Over 90% of gamers do not own a 'next-gen' console

Last generation seen a total over over 160 million consoles sold across the 3 major consoles. That current figure for the ‘next-gen’ is currently sitting at just over 15 million. This means that less than 10% of gamers who owned a Wii, PS3 or Xbox 360 have one of the three new consoles. Of course, this doesn't mean doom and gloom for any of the consoles considering their short life span, but it does mean that pretty much all of the market is up for grabs and we shouldn’t be too concerned by how a console is performing just yet.


Should read 260 million, not 160 million.

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Chupa-Chupa1272d ago

you know why? because the PS3 and Xbox 360 is good enough for 90% of us.

Abash1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

Nah, it's more because over 90% of consumers can't find a PS4 in stock

PSNintyGamer1272d ago

You know, some gamers actually don't have wallets full of money and wait a couple of years before purchasing a new console

Chupa-Chupa1272d ago

i want to believe you, but I don't. I see them at the store all the time. The lack of games for it doesn't justify the jump for me. I'm content with my PS3 and it's huge library at the moment.

Yi-Long1272d ago

@Abash: Exactly. I've been looking for a PS4 here in Holland since it was released, but it's out of stock everywhere, with long lists of people who have ordered one. Sometimes here and there a few hit the market, and are sold out immediately.

Demand is extremely high. Sadly, supply isn't. Not here in Holland at least.

Septic1272d ago

Ah making figures up I see Abash.

Anyway, my mates are waiting on some decent games to pop up before making the jump.

Muffins12231272d ago

Even then it just came out,its gonna take a few years to get majority,i would say by the end of 2014,would say around 30% or more gamers would have a next gen console

Eonjay1272d ago

No, its becasue the just came out.

stuna11272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

Although I agree with your assessment, I'm wondering why an article like this would even have to be written? Simple addition would verify the fact 90 percent of gamers don't own a next gen console! Even adding the WII U into the equation you'll find that it's actually over 90 percent that don't own a next gen console.

The real good thing about that is I that percentage is falling more rapidly than previous generations, and going at the pace it's going that percentage will be in the mid to low 80's before 2014 is up.

kevinsheeks1272d ago

I'm waiting for more games to release and a price cut >.>

rodiabloalmeida1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

@PSNintyGamer and @kevinsheeks

Myself included.

B-radical1272d ago

Yep im sure thats why.....smh

DanManDantheMan1272d ago

That's a dead argument man. I'm looking at one in stock right now:

CrimsonDragon901272d ago

Your wrong. I found a PS4 bought it then I change my mind and return it. Everyone looked at me funny when I was returning it. They ask me why was I returning it. I just answer, besides a few improvements in the graphics, my PS3 at home was keeping me more entertain then the PS4. For me to buy and keep a PS4 It needs better games and Sony should update the PS4. It has no 3d blu ray playback, it can't read and play movies and music stored in your USB. It has no adobe flash or internet browsing.

tuglu_pati1272d ago


If you really want a PS$ you can find one. Here is an useful tool that lets you know as soon as is available. I found mine using it.

NarooN1272d ago

That's nonsense. I've seen PS4's in stock in most of the stores here.

I just simply don't see the reason to jump to PS4 right now. Still playing my PS3 and PC. When the PS4 has a decent amount of exclusives that I'm interested in, then I'll make the jump. Otherwise if I got one, it'd just be sitting there collecting dust... What a waste.

MysticStrummer1272d ago

"i want to believe you, but I don't. I see them at the store all the time."

I want to believe you, but I don't. I've been looking for one pretty steadily since I bought my new TV a few weeks ago. They're nowhere to be found around me.

SaturdayNightBeaver1271d ago

Haha , here at my end there are ps4 consoles everywhere , but sadly we are all poor and cannot afford it. I'm saving like crazy tho :)

RyuCloudStrife1271d ago

what a stupid article. Thank you for telling me the obvious, douche!

Anything else to report? The sky is blue?

k2d1271d ago

And next-gen gamers stand for 90 % off console game purchases. /bs number, but we are a driving factor.

KiLLUMiNATi_891271d ago

90%? Where is the facts behind that theory ?

darthv721271d ago

i have the wii-u but not the xb1 or ps4 yet. So at least i have my toe in the door of next gen. xb1 will be a foot and the ps4 will be the rest of me at some point.

UltimateMaster1271d ago

"Over 90% of gamers do not own a 'next-gen' console" ...yet

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Agent Smith1272d ago

Why are people still calling the PS4/Xbone next-gen still? It's current gen now.

Truehellfire1272d ago

This always happens. It took like two years for the industry to stop calling PS360 next-gen. I agree its a little annoying but I'm fine with it for now. Another year though not so much...

-Foxtrot1272d ago

Or...maybe they can't afford one yet

Hicken1272d ago

That's the question I wanted to ask: what do they mean by "gamer?" Because not everybody being labeled as such would even have a PS3 or 360(since mobile only gamers and facebook-style gamers count, too).

worldwidegaming1272d ago

This is the part where fans start to act stupid.
PS3 is the BEST console out right now! It benefits the most from PS+ and has the most deals.
There is no real need to just jump up and buy into next gen with the lack of titles out right now.
You can do no wrong by just waiting it out!
In the end you will have a host of titles you like and maybe some price reductions on games.
Another fact, PS3 games are still being made! Exclusive to PS3 (not 360/xb1/PS4)

I went out and got one because I can afford to throw money into the wind like a lot of us out there.
If people wanna complain so much about it not being good enough they can just offer to pay for yours!

Note: Just go to a store and ask, they are not so rare in the states!

Agent_hitman1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )


Actually more gamers wants a next gen hardware, but the thing is, they can't still afford it. Plus that games are expensive like $60..

While the other gamers would rather prefer PC games like STEAM where they can buy games at minimum/cheaper price..

assdan1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

I'd say it's because 90% of people have decided it's not necessary... yet. This is a stupid article though. It's barely 3 months in. Most people won't adopt these consoles for a year or two.

Akuma071272d ago

Actually it's because 160 million PEOPLE didn't buy a console.

There were 160 million consoles sold, this includes multiple purchases per house hold, and multiple purchases per person due to mechanical failure.

And given the HUGE failure rate of the 360, I would say that the actual number of people that own a a current gen console is significantly less than 160 mil.

Tdmd1272d ago

It is for me. I'll get a ps4 eventually, maybe next year. But so far, I haven't seen nothing that would bring the urge to upgrad now. Not only is ps3 still getting great support, but I also have a huge backlog to get.

Sarcasm1271d ago

Speak for yourself.

And it's been 3 MONTHS compared to 7-8 years of sales.