UK Weekly Chart Week Ending 2/22/2014

PS4 12,681 (-12%) 686,181
XOne 6,063 (+22%) 448,284
3DS 5,398 (-18%) 2,345,167
X360 3,039 (-14%) 8,783,064
PS3 2,977 (-14%) 5,827,140
WiiU 2,577 (+18%) 243,748
PSV 2,108 (-14%) 471,916
Wii 389 (-21%) 8,636,850
PSP 117 (-12%) 4,404,768

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Chupa-Chupa1366d ago

Only the Wii U and Xbox One gained sales. Almost 20 and 25 % each Great news!

punchuinyaface1366d ago

PS4 is out selling the x1 by double

Letthewookiewin1366d ago

Someone disagreed with a fact... Conundrum?

punchuinyaface1366d ago

FanBoys never let things like FACT get in there way

bcrazy181366d ago

Really? 686k is double of 448k? Did you miss math class growing up our something? 448k doubled is 898k... PS is far away from that... You'll need to get some lives lol.

badaxx1366d ago

bcrazy18 read the title WEEKLY!!! PS4 12,681 Xone 6,063 that is 2-1.maybe you missed reading class!!!

Letthewookiewin1366d ago

Thank you Badaxx I wasn't going to respond to the other post.

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stragomccloud1365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )

Launch week sales are being figured in there, so you are correct, that's the reason why.

PSNrandom151366d ago

2:1 That is all. 2:1 with most of the stock going to japan amazing.

MysticStrummer1366d ago

XB1 gained 22% while PS4 lost 12%… and PS4 still more than doubled XB1 sales.

pyramidshead1366d ago

I think MS are just praying to the gaming gods that Titanfall is a success, but even if it is I still don't seeing it making that much of a competitive dent.

cyguration1366d ago

"I think MS are just PAYING the gaming gods that Titanfall is a success"

Fixed that for ya.

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The story is too old to be commented.