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Submitted by TimmyShire 713d ago | opinion piece

PS4’s Forgotten Feature That Sony Needs To Shout About

NowGamer: "In this eternal battle of the consoles – as one internet nerd metaphorically measures his penis against his imagined arch-nemesis – it’s hard to truly know what is a ‘winning’ feature.

And, truth be told, both the PS4 and the Xbox One are so similar in terms of feature set, hardware capabilities and even games that there isn’t a clear-cut winner.

But with the announcement of Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition for PS4 there’s a reminder of Sony's potential to have a genuinely industry changing idea." (PS4)

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rodiabloalmeida  +   713d ago
I didn't know about this feature possibilities until now. Pretty cool if you ask me. It depends on the game, though.
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mewhy32   713d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
dragonyght  +   713d ago
this feature was announce back in February when the announce the PS4. its seem lot of ppl have forgotten about it including myself
rdgneoz3  +   713d ago
There's a survival horror game coming out for PS4 has some form of interaction. An article listed one being "meow"; viewers type it and the player hears the eery sound in the distance (though a time delay after for spammers). Dynasty Warriors apparently has some interaction as well.
JoGam  +   713d ago
They also need to implement the past the controller feature.
memots  +   713d ago
UnholyLight  +   713d ago
Yeah, I completely forgot about it, and it genuinely is an interesting least in my eyes. I'd love to see it utilized in more interesting ways than the Tomb Raider game does.
uptownsoul  +   713d ago
I can see this in NBA 2K where people watching the live stream can make free-throw shots harder (as if they're a fan in the stands)
Ashlen  +   713d ago
I really like this idea, I think it has a lot of potential.

I hope Watchdogs uses this. I could imagine a lot of uses for interactions in that game.
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PLASTICA-MAN  +   713d ago
It was even announced with DayLight which the article failed to mention.

Can someone please give us the full twitch chat commands of Tomb Raider Definitive Edition and the other games if possible?

Edit: My bad, it seems this feature is only possible with a PS4 and neither with Twitch or Ustream. Am I right?
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kopicha  +   712d ago
it is only on one of the Stream service from what i remember. But cant remember it's Twitch or UStream
dontbhatin  +   713d ago
Its an option you can use if you watch somebody play Tomb Raider, but as far as ive noticed, it doesnt do anything in the game.
MetaReapre  +   713d ago
holy crap, i knew that games were intractable when live streaming but i didn't know they could do things like that. Now I kinda wanna broadcast every time I play. lol
JaredH  +   713d ago
Does anyone know if you have to be watching on your ps4 to be able to interact in the games being played? Like is there chat votes for things built in so anyone watching can interact or is picking if Lara revives or dies for example only available if you're watching on ps4?

I have a ps4 and watch ps4 streams occasionally but I watch twitch from my PC.
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uptownsoul  +   713d ago
I can see this in NBA 2K where people watching the live stream can make free-throw shots harder (as if they're a fan in the stands)
k3rn3ll  +   713d ago
Yea i hope devs don't get crazy with it... its one of those things that has to be done right or not at all
Abdou023  +   713d ago
Devs of a game called "Daylight" or something are using it so people can scare the person who plays.
Mister_G  +   713d ago
Imagine this in something like Dark Souls, could be cool :)
xActionBasturdx  +   713d ago
I was thinking the same thing my self lol
TheSsus  +   713d ago
OMG yes...
ginsunuva  +   713d ago
MetaReapre  +   713d ago
oh yes... Dark Souls 2 for ps4, please happen now! lol I would love to be broadcasting and someone makes it more difficult or something! I legit mean it!
Aghashie  +   713d ago
I love Demon/Dark Souls but one thing that annoys me is that enemies always respawn on the same spot. Now, imagine a game broadcast where spectators can rearrange the enemies on the map! That would be awesome!
GribbleGrunger  +   713d ago
"And, truth be told, both the PS4 and the Xbox One are so similar in terms of feature set, hardware capabilities and even games that there isn’t a clear-cut winner."

And statement like this are exactly why the next 6 - 7 years is going to be a rough ride for X1 owners on every single multiplatform forum. Be honest, be proud and enjoy the exclusives.
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killzone619  +   713d ago
Well i doubt the multiplats on xbox one are going to be as terrible as they were on ps3.
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PS3and4_HAS_GAMES  +   713d ago
last gen multiplats were bad on ps3 due to devs being lazy with a quick port unlike now where multiplats on xbox one look worse because devs are really taking advantage of the ps4's power from the start.
DigitalRaptor  +   712d ago
Cell processor was a beast - It was Sony's fault developers couldn't be expected to reach the same parity as first party devs.

The biggest differences between the 360 and PS3 ports of early last gen are already fairly small in comparison to what we're seeing right now between Xbone and PS4.

Dat bottleneck, man.
killzone619  +   711d ago

"look worse"

but the games on xbox one dont look bad. They look miles better than last gen games. Have you played CoD ghosts on ps3? the game is a blurry mess. i have to sit close to my TV so i can see people.
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hkgamer  +   713d ago
i guess resolution or graphics doesnt matter too much. i mean it can help, but at the end of they day the gamer wouldnt care once he is playing the game... lucky i got ps4 though.
Palitera  +   713d ago
Good luck trying to make someone watch and comment on your stream.
Lawboy2  +   713d ago
How is this different from xbox twitch features
rdgneoz3  +   713d ago
There's a difference between interacting with someone's game and just commenting / watching them play. Sony's had the interaction (if you read the article) in TR, Dynasty Warriors, a new survival horror game coming out, and now Dead Nation. Xbone might be able to do it (anything is possible), but they have't mentioned anything about it at all. Just streaming and and achievements for using twitch.
Soldierone  +   713d ago
I don't think it's forgotten, I think Sony is still working on it before fully pushing it out the door. I know knack originally had it built it too, but for some reason isn't functioning yet.

I think with the popularity of Twitch Plays Pokemon it just proves how great of an idea this could be one day. It's just a matter of making it function.
Eonjay  +   713d ago
I'm gonna start looking for interactive steams and I will be broadcasting my own Dead Nation interactive steams so people on the interwebs can basically go nuts trying to take me out lol. Its basically a different take on multiplayer.
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LonDonE  +   713d ago
Yes kinda like the audience is the director of the game,that's pretty sick! why this feature is not common knowledge is stupid.
Its a great way to move multi player forward, and make it more appealing to more people who dont like the traditional player vs player competitive online games.

It kinda reminds me of zombie u on wii u! that game had a multi player mode where the game pad player was the director and controlled the spawns etc of zombies using the game pad to play while the second player used the main tv and pro controller and was actually pretty fun.

Imagine games like left for dead, and other horror games, or even cod or battlefield changing the perks, guns attachments etc the possibilities are pretty awesome.

Deffo will be looking into this feature and following its progress
Sony should highlight it more, its another way the PS4 is better then the X1.
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DC777  +   712d ago
Hmm. Yeah an online game where random people could setup or arrange the enemy to make things more different or challenging for the shooter could definitely get interesting.
CrowbaitBob  +   713d ago
This makes for a really cool way to check out gameplay on games you haven't played yet while screwing around and actually impacting someone's gaming experience. The future of gaming just keeps getting better and better.
DaleCooper  +   713d ago
I've been loving Twitch lately, watching a bunch of Thief and Tomb Raider streams. I'm interested in getting both of those games, being able to check them out while someone comments while playing is great.
DC777  +   712d ago
It is great. Had a good laugh watching some guy die 600 times in Donkey Kong the other night. It's great for previewing games.
hkgamer  +   713d ago
not really forgotten. just doesnt work that great.

also like to say that im quite a few seconds behind the live stream. it just isnt that interactive when im watching a stream that is 20 sec old.
Speak_da_Truth  +   713d ago
on the xbone twitch you can just join the streamers party and or his game where as on ps4 you can join his game and or interract yet xbots say its superior. maybe the layout on the xbone is better but i don't think its superior. we have to wait and see. there's also one more missing feature on the ps4 which is the ability to take over the controls.
MasterCornholio  +   713d ago
The interact feature is something that i want to see. Ive been messing with it with Tomb Raider but so far i havent been able to watch someone streaming multiplayer with it. Daylight and Dead Nation will be the next ones that i will try out with the interact feature.
Saithraphim  +   713d ago
Talk about building a system strictly for gamers, sony really hit the bull's eye in researching what features gamers would enjoy...i didnt remember this feature at all, it sounds like a pretty cool idea
jahfen83  +   713d ago
I didn't forget about this. It's just not used to it's full potential yet. What I want is the ability to jump in a friends online game seamlessly like Yoshida did when he was playing Killzone. Remember that!?
MasterCornholio  +   713d ago
Or that feature where you could help out a friend by taking control of his character. I hope we see that soon.
Claudinho69  +   713d ago
PS4-it only does everything.
PauliceMan  +   713d ago
The current gaming consoles have penises!?!? Brb!
Geekman  +   713d ago
"Interactive broadcasts?" I'd rather have Backwards compatibility.
Father__Merrin  +   713d ago
cloud powered interactivity
CuddlyREDRUM  +   713d ago
Yes, everyone forgot about streaming/sarcasm.
BillJr106  +   713d ago
As interesting as the idea is, its nowhere near ready for main stream use. Its an interesting gimmick, but thats about it. Not sure why an article would think a silly little thing like this would be a big deal for the PS4, yet the features that Kinnect brings with it are considered gimmicks and useless. Oh, wait, I remembered where I was...
-EvoAnubis-  +   713d ago
Kinect doesn't offer anything that's new; it just offers new ways of doing it. Watching livestreams also isn't new, but having a direct influence on gameplay IS new.
BillJr106  +   712d ago
Kinect had more uses than this dies. Kinect allows you to control and interact with a variety of different applications, even television. Yet still this feature is looked at like a big deal? I just don't get it anymore. I guess the fanboy wars are wise than ever, and I finally just grew out of it...

Also, direct influence on gameplay isn't new, it's just a new way of doing it also... it's called co-op
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-EvoAnubis-  +   712d ago
@BillJr106: It allows you to to control things with your voice instead of pressing buttons to control things. You're not doing anything you couldn't do before; it's just changing how you get it to do things. Here's a fun fact for you: the PS4 has voice commands too.

Co-op isn't even close to the same thing. Co-op is another person playing the game with you, this is a spectator having an effect on gameplay. I don't know why you're either unable or unwilling to understand that, but that's reality.
Truth  +   713d ago
"And, truth be told, both the PS4 and the Xbox One are so similar in terms of feature set, hardware capabilities and even games that there isn’t a clear-cut winner."

I, and probably most devs, would disagree on the "hardware capabilities" portion... but I digress...
TheRedButterfly  +   713d ago
My initial thought? The ability for the PS4 to stand vertically. Though I can see how the share feature would be forgotten about.
daedra  +   712d ago
Nah I prefer the ones new twitch, but I hope you guys like this too
il-JumperMT  +   712d ago
How do I use it?
beebap  +   712d ago
And, truth be told, both the PS4 and the Xbox One are so similar in terms of feature set, hardware capabilities and even games that there isn’t a clear-cut winner.
What!This is so wrong!
Anyway this feature was not forgotten about just not many games use it yet. Watch ustream and twitch alot. Is because xbox now finally will be getting twitch that some people are looking at what other consoles are doing
gigoran  +   712d ago
Of course a nice feature. But... the whole thing about the "tool" measuring made it seem immature. Was it written by a 12 year old?
CorndogBurglar  +   712d ago
There are way too many trolls on the internet for this to be worthwhile. People will constantly try to screw you just to be dicks.
lifeordeath617  +   712d ago
so much backseat gaming when it comes to streaming lol
Ashunderfire86  +   712d ago
"There’s talk of Dying Light including such a feature – about controlling scares’ and whatnot – but apart from that it seems to be an entirely forgotten concept. Even Sony’s first-party exclusives aren’t utilising the feature."

That part of the article sold me right there! I would love to see that in Alien Isolation and Evil Within! All with the VR headsets.

But wait! What about the feature where you can temporary go in your friend's game to help them? I remember hearing that during the PS4 Reveal last year.
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Kidmyst  +   712d ago
Would there ever be a time where viewers would help out the player? I highly doubt it, most will want to see the player suffer and make the game harder.
Chapter11  +   712d ago
This is hardly revolutionary. Its not something that'll swift the balance towards Sony at all because so few people actually care about this social media garbage.
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