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UK Weekly Chart Week Ending 2/22/2014

PS4 12,681 (-12%) 686,181
XOne 6,063 (+22%) 448,284
3DS 5,398 (-18%) 2,345,167
X360 3,039 (-14%) 8,783,064
PS3 2,977 (-14%) 5,827,140
WiiU 2,577 (+18%) 243,748
PSV 2,108 (-14%) 471,916
Wii 389 (-21%) 8,636,850
PSP 117 (-12%) 4,404,768 (3DS, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, PSP, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Hard to tell
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HitmanReborn   245d ago | Spam
Chupa-Chupa  +   245d ago
Only the Wii U and Xbox One gained sales. Almost 20 and 25 % each Great news!
punchuinyaface  +   245d ago
PS4 is out selling the x1 by double
Letthewookiewin  +   245d ago
Someone disagreed with a fact... Conundrum?
punchuinyaface  +   245d ago
FanBoys never let things like FACT get in there way
bcrazy18  +   245d ago
Really? 686k is double of 448k? Did you miss math class growing up our something? 448k doubled is 898k... PS is far away from that... You'll need to get some lives lol.
badaxx  +   245d ago
bcrazy18 read the title WEEKLY!!! PS4 12,681 Xone 6,063 that is 2-1.maybe you missed reading class!!!
Letthewookiewin  +   245d ago
Thank you Badaxx I wasn't going to respond to the other post.
stragomccloud  +   244d ago
Launch week sales are being figured in there, so you are correct, that's the reason why.
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PSNrandom15  +   245d ago
2:1 That is all. 2:1 with most of the stock going to japan amazing.
MysticStrummer  +   245d ago
XB1 gained 22% while PS4 lost 12%… and PS4 still more than doubled XB1 sales.
pyramidshead  +   245d ago
I think MS are just praying to the gaming gods that Titanfall is a success, but even if it is I still don't seeing it making that much of a competitive dent.
cyguration  +   245d ago
"I think MS are just PAYING the gaming gods that Titanfall is a success"

Fixed that for ya.
corvusmd  +   245d ago
Nice, good to see things evening out, and this is even before the Titanfall bundle sold out on Gamestop and sky rocketed on Amazon. Sweet....generations where things are even are the best.

@Guys below ...I'm just saying I like it when all consoles do well...yes I had (and still have my PS1 2 and 3, my NES, N64, wii, wiiU, Dreamcast, XB, 360, and XB1. I understand that there is still a disparity in the numbers, but I like that the trend is going towards things being a closer "race". I think picking sides as far as consoles is stupid, so I like seeing when they all do well...cause when they do, that means that ALL gamers have more options, and it drives the companies to compete harder, and when that happens the gamers win....that's all I'm saying..not sure why "gamers" are disagreeing with that.
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HebrewHammer  +   245d ago
Tell that to the PS2.
WeAreLegion  +   245d ago
You weren't gaming during the PS1 or PS2 generations?
Unreal01  +   245d ago
Evening out? Am I missing something?
MysticStrummer  +   245d ago
"Am I missing something?"

Gotta pay attention. The goalposts don't stay in the same spot for long these days.
Death  +   245d ago
According to the super accurate sales tracking mongers over at VGC, on the week ending

PS4 20,215
Xbox One 8,488

PS4 16,411
Xbox One 5,847

PS4 12,137
Xbox One 4,970

PS4 10,681
Xbox One 6,063

That would generally indicate that sales are starting to "even out" according to the sales trend. The PS4 which is selling 50% less from the beginning of the month (20k-10K)Sales of the Xbox One are down 25% for the month (8k-6k). With the announced lower price and Titanfall incoming, a spike in Xbox One sales is expected. Infamous should do very well also. We won't know if either releases help move consoles until we see numbers after they hit. The price drop for the Xbox One will mostly likely skewer the numbers. We will also see if PS4 sales have been in anticipation for Infamous or if people waited. The fact that PS4's generally sell out with each shipment will make that tough to figure out.
Bruce_Wayne  +   245d ago
@ Death

The reason PS4 sales are decreasing is because of two reasons. First off, the Japan launch. Consoles had to be shipped over there. Secondly, PS4s are extremely hard to come across in the UK as of now. They said that shipments are said to arrive until mid-March at retailers. Meanwhile, Xbone is easy to find. The gap actually isn't evening out based on your numbers, btw. Only for the last week. First week ratio was 2.5 to 1. Second week was 3.2 to 1. Third week was 2.4. Fourth week was 1.67 due to Japan launch and supply constraints. Titanfall is moving numbers though, but that happens when a game gets closer to release date. Wait until Infamous, DriveClub, and MLB close in and you'll see what I mean by launch hype. And overall sales ratios since launch are 1.5 even with Xbone launching one week early... (:
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Death  +   245d ago
Here's the difference in consoles sold per week in February so far,


I won't argue if they are sold out or not. I'm guessing if they haven't had a shipment and people are still buying thousands of them a week, they must be available somewhere. Could Sony have sold more? I would imagine if I were Sony and thought I could sell more I would ship more. Sony was sending out more during the holidays then they are now. As nice as it is to keep claiming they are sold out, how is it with less sales every week they haven't managed to get caught up?

Think about it.
November 15th launch with 1 million sold in 2 days.
December 3 was 2.1 million sold.
December 31 4.2 million were announced.
February 18 was 5.3 million
February 24 322,083 sold for Japans launch.

For launch in mid November and throughout December Sony cranked out 4.2 million consoles. That was 4.2 million sold in 45 days.

From January 1st to February 24th Sony sold 1.5 million consoles. That is 750,000 per month if they are indeed sold out and can't keep up with demand.

Either Sony had a lot of people call in sick on the assembly line in January and February or they significantly ramped down production to reduce expenses/losses for the end of their fiscal year.
Bruce_Wayne  +   245d ago
My point is this: launch sales ratio were 1.5 to 1 in favor of Sony. This week's ratios that we are debating about are 1.67. They've actually gone up. And there's no arguing here about whethe PS4 is in stock or not, because simply, it is not available. When was the last time Xbone went OOS in UK? Probably December. PS4? Every month. The thing is that the Japan launch lowered shipment count. Additionally, why am I not seeing Xbone sales jump? They only increased by a little bit over a thousand. So either Titanfall is not worth the hype in the UK, or Xbox is not appealing enough to bring in more people.

Come on dude. You're comparing holiday sales to sales not during holidays. Plus, Sony cannot mass produce consoles fast enough. They did not cut production to avoid losses. Tell me this. If you were Sony, would you rather focus on your home country where you're about to launch, or a territory where you've already launched at? Also, I'm not literally saying that PS4 is impossible to find. I simply mean that it's hard to find. I believe Sony was at 5.3 million sales as of February 7th btw. Not the 18th.
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Death  +   245d ago

Sony launched with 1 million consoles and sold out within 48 hours.

Within 2 weeks of launch they shipped and sold another million.

4 weeks later they announced they had shipped and sold another 2 million plus.

That is over 4 million shipped and sold in 6 weeks.

In the first 8 weeks of 2014 Sony has shipped and sold 1.5 million consoles and are "sold out".

It's time to pick. Either Sony can only produce and ship 750,000-1,000,000 consoles per month and Sony stock piled a few million before launch while holding back inventory to maintain the perception of being sold out or Sony has cut back on production since the new year started. You can't produce and sell through 750,000 consoles a week on average and then produce and sell through 187,500 a week unless something changed. Do the math.

p.s. http://www.vgchartz.com/wee...
The numbers on n4g are incorrect according to the source.
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Bruce_Wayne  +   244d ago
I was at school so I couldn't reply.

Anyway, several replies later and we're still not on the same boat. I keep bringing up ratios in regards to UK numbers. You keep talking about WW sales and I don't follow along with you. We're talking about UK only. Anyway, I pick your second choice. Obviously, production wasn't as huge as it was when it first launched. They had months to mass produce consoles. After all the ones that were produced before the launch, there was a delay. Demand was too high. Not only did they have to produce the consoles for people who didn't get theirs (not all people who preordered got them), but they also had to catch up with producing several extra for future customers to be on track.

After re-reading your comment, I sort of understand what you're saying...
So you're saying that 4.2m were sold before 2014, and 1.6m during 2014. But the same can be said about the One. It sold 3m as of January 4th or 6th. Somewhere around there. And it still isn't past 4m. So, MS has sold about 700K consoles over about 7 weeks WW. And Sony has sold 1.6m after 8 weeks. Sony is still selling twice as much... I don't see how the gap is closing. December 28th, 2014, PS4 was at 4.1 million. January 4th (or around that time) Xbone was at 3m. Ratio was 1 to .75. Now, in terms of WW sales (since you like mentioning WW numbers), the ratio is over 1.5 to 1. The gap is widening. The lower numbers in the UK means that more consoles are relocated to other areas. In this case, Japan and U.S.
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5eriously  +   245d ago
"and still have my PS1 2 and 3, my NES, N64, wii, wiiU, Dreamcast, XB, 360, and XB1"

I wish I could lie with a straight face! So sad that someone has to make himself feel important and significant in life by lying to himself on the internet.

Maybe a picture with all the items in the list could sway my thinking but I doubt as I believe you are no gamer therefore the hate warmongering in every PS4 or Sony article!
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Hicken  +   245d ago
Evening out? WTF?
MasterCornholio  +   245d ago
That's what he wants to happen which is different than whats really happening.
Geekman  +   245d ago
And the Wii and PSP are still selling units... I question humanity ALOT nowadays.
mhunterjr  +   245d ago
I'm curious to see how the week ending 2/27 will turn out. It looks like were starting to see the pre-Titan fall number kicking in, As xb1 saw a 22% increase. The titanfall beta might have continued that momentum, and the titanfall bundle should have a similar effect....

Looks like this game will have a significant effect on sales of the xb1, despite it being available on other platforms.

If ps4 had more supply, I'd expect a similar effect when Infamous comes out, but I'm afraid the potential sales of that game will be muzzled by the fact that folks who want ps4 still can't find one in a lot of places.
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alb1899  +   245d ago
Ps4 18%less
XONE 22%more
Seems to me like the price could change things in UK and TITANFALL too.

If ps4 is out of stock bad for them and good for XONE THAT NOT JUST WILL HAVE BEST PRICE than before WIT TITANFALL INCLUDED BUT WILL BE THE ONLY CHOICE SINCE AS YOU ACEITMAN SAID..... PS4 are out of stock.
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aceitman  +   245d ago
ps4 is out of stock. till mid march
Geobros  +   245d ago
The only console is up is Wii U and xone comparing last week...

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