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Submitted by trunkswd 708d ago | rumor

PlayStation 4 Outsells the Wii U Worldwide

"Sony launched their 8th generation home console, the PlayStation 4 launched in North America on November 15 and November 29 in Europe. This is almost exactly one year after Nintendo launched their 8th generation home console, the Wii U. In just over three months the PlayStation 4 has topped Wii U worldwide sales to become the bestselling 8th generation home console.

The PlayStation 4 has managed 5,847,194 units as of the week ending February 22. The Wii U has managed to sell 5,765,484 units as of the same date. The PlayStation 4 launched in Japan this week with sales of 319,689, which is what helped it top the Wii U." (PS4, Wii U)

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Hatsune-Miku  +   708d ago | Well said
The ps4 is the best platform for video games because of its amazing value, powerful hardware, it's software, features, history, Sony first party devs and others.

Good job sony listened to gamers and offered the best value with its hardware and services. I loved that sony didn't betray their loyal followers by abandoning them and not focusing on core gaming the most but focus massive efforts on gimmicks like cameras and other peripherals that doesn't enhance core gaming experience

Sony Ps4s are selling out before they are stocked on shelves. Sony is the best gaming company for many reasons and the ps4 is selling well because it's the best gaming system. Looking at the other gaming companies that makes gaming console now and it'll become apparent that those systems are built around gimmicks that siphoned resources that could have been added to make the hardware overall a better device for core gamers.

Ps4 is the future and the future is ps4
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mewhy32  +   708d ago
This thing is just flying off the shelves. Blasting the competition off the grid.
Unreal01   708d ago | Trolling | show
MeknSence  +   708d ago
We all knows who illustrated the disagrees. The same one's who bough their system 3 months ago and now got a price drop with a free TitanFail when purchasing a new system. But anyway, I'm glad I made the right decision with my PS4. PS4 is raping the competition. What's makes it so funny is that when PS3 had it early struggle, they were bashing it. Look how the table turn.....Next for me is PC. Does anyone know if the Alienware x51 is a good PC gaming machine that's easy to upgrade?
scott182  +   708d ago
I love the PS4, it is a flawless scenario for Sony.

Nintendo and Sony are the tops in my book, I hope Nintendo next home system is a home run for them.
ThunderSpark  +   708d ago
I'm a proud owner of the PS4. All my friends and coworkers in the bank I work in have one. Good job Sony, you made a hit.
BLuTheSecond  +   708d ago
Why bring up the box fanboys? This is an article about the PS4 v Wii U. The Nintendrones are the muppets that are getting obliterated by this news.
TomShoe  +   708d ago
Iwata am cry
InTheLab  +   708d ago

Build your own. It's not hard at all. There's several help videos on how to do so on Newegg/Tomshardware via YouTube.

It's actually cheaper and you impress all your friends because they'll think you're some kind of computer genious.
AsimLeonheart  +   708d ago
The PS4 takes its rightful place on the throne. Thank you Sir Wii U for holding on to it for the arrival of the true king. Your services will be forever remembered. :-)
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FATAL1TY  +   708d ago
Congratulations Sony! ★ fatality ★
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RyuCloudStrife  +   708d ago
VGChartz has the right numbers!
jsslifelike  +   708d ago
Why, yes- Wii U did surpass Xbox 360 lifetime in Japan!
SilentNegotiator  +   708d ago
It's funny because I read some Wii U fanboy posts a mere week or two ago about how publishers were supposedly being unreasonable by saying Wii U didn't have an acceptable install base when they had the highest install base. Except any idiot could tell that PS4 was about to overtake it and continue to fly past it with Xbone on the way to do the same (selling at LEAST 10K units more than Wii U most WEEKS).
ArchangelMike  +   708d ago
Best next-gen console without a doubt. Sony just need to show some of the exclusives they've got up their sleaves. That and TLOU 2!
LondonMediaOS  +   708d ago
Just got real.
vigilante_man  +   708d ago
This is great for Sony. Just remember back to when they released the PS3 with the very complex cell chip. Their wheels nearly came off their wagon.

What did they do? They learnt from their mistakes, learnt from Microsoft's success and concentrated on games and gamers. Now they produce a console with developers and gamers in mind to create amazing gaming moments.

Whichever gaming machine you use there can be no denying that Sony have deserved this success. They are giving so much with PS+ and kept us all from a digital-only generation with little choice.

Sony are now showing the way. Here's hoping Nintendo, Microsoft and the producers of the Steam boxes follow the great example set by Sony and put pride, quality and value for money at their core.
ShAkKa  +   708d ago
@Unreal01 maybe the disagrees are cause of how ridiculous those comments are no matter which console one might prefer.

Bots make comments more human-like than that.
WiiUsauce  +   708d ago
Exactly. I never post any cult like crap like that about Nintendo lol.
colonel179  +   708d ago
The only thing that stops the PS4 from being great is the UI and features. They need to bring back almost every feature the PS3 had, and implement the ones announced at the reveal. They need to make FW so that the UI is much more customizable.

Hopefully all that will come sooner rather than later, but they must return, specially media features.

So that's why the PS4 isn't great YET.
vigilante_man  +   708d ago
Gaming consoles are unlike nearly every other electronic device that you usually swap for upgraded models every 1-2 years. They are made to last for 5-10 years.

Both XB1 and PS4 will mature.

This thread is congratulating Sony on their success at gaming. When I use my PS4 everything about it is an amazing experience and such a step up. I am waiting for more media options like the PS3 has - but we can all still use our 7th Gen consoles as well.
herbs  +   708d ago
Sony did an excellent job marketing its streamlined mid range PC for the masses. I personally don't see the point in owning one when you can build a far more powerful machine that has more to offer for slightly more $ and then save huge on a much larger library of games. I guess most people don't mind playing a premium for convenience especially the ones who are obsessed with a brand name. Just because something is popular doesn't mean its great lol.
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Welshy  +   708d ago
You appear to be missing the point.

With a console, you have the assurance that every game released will look the best the developer can get consistently on your console. There's no "hm I wonder if I'll be able to run this to standard the developer intended" scenario.

Trophies, guaranteed "max" setting equal to what everyone else get, comfy controller and getting to play wireless slumped on your couch with full surround sound.

No install to worry about either, that's done in the background while you play the opening level. Open the box, pop your disc in and, hey presto, play till your hearts content.

People who want a console will buy a console, those who want a PC will buy a PC.

PC vs console always has been and always will be redundant. They're 2 seperate things altogether, hence why a console is so popular and even exists at all.
herbs  +   708d ago
Like I said paying a premium for convenience... All 3rd party efforts from now on will look superior on $500+ PC and you can use any controller you like and the games off steam are cheaper and instal automatically.
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SoulSercher620  +   708d ago
Can you play Uncharted, The Last of Us, God of War, and Infamous on PC? No, okay then.
Chrischi1988  +   708d ago
Can you play any good RTS on PC? Dota, League of Legends, Command and Conquer (yes it is on PS, but cmon, who plays it there?), Starcraft, Diablo with no duping, Warcraft, Company of Heroes, basically backwards compatible back to in the 80s, all shooters in a way they play the best. You can name like 3 games, which maybe one is one I would actually like to play.

So, to act like any of these games you mentioned are even close to one of the ones I mentioned is ridiculous.

Then, you mentioned like the only exclusives, the PS will probably ever have. The PC will always get new ones.

Then again, even then, PS has not the best exclusives, if it comes to it, Nintendo has the first party titles, which make a PC gamer want a console, if they ever consider getting one, not Sony.

I mean, who buys a console, to play the same games, in a worse way. If you have a PC, you dont need a PS4 or Xbox One, only if you really really love their first party titles. The rest still comes to PC.
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Chrischi1988  +   708d ago
Oh, excuse me, my first sentence should not say "Can you play any good RTS on PC?" it should say "Can you play any good RTS on PS4?"

That is a whole genre, you dont get on a console, a very very successful genre, with some of the most successful games of all time.
Chrischi1988  +   707d ago
Lol, ok, I know, I didnt expect anything different, since N4G is full of Sony trolls, not fans, trolls.
Muffins1223  +   708d ago
Ill give you a bubble when you stop saying Ps4 is the future and the future is ps4...seriously your making PlayStation gamers like me look like freaks. While I agree with most of your opinions, you are totally biased towards sony and your a huge fanboy.
OutcastMosquito  +   708d ago
@ Miku

Ps4 is the future and the future is the ps4"

Seriously? Do you have to say that ALL the damn time?
marloc_x  +   708d ago
I enjoyed the early Walkman :)
Rodney25  +   708d ago
I guess there's really nothing negative you can say about that comment. Seems 100% on the dot *not sarcasm*
Rustynail  +   708d ago
The Xbox One is the best platform for video games because of its amazing value, powerful hardware, it's software, features, history, Microsoft's first and third party devs and others.

Good job Microsoft listened to the gamers and offered the best value with its hardware and services. I loved that Microsoft didn't betray all their loyal followers by abandoning them and not focusing on all the gamers and didn't focus massive efforts on gimmicks like indie games and other crap that doesn't enhance core gaming experience.

Microsoft Xbox Ones are selling out before they are stocked on shelves. Microsoft is the best gaming company for many reasons and the Xbox One is selling well because it's the best gaming system. Looking at the other gaming companies that makes gaming console now and it'll become apparent that those systems are built around gimmicks that siphoned resources that could have been added to make the hardware overall a better device for core gamers.

Xbox One is the future and the future is Xbox One.
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vigilante_man  +   708d ago
Nice one. Way to start the weekend with the funniest post on this thread. Top marks!
CAB1802  +   708d ago
LOL, i'm more credible than you. SNES beats the PS4 in every single way. apart from graphics and power. SNES is the future and king of gaming. Sony is the worst out of the big three. the true kings are Nintendo, Sega and Atari and Valve, Sony can lick my dick
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user7402931  +   708d ago
LOL_WUT  +   708d ago
It was expected hopefully Nintendo takes notes next time when developing their next console ;)
The_Infected  +   708d ago
I agree Nintendo and has amazing 1st party games but the weak hardware left 3rd party support to almost nothing. They need to make a much more powerful console next time around. I still like the Nintendo Fusion even though it's a rumor.
Knushwood Butt  +   708d ago
Even if they did, all they would do is churn the same games out for it.
Edsword  +   708d ago
I have a PS4 and a Nintendo Wii U. The Wii U would be an excellent lower cost family game console, but the controller really holds it back. Nintendo should have kept the motion controls IMO. I'm not a huge fan of motion controls, but they did make the Wii unique and different enough that it still holds the crown for most sold last gen. If Nintendo did not want to make the Wii 2 it should not have named it Wii. Also the controller is a nice option to play on, but it has not justified its inclusion with the system. It also creates a dilemma because if devs want to use the motion controls, it is hard to implement the remote play or the controller at all really. No screen controller, Wii motion controls, and a $200 price tag and this system would have done quite nicely, even out it lacks the hp of PS4 and XB1.
JMaine518  +   708d ago
It was only a matter of time
pupa  +   708d ago
By now to be expected and it should retain the position if the PS4 demand stays high in Japan and WW. All that must happen now is that the PS4 must weather the Titanfal storm then that should be the end of any doubt or debate that the PS4 are the crowned king of consoles. There are still some of those real or potential gamers out there that still don't believe the facts and reality but soon even them will be converted by the majestic performance and show of the PS4. Of course there will always be a few that remains unconvinced, as we see here on the N4G comments sections, right up until the end if we go by recent history during the previous gen.
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Edsword  +   708d ago
I think the Halo storm is bigger. Halo is one of the most recognized games and it sells millions. Titanfall is just a lot of hype.
Magicite  +   708d ago
quite possibly
MRMagoo123  +   708d ago
The problem with titanfall is it isn't exclusive it won't be a system seller in any big way at all when you can get it on pc and 360. Halo may be a system seller like was already said but that's a while off and I think the damage is already done by ps4 for halo to close any kind of gap.
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MaximusPrime_  +   708d ago
Well obviously..

Saito  +   708d ago
higgins78  +   708d ago
Honestly, I cant remember a time - and Ive been "gaming" since the mid-80's - in which the best selling console equalled the best. The Sega Dreamcast, NOT a good selling console but one of my favourites and a very fondly remembered console. The Gamecube, for me (arguably) thee purest games console ever released with the largest and finest selection of games.

I'm positive like the PS1, 2 and 3 the PS4 will offer great value for money and present us with some must-play games but sales prove little more than having a good PR machine working in the background.
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Strange_Evil  +   708d ago
Its been 4 months since the consoles launched. Give it sometime, the games will come.

On topic, congrats to Sony. I give them full credit for this amazing turn around. I still have to buy mine but gotta save some money for it first :P
No FanS Land  +   708d ago
you don't have to save money, you have to find it!
it's incredible how the PS4 is quiet despite its massive processing.
Hicken  +   708d ago
PS1 and PS2 both say hi. Best selling consoles, and they were the best in their generations.

You sure you've been gaming for more than ten years?
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MRMagoo123  +   708d ago
I agree ps1 and 2 won for me just because of the finalfantasy games alone that's not even mentioning all the other classic games that they both got month after month.
cell989  +   708d ago
care to elaborate how you came to the conclusion the Cube is your fave console of all time? just curious
SpiralTear  +   708d ago
Maybe he just enjoyed the games more. What else is there to explain? He's not saying that it's the best system ever made of all time and all other systems suck. He just said that he liked the Gamecube's library more.

The subjectivity here couldn't be more obvious.
DC777  +   708d ago
Well it is my favorite too. There was just something cool about it. It was quite powerful for the time and took a risk on mini disks which was supposed to be the future. It was a very well built piece of hardware especially in platinum.
MysticStrummer  +   708d ago
"sales prove little more than having a good PR machine working in the background."

There's more going on than that. MS's own bad PR for instance, along with the PS history of bringing the games. You also can't dismiss the cheaper yet more powerful angle, or the fact that with XB1 you're forced to pay for a camera most people didn't want last gen. Despite the short term gains MS saw from the RRoD debacle, the former 360 gamers I know personally went with PS4 for that reason alone, and other gamers didn't appreciate the focus on Kinect in the latter part of last gen. We'll never know how many one console buyers switched sides, but I'd be willing to bet decent money that more XB gamers went with PS this time than vice versa, and it's not simply because of Sony's PR.
Themba76  +   708d ago
you see that the poll i rarely see on the internet as a whole. I need to see a poll of ps3 owners who switched to xb1 vs xbox 360 owners who switched to ps4 I think MS is afraid of that poll.
MysticStrummer  +   708d ago
"I need to see a poll of ps3 owners who switched to xb1 vs xbox 360 owners who switched to ps4 I think MS is afraid of that poll."

Yeah I think so too. Every gamer I know bought a 360, but about halfway through the gen they all switched to PS3s, mainly because of RRoD. Now none of them want an XB1.

The problem with my comment above though, is that I didn't mention WiiU at all. In my own personal gaming world, Nintendo isn't a factor anymore and hasn't been for quite some time, so when I think of PS competitors XB is really the only one that comes to mind. Anyway, here's what I should have said…

Nintendo exclusives stopped being interesting to me a long time ago. I don't know how many people feel the same way, but if enough people agree it would certainly impact sales. Something I believe is definitely impacting WiiU sales is the perception that it's more comparable to PS3/360 than to PS4/XB1. Right or wrong, people think of it as the late entry into last gen instead of the first entry into the current gen. My two cents.
Tito08  +   708d ago
Maybe you can say Cube had the finest selection of games since it's your own personal opinion, but the largest? Wayy too far from that as PS2 really more than doubled GC lineup, even XBox had a bigger selection.
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Locknuts  +   708d ago
PS3 was the best towards the end of the generation. I agree with you on the others. Especially the poor Gamecube. The first party software was stellar. The fact that it didn't sell steered Iwata away from the power race, the result of which was the atrocious Wii. I really thought the Wii U could be a return to form but the software just isn't up to Gamecube standards.
RPG_Lover  +   708d ago
VGchartz. Sorry, it might be true. But via this source? nah.

I hope the PS4 gets better, it is going through the normal drought.

I think 3DS is the best system followed by PS3.
PS3and4_HAS_GAMES  +   708d ago
Outselling the wiiu and xbox one through a drought is pretty damn impressive. Imagine when that drought is over.
cell989  +   708d ago
the again theres a drought on the WIIU and xbone too, not that it will matter
Ol_G  +   708d ago
Nintendo announced last month they shifted 5.8 mil units vgchartz had wii u at 5.5 a month or more ago but they didn't correct it and now wii u still sits at 5.7 mil when Nintendo themselves said they shifted 5.8 this article doesn't mention that
also this is vgchartz and these numbers are only right when Sony is on top seeing as everyone was screaming foul play when x360 was topping ps3 but now everything is peachy

the double standards on this site .....
#8.2 (Edited 708d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
Kribwalker  +   708d ago
You made the mistake of saying vgchartz numbers are wrong when it played positively to playstation. Everyone knows vgchartz are only correct and accurate when it benefits sony. Hence the disagrees with you calling out vgchartz
vigilante_man  +   708d ago
It may be more due to the fact that if not this week then by next week or the week after the PS4 will be leading the way this gen.

Numbers can be disputed but the overall trend is hard to argue against.

The great battle here will be for 2nd place between the Wiiu and XB1.
sasoriXobi  +   708d ago
LMAO wii u fanboys are going to be mad
to be honest I only own a wii u and am saving up for xbox 360.
Unreal01  +   708d ago
Xbox 360, wut?
Demoa  +   708d ago
how is it that you don't already have a xbox 360?
-EvoAnubis-  +   708d ago
While I trust VGChartz about as much as I do Tarot cards, I kinda expected the PS4 to surpass the Wii U around this point anyway. I thought it'd be more mid-March or so when it'd happen, but the PS4 is selling faster than anyone expected, Sony included.

Anyone still think that Nintendo isn't in trouble in the home console space?
AngelicIceDiamond  +   708d ago
Lol I wonder who doubted this?
Relientk77  +   708d ago
Awesome and now PS4 is #1 in terms of lifetime sales and that won't change for the rest of this generation
LOL_WUT  +   708d ago
Yep,and the ones disagreeing with this better get used to it you know who you are ;)
payikick  +   708d ago
The Wii Who? I didnt know there was a successor to the wii.

Note: Sarcasm alert....

I love Nintendo but the worst mistake by Nintendo wasnt the underpowered console, nor the lack of software, not even that it looks like the wii.

IT WAS THE NAME... To the unwise its a tablet add on to the regular wii.
#13 (Edited 708d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
Mr Marvel  +   708d ago
Both the PS4 and Wii U are amazing systems.

If you plan on buying 2 systems then these are the two to own imo.
PixelKnot  +   708d ago
I plan to pick up a PS4 this year, and a Wii U for the next.
Chrono  +   708d ago
Wii u is a failed project. I guess Nintendo wants to end the gen as soon as possible before they jump on the mobile train.
PS3and4_HAS_GAMES  +   708d ago
Oh how the tables have turned mr. Powers (Dr. Evil voice)

Boohhaaaaaahhaaaaaa booohhaaaaaahaahhaaa
Bathyj  +   708d ago
Straight after Japanese launch. Called it.
BoneBone  +   708d ago
Just a shame how any new-gen games worth playing are all on the Wii U, and off-TV play comes free as standard with every Wii U. PS4 buyers missed the memo.

Enjoy... errrrrm... Knack! It's a totally rubbish game, but at least it's 1080p and that's all that counts, right? Right?
#18 (Edited 708d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(46) | Report | Reply
contradictory  +   708d ago
do you have a deathwish or something?
enjoy being ripped apart by the fanboys

seriously though you have a point
but at the same time the difference between PS4 and Wii U is that they don't share the same future

as in Wii U doesn't really have too much to look forward to as of right now.

and i actually think that's kinda sad
but that's what you get for abandoning your main audience and suddenly going back to the hardcore gamers again and then making the weakest machine while you're at it... i can't lie. it doesn't make much sense.
SpiralTear  +   708d ago
Where have you been over the course of the last decade or so? Console horsepower has never led to first place; Nintendo's proven that time and again. Hell, the PS2 was the least powerful system of its generation, but Sony sold them. LOTS of them.

Sony won't succeed with horsepower. Instead, Sony is using the PS4 right. They're giving it games. Exclusive games. You know, the things that you buy a system for. The resolution argument is downright pathetic, because the resolution rarely ever makes a game play better, especially in 720p/1080p difference.

If you really think horsepower means instant #1, you have not been paying attention to the market since around the Game Boy era.
BoneBone  +   707d ago
I keep forgetting you can't say anything negative about Sony on N4G without the Sony Fanboy Mafia descending down on you.

It's not going to stop me speaking out I'm afraid. Join me.
MasterCornholio  +   708d ago
"Enjoy... errrrrm... Knack! It's a totally rubbish game, but at least it's 1080p and that's all that counts, right? Right?"

I just got off my PS4 after playing FF14 beta. Which runs in 1080P.

What's the point in your comment? You act like Knack is the only game available on the PS4.
pupa  +   708d ago
It's the only one he knows about because he saw it on the box for a bundled knack in a store. (wink)
gpturbo81  +   708d ago
he probably just didnt have time to list the other 10
Ol_G  +   708d ago
That beta you're playing is also available on pc and i played it on my ps3 it's the same as wii u getting last gen games why buy it for stuff you can play elsewhere
PS3and4_HAS_GAMES  +   708d ago
you seem mad lol. sorry the fun wii days are over. the wii u is suffering so get use to it. last gen the wii sold due to curiosity because motion gaming was new and different but we all know sony had the best games and they are kicking but straight from the start this gen.

its ok wii u and xbox one can battle it out because ps4 is on a whole other level.
gpturbo81  +   708d ago
you got that right. sony 'had' the best games, because i certainly dont see em for the ps4. where they at?
king_george  +   707d ago

Dont get your panties in a bunch. Sony literally JUST came out with this system a few months ago. No console maker can produce an entire catalog of games in that short of a time span.

One thing you can be sure of: sony will make you crap your pants later down the road with their amazing 1st party games. Unless your a fanboy of course
#18.3.2 (Edited 707d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
BitbyDeath  +   708d ago
Knack is actually a really good game, the main reason it gets hated on is cause it doesn't have guns.
zerog  +   708d ago
Maybe from the veiw point of a 10 year old. Truth is as an adult gamer I prefer adult games, don't get me wrong I've nothing really against the wii u and own a wii because every now and the going old school platformer can be fun but I would rather have the better console I'm terms of performance. Now about that memo about off tv play, isn't that wii gamepad with the screen entirely worthless without the wii u itself? I mean if the wii is unpluged or your out and about it won't work on its own right? Because last time I checked the vita was a stand alone console by itself, infact my kids was playing knack on theirs while at McDonald's the other day. Can the wii gamepad do the same?
Ol_G  +   708d ago
have fun with your so called adult games and have fun paying twice the amount for off tv play nobody cares your kid can play at macdonalds wii u gamepad wasn't made for that don't try to make it look like something it was never meant to be
Also reading your comment history you sound like a troll bashing anything that's not Sony so i should take your factless opinion with a truckload of salt
zerog  +   707d ago
@OI_G, are you a moron dude? I said I have nothing against the wii u, if I was to pick up another 8th gen system it would ne a wii u since I had the wii and ps3 last gen. Also this is a comment section, you know the place where people post their opinions, like all you've done is post your "factless" opinion. You see what I posted was my opinion AND facts while you only posted opinion. The way you see it I pay more just for off tv play where the FACT is I paid more for ANOTHER CONSOLE that has its own game library and is portable so I can take it anywhere. The fact that it can do off tv play with the ps4 is just a bonus, I never cared about that personally. Choke on that salt buddy because I never said anything that wasn't a well know fact or my personal opinion so it being salty makes no sense whatsoever, you must be sweating.
Master-H  +   708d ago
Lol and it took the Wii U nearly a year to get those "worth-playing" games you're talking about, i'm pretty sure after a year of the ps4 launch it will have more worthplaying titles than the Wii U, all kinds of games, first and third party adult games and plat formers, not just kiddie games mind you ;)

And about the Off TV comment, if people really want that they can get a ps vita, at least you can use it to play ps4 games even when you're not at home, way better than the limited range of the gamepad.
SoulSercher620  +   708d ago
The only game worth playing on Wii U is Super Mario 3D World which in my opinion is nowhere near as good as Super Mario Galaxy 1 or 2. Come back when the Wii U stops struggling in sales AND lack of games.
deafdani  +   707d ago
Your opinion, then. For me, 3D World is better than Galaxy 1, but not as good as Galaxy 2. Still a damn great game.

For me, Wii U has more games worth playing than just Mario 3D World. New Super Mario Bros U and Zombi U, both launch titles, were loads of fun. Then we have Wind Waker HD, Wonderful 101, and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze; all superb games I played on my Wii U.

I still have to play Lego City Undercover and Pikmin 3. Other people would probably list Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate as well, but that one just isn't my personal cup of tea. :)
SoulSercher620  +   707d ago

To each his own. If you feel there's more to play on Wii U then enjoy yourself :) That's what gaming is about.
#18.7.2 (Edited 707d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
deafdani  +   707d ago
Wow, someone that actually understands that gaming tastes are subjective, for a change. It's nice to see people like you in here, dude.

Rock on. XD
TheTwelve  +   707d ago
Your comment is rubbish, not Knack.
MrWonderful  +   708d ago
Stop the madness!
hkgamer  +   708d ago
why bother comparing to WiiU? im fed up with hearing how big a flop that console is.

lets just wait for WiiU to release all its proper exlclusives... zelda, mario, mario kart & smas bros.

After that if the wii sales still suck then its game over.
Fz6soldier  +   708d ago
how many games have to be released before the WII U takes off? this something is said before every major WII U release. Mario, DK, Sonic, Pikman 3, Wonderful 101, Lego city. nothing has helped. Nintendo had poor sales since N64. the WII was a fluke.
hkgamer  +   707d ago
Yeah the n64 had poor sales including the consoles after it. Wii was a fluke. I know that.

Just saying that once a proper Mario game is released and the games I listed before then the system would be kinda wworth to buy.
Geekman  +   708d ago
I'm tired of people like you who think after the good games come out for the system there won't be any more. What do you think they hold E3 for?

Ps4 for the Win.
hkgamer  +   707d ago
Don't understand your reply.
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   708d ago
PS4 and Wii U are both beast. PS4 and Wii U is the best combo for this generation. The Wii U for the awesome Nintendo exclusives and PS4 for 3rd party and awesome PS exclusives.
contradictory  +   708d ago
haha, you lie.
it's PC, PS4 and Wii U right?
RexLex  +   708d ago
How? I don't see any Sony studios there, except for SOE or any JRPG for that matter (Last remnant was the last) ,...

I mean I game on PC a lot ,.. but would it be necessary if I weren't huge Arma fan,.. I kinda doubt it right now,..
#21.1.1 (Edited 708d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report
MegaRay  +   708d ago
PS4 isnt a perfect console as everybody saying, it just has no real competition.
I hope sony try to compete with the ps2 rather than xbone or wiiu lol
Fz6soldier  +   708d ago
it's a simple, powerful, affordable game console with great 1st and 3rd party support. That's all gamers are really asking for. no expensive gimmick controller or camera included.
DEEBO  +   708d ago
The wiiu is a cool system and the gampad is a great controller,battery life sucks but as i type this on my ps4 my 2 yr son is playing super mario 3d world sitting next to me.
I really haven't used the snap feature on the x1 too much but i have put hours of gaming using off t.v play.
Sad to see nintendo getting bash when it was the saviour of my favorite hobby in the 80's
SpiralTear  +   708d ago
It's sad how there's some fake law on the internet stating that you can only have one console.
DEEBO  +   708d ago
If that's the law,lock me up and throw away the key because i will always own multiple systems.
Lets see all they gaming systems i owned before.
2600,NES,sega master system,sega gen,super NES,turbo graphic 16,sega Saturn,PlayStation,64,dreamcas t,PlayStation 2,xbox,gamecube,psp1000,2000,3 000&psp go,xbox 360,PlayStation3,wii,wiiu,psvi ta,ps4 and xbox one.

So yeah i love games and if i would have just stuck with one company i would have miss out on some great games no matter what platform it was on.
n4f  +   708d ago
Don't laugh at this. My buddy bought a ps3 and a 360 5 years ago and as soon as he step in his house, the fbi and cia broke into his house by the window, thrown some tear gas and arrest him for having both console.
He's still in jail.
@DEEBO you've been warn they will come to you!
#24.1.2 (Edited 708d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
unknownbystander  +   708d ago
Congrats to Sony for their success. It's good that there is some good news especially in Sony's state as of now.

"Success is profit not sale numbers."
ThatBlackDude187  +   708d ago
Thats pretty sad it feels like my faith grows less and less each day in wii u so unfortunately the ps4 is a must
kirbyu  +   708d ago
Well that stinks.
Ocsta  +   708d ago
Sony seriously need to strike while the iron is hot and announce some sh*t! The cancellation of the Sony Santa Monica new IP is worrying me, we need waves of new games incoming, not the killing of potentially awesome projects!
C_Ali88  +   708d ago
Congrats Sony!!! I hope this is the turn in fortunes you've been steadily working to achieve.

Ps4 and Wii U is a must this Gen.
SoliDRevolver777  +   708d ago
live in your world, play in our future.

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