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The Videogame That Finally Made Me Feel Like a Human Being

By Laura Hudson "“No one wants to be a woman,” cartoonist and noted misogynist Dave Sim once said in one of his many screeds on the inferiority of the female gender. Judging by most video games, you’d think he was right.

Although women make up nearly half of all gamers, only a fraction of videogame characters are female, and fewer still are playable. Maybe that’s why I felt so shocked when I played Left Behind, the newest chapter of the award-winning survival game The Last of Us." (Culture, PS3, The Last of Us: Left Behind)

Bigpappy  +   521d ago
Did not fell like a human before playing a video game... how sad is that. Some people really do have very hard lives, and little things like video games come give them some since of being. Not feeling like you are human is kind of hard to fathom though... unless you were raised by wolves or something.
fenome  +   521d ago
Never felt like a real human being WITHIN a video game, that's what she's talking about.
Army_of_Darkness  +   521d ago
If i wanna feel human, I'll go outside. If I wanna do awesome extraordinary stuff, I'll play video games;-).. Because that's what they're for, to take you out of reality and have a good time doing it.
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zeuanimals  +   521d ago

You just described entertainment, maybe even mindless entertainment. Something that makes you feel something real can be likened to art.

There's nothing wrong with games being nothing but entertainment, but what's wrong with some being art?
MazzingerZ  +   521d ago
Don't bother, everybody will make fun of her statement just because she's a woman, she means the whole thing as a gamer but I guess you need to be a guy gamer for the other gamers will "read" you as such
BattleN  +   521d ago
I need help! Am I human lol
Kraftwerk  +   521d ago
What a lump of sour milk must your life have to be when a video game makes you feel like a "human being". Its a friggin' video game for pete sake! Time to get your butt in gear and let that couch have a little air.
NegativeCreep427  +   521d ago
Oh come on! I bet you've experienced a similar feeling just from watching half an episode of Dragon Ball Z. You're not B.S.-ing anyone!!!
miyamoto  +   521d ago
Thank you Sony and Naughty Dog for spear heading video games in the right direction.

To make video games as diverse and relevant medium of art, literature, education, information, like books, print media, music, movies, animation, TV, radio, etc. is a huge undertaking for Sony but they are making them first steps steps to make video games a legitimate form of expression and communication to all kinds of people.

Video games is the youngest form of entertainment and information medium but its poised to be up there with them old timers.

In Japan manga can cover just about any subject from ninjas to lawyers or from giant robots to how to bake bread. I hope video games will go mainstream like manga and magazines covering every subject under the sun not just jumping on platforms or shooting people.
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Wni0  +   521d ago
Hell, its about time. Can we move past terrible videogame stories? Is it too soon to ask for that?
WeAreLegion  +   521d ago
Shadow of the Colossus did it for me.
Pozzle  +   521d ago
I dunno why people are berating the author for this article. I think it's great that video games can make people feel such strong emotions. And if all this praise for ND means more developers will try harder to create well-written and engaging stories, then I'm all for that too!
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I beat The Last OF Us! Finally I'm a real boy!
ooquis  +   521d ago
palaeomerus  +   521d ago
Great. More touchy-feely high horse "I wish I wrote about music, lifestyle, and youth culture in Rolling Stone back during its heyday" style game opinion writing/reporting.

It's almost as annoying as the "Please let me get a hosting gig on VH1/MTV" syndrome we saw in the gaming press on TV, especially G4.


There is little that is more saccharine or fatuous than "how Metroid changed my life" or " what GTA III made me feel like" articles.
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