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Cancelled Sony Santa Monica's New IP Was Third Person, Work Started After God of War 3

GearNuke: "Sony Santa Monica's cancelled IP might have been in production phase for quite a while. It has been confirmed from former developer at Sony Santa Monica that work on the game started right after God of War 3." (PS4, Sony Santa Monica)

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Iltapalanyymi  +   552d ago
i hope its not cancelled indefinitely. man im so excited!
Pandamobile  +   552d ago
If they basically announce it just to say it's dead, it's dead.

They laid off 50 members of the studio.
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Kingthrash360  +   552d ago
i'm thinking after the destiny reveal they tried to change too much. the game had to have taken a huge hit and started to cost too much alongwith the chance to fail as a great game. suits were dissatisfied, that may be why the cancellation. imo at least
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scott182  +   552d ago
They are keeping the properties from the game to possibly use for something else, but the game itself is dead. After so long they just weren't feeling the game was going well, so they disbanded that 50 person team unfortunately, according to one of the devs at SSM. Maybe after they plan and come up with something new that they like they will hire back some of those devs they let go, but who knows.
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Ultr  +   552d ago
Savage starlight incoming!
joab777  +   552d ago
I dont get it. They give a new studio the 1886 game which everyone has said is underwhelming at this stage, they have Santa Monica make a GoW game that isnt a sequel.

Im confused. This is a bad sign. Hopefully they r at least making GoW4 for PS4.
KwietStorm  +   552d ago
Ready At Dawn is not a new studio, and who is this "everyone?"
Edsword  +   552d ago
Wow, I haven't heard anyone say 1886 is underwhelming. Just some worries, which is normal for game development. Look, the game must have had major problems so they canned it. It could have been too ambitious and expensive or maybe it was just downright boring. Whatever the issue it wasn't meeting the minimum standards Sony had for the game. Is it dead for good? Probably.
Destrania  +   552d ago
You think this is underwhelming? smh. http://blog.eu.playstation....

I watch those and still can't believe it's real. Absolutely jaw-dropping especially for a video game.

OT: I really wonder what SSM will reveal at E3 because I'm sure that they will have something to show there despite what happened this week.
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cell989  +   552d ago
sad to know they were so far ahead, at least 4 years of work were already invested, just how much more did it need?
Farmassy  +   552d ago
I was thinking the same thing. They were also going to show some of it off at E3. They must have had a lot of the work completed already... very surprising that it has been cancelled. Maybe it just wasn't very good
cell989  +   552d ago
Knowing Sonys reputation to take risks on new ips, I have to admit it must have been that bad they had to cancel
Destrania  +   552d ago
Could have been stuck in some development limbo for whatever reason like FFXV and The Last Guardian were/are.
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Kryptix  +   552d ago
I doubt any of the assets got thrown into the trash since it would be a waste of time and money. Hopefully it gets picked up soon with different developers. I even hope that they show it at E3 if it's something they'll release eventually like The Last Guardian for example which was shown in 2009 and is still going to be released soon.

The decision to lay off some of the best in the industry was...a dumb and questionable decision. I didn't think it was going to be that bad and hope it's just temporarily for a few of them like the veterans.
-Foxtrot  +   552d ago
So I'm guessing we won't see what else they've been up to then for a while

No PS4 game from them for another few years I'm guessing
IRetrouk  +   552d ago
This was a small team, there is still two or three teams working on games, dont forget that this was only one of the new ips that was rumored to be getting worked on, plenty of staff left lol
-Foxtrot  +   552d ago
I always thought SSM had their own core team, so is this the one that was let go or was it just a few extra people they hired a while ago.

I've always assumed the studio had a core team which would be working on some big AAA title game other then helping other studios like RAD and the Chinese Room.
IRetrouk  +   552d ago
Im not sure what way they work it now to be honest, what with the new building and all, I would say that the main team will still be there, I think this was just extra staff that were not needed once this game was canned, its sad but happens.
Eonjay  +   552d ago
No this is just one of the four game known to be in development. They are working on The order:1886 with RAD, they are working on Everyone's Gone to the Rapture with the Chinese Room, and Barlog has his own secret project that is as yet unannounced.
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SteamPowered  +   552d ago
Thats too bad about the studio. But article after article wont bring them back :(
Believe me, I would draw blood if it meant getting Lucasarts back into gaming.
raWfodog  +   552d ago
I'm still hoping Star Wars 1313 comes out :)
kevinsheeks  +   552d ago
right wasnt this game near release and they canned it
raWfodog  +   552d ago
After George Lucas sold out to Disney, Disney closed down LucasArts and stopped the development of all ongoing projects :(
solidworm  +   552d ago
If they cancelled it, it must have sucked balls.
KwietStorm  +   552d ago
There's plenty of games on store shelves that suck balls, so never know.
Speak_da_Truth  +   552d ago
i'm already annoyed with the situation idk why ppl keep releasing more details about the cancelled IP
AutoCad  +   552d ago
How cant sony afford paying these people?
Eddoes  +   552d ago
Cause reguardless of how many Sony Ponies there are on N4G to damage controll their favourite company, the reality is that Sony as a whole is bleeding money and are paupers. The company will never restructure unless the people that got it into that mess are out the door. They keep firing the people that actually worked hard and made that company what it was in its glory days.
GamingNerd013  +   552d ago
Lol yeah whatever xbox fanboy and that isn't true whatsoever so what if people got laid off it happens all the time and 4 good reasons. Plus SSM has said they going to hiring more new people soon to work on different projects that they already working on. Man people like r just clueless with how the world works. Also MS does it as well same as EA Ubi soft and many more that lay off their employs if a project isn't meeting their goals.
TheOrder1886  +   552d ago
Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooo!
WeAreLegion  +   552d ago
I'm tired of hearing about it. It's too depressing. :/

So that everyone can better understand this...

Xbox Fans - Imagine this is Remedy.

Nintendo Fans - Imagine this is Retro.

(I used those two because I freakin' love those studios. Lol.)
AngelicIceDiamond  +   552d ago
@Legion Amen.

People constantly look for fights and not realizing what's happening in our industry.

Imagine if this was YOUR favorite company just like Legion said.

Xbox fans- Remedy

Nintendo fans- Retro

Maybe some third party favorites like Irrational games or THQ wait a minute.

I'm sick of the segregation I wanna kick that wall down already...
AngelicIceDiamond  +   552d ago
Theirs still plenty of people working on games, content and new Ip's.

I bet their new Ip was gonna be epic. Third person Deadspace style HUD.

Its really sad to here 10 plus year vets get laid off. I hope they fine work soon.
reaper24  +   552d ago
I still wonder who is responsible for this horrible decision... the PS4 really needs good exclusives.
Legendary-Status  +   552d ago
This game must of had no life in it...and sony proably seeing games like second son...the order: 1886 and it aint up 2 par..dont get me wrong the game proably was good but didnt have that next-gen feel or worthy of being a PS4 title
tehpees3  +   552d ago
If this game was an open world RPG like Skyrim, it could have been huge if Sony handled it right.

This would have easily wiped the floor with Dragon's dogma.
Master-H  +   552d ago
Dude , it was a sci fi game, how on earth does it compare with Skyrim or Dragon's Dogma lol Mass Effect and Destiny are the closest things to it.
tehpees3  +   549d ago
I said RPG. Not fantasy. Read the article and it is implied it took a similar DIRECTION to them. That doesn't mean it was fantasy. It means it was taking their styles.
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   552d ago
Its not like its the end of SSM. They are still working on The Order 1886, Everybody's Gone Into The Rapture, and GOW 4. Plus supposedly they have another new IP. Sony doesn't like to release sub par games from its top studios.Maybe it was for the better.
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Nero1314  +   552d ago
Where's trunks ? Lol

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