You kind of have a point, you kind of don't.

Dark Souls is hard, but it's all artificial difficulty*--mostly created as a result of low damage thresholds. All you really have to do is learn enemy placements and the simple AI patterns.

I'd say "learning the controls" too, but is that really an issue for anyone? The REAL reason for Souls' popularity is that the game mechanics/controls are very simple and intuitive, yet offer a great deal of depth. It literally takes 10 to 20 minutes to master the basics.

*I know some people are going to get all huffy at this, because a lot of inarticulate reviewers used the term "artificial difficulty" as a pejorative, to describe games Souls' aren't similar to. It's not my fault the common usage is incorrect. Genuine difficult can ONLY be the result of artificial intelligence (or human intelligence). Everything else is artificial.

"Cheap" difficulty is a subset of artificial difficulty that Souls games avoid, which is--I think--what those inarticulate reviewers were attempting to say.


It's also worth noting that the "modding" of difficulty in Dark Souls 2 basically allows it to be two different "games" (at least) since you can change enemy default locations/behavior. That's HUGE.
lonelyplayer  +   709d ago
I want it now!!!
Master-H  +   709d ago
No ragdoll ;'(
sdozzo  +   709d ago
I didn't want to see his face. Show more footage!
Timesplitter14  +   709d ago
he looks like fuckin Ryan Gosling holy shit
Gregard  +   709d ago
There is some new footage as well during the video! Give it a watch :)
jegheist2014  +   709d ago
are not that hard lol ivep layed every rpg series since dawn of time dragon quest games held hardest rpg series eva not no more this game series is amped by 100x harder then dq i mean old dq not newer crap like 8 9

7 was last hardest 1 that game is easy compared to this this game take your itme heh done that.

problem is game is so open world u no idea what u need at what point your venturing into if game was more linear

it be lot easier cuz u know if u die your missing something from that specific area not have to walk 40 cooridors west to ifnd u need posion armor etc vice vera
jegheist2014  +   709d ago
fact bgames or prima refuses to make in detailed guides for this series ill be skipping this 1 also
TristanP_ObViews  +   709d ago
It's funny, the lack of a detailed guide is a positive for me. Finding out the secrets of the game with the community is a whole bunch of fun.
wastedcells  +   709d ago
Honestly this game looks so good and I love everything about it but it's just so frustrating. I wish you had the option to play it on a normal difficulty. Or at least what hard would be on a regular game. The difficulty is fun at first but it gets annoying fast. Such a shame. I'm not getting it if is epic hard like the other ones were. Just don't find it fun anymore after playing the original ps3 exclusive that these games came from.
Hugodastrevas  +   709d ago
I don't know what you guys are talking about, FUTURE PRESS is publishing a guide to Dark Souls 2 like they did for 1. I have the guide for 1 and it looks like an awesome encyclopaedia!
Tdmd  +   709d ago
"To offset this change you can murder certain enemies over and over to the point where they no longer respawn."
- wtf?! That's new!

Also, no more embers; no more ragdolls (yay!); corpses interacting spells (necromancy in Souls games?!); humanity can be restored on the go; lowered max health as death penalty is back. So much info I still wasn't aware of!

Oh, and that item that makes foes stronger when they are near a bonfire must be a nice tweak for a ng+ extra challenge!
LAWSON72  +   709d ago
That is pretty sick that the new hub is more like the Nexus. This game is sounding awesome, cant wait

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