Nintendo is removing online support for a number of Wii and DS games

Overnight Nintendo quietly announced that as of May 20, it will be removing online functionality from many of its popular Wii and DS games.

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Primal Rex1518d ago

The Wii had online support !!!

-EvoAnubis-1518d ago

I know, right? Learn something new every day.

Loadedklip1518d ago

Mario Kart Wii online was awesome until the hackers started to grow in numbers.

MNGamer-N1518d ago

Agreed. Hackers made it unplayable online. I am crossing all my fingers and toes that the WiiU version will not be plagued by the same hacker scourge as the wii version.

Rustynail1518d ago Show
MNGamer-N1518d ago

Would all of you stop trolling? Good lord you sound like of bunch of 10 year olds.

ON TOPIC: I am glad Nintendo is ending support for the Wii, it's time to move on, and push the WiiU harder. If poeple want to play Mario Kart online, it's time to upgrade to WiiU.

SilentNegotiator1518d ago

It stinks that so many last gen games online support are getting shut down this year. I'm going to really miss Resistance 2's co-op.