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GTA 5 DLC: New Assassination & Flight School missions coming to Story Mode

New Assassination and Flight School missions are heading to Grand Theft Auto 5 as DLC, Rockstar has revealed. (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Xbox 360)

-Foxtrot  +   339d ago
Yeah but how about a massive DLC like the Ballad of Gay Tony, I really feel their focus on small stuff like this and the online which has taken up the majority of their time has delayed them on the single player story DLC.
rdgneoz3  +   338d ago
Focus on online? If they cared about it, they'd have brought about Heists a while ago... All the care about is money, and fixing the cash exploits so they can sell their cash cards.
r1sh12  +   338d ago
Ive been purchasing GTA since the very first game.
However I will not be buying this on release.
Might wait for the PC GOTY release.

Bits of this game dont feel rushed, but left out.
I loved the single player, but I cant be the only one who found it quite short.
SneakyDoo  +   338d ago
Yeah, but don't worry- Rockstar is constantly teasing. Obviously the new story DLC will have missions, new vehicles, weapons, outfits, and side missions. Undead Nightmare, TLaD, and TBoGT were like that.
devileyed  +   338d ago
seriously??? What happened to this company?
TheSaint  +   338d ago
One badly handled game does not a bad company make.

GTA:V is still an amazing game, it's just the online that got a little messed up. And they're fixing it now anyway.

Slowly but surely.
devileyed  +   334d ago
Wow jim I don't get all those disagrees to your response. I agree with you but this is more of the company setting up a business model that none of us will want to see in the future. The entire experience is set up to encourage you to purchase things. Rockstar doing this has now opened the floodgates for all AAA companies to add in cash stores in games. I am actually surprised Activision isn't into this concept full swing.
Great! Now I can spend more hours playing frustrating flight school missions and receive nothing in return!
kevinsheeks  +   338d ago
lmao right yayyyyyyyyyyy flight school missions because that's what we paid that 60+ price tag admission for

yesssss im so excited time to pop that bad boy back in

. . .trevor were going flying

Palitera  +   338d ago
That's absolutely the #1 design absurd in this game. They claim you have a trillion activities to enjoy, but you are rewarded for them the same way you do if you accidentally leave your controller aside with your R2 button triggered.

Also all the activities are disconnected from the open world, you need to start 'instances' to play any of them.

They could learn about rewards with the Saints Row franchise or even RDR.
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ArtificiallyYours  +   338d ago
Assassination missions, heh, I can live with that.

The exception is, these better have VERY excellent replay values. Make it so we can set an epic trap to kill the target... Be creative.
Master-H  +   338d ago
As long as it's priced properly i'll bite.
I really loved GTA V, my biggest complaint was the lack of content compared to San Andreas.
SneakyDoo  +   338d ago
singe player content. GTA V with GTAO packaged has more content than any other Rockstar game. In my opinion, the exceptional scope, physics, graphics (lets not forget the awesome lighting!) compensate for whatever content GTA V didn't have that was included in SA.
Master-H  +   337d ago
I didn't care for GTA Online to be honest , and let's just say my internet connection is less than stellar. So to me SA had way more offline singleplayer content , with three cities and the country side and the desert and everything.
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SneakyDoo  +   338d ago
Everyone here is acting like the new story DLC will only have Assassination missions and Flight Challenges. Quit being ostentatious, obviously were gonna see new story missions, new weapons, vehicles and outfits, and possible some new mini-games.

TLaD, TBoGT, and RDR were all like that. So quit bashing this game by sarcastically being skeptical.

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