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Top-5 Reasons As To Why Kingdom Hearts Is Still A Great Game

Gamigon Live! says:

"There has been a lot of Kingdom Hearts streaming going here on Gamigon Live! lately, and as all of you who have followed my stream know, I love the game a lot, even though it is 12 years old by now. So I have decided to share with you my top-5 reasons, as to why Kingdom Hearts is still the awesome game that it always has been, even today." (Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX, PS2, PS3)

TheLyonKing  +   153d ago
I love the series as a whole if I was to rate the games in order of how much i enjoyed each one it would be:

Re: Coded

All insanly feel good and enjoyable and if you follow the story you get hooked plus nostalgia is a powerful thing.

KH is a great and will alwyas be good finished completed the HD remake and the music and gameplay are still so tight.
Abash  +   153d ago
Kingdom Hearts is just a masterpiece. From start to finish it has this feel of "magic" to it
Dissidia  +   153d ago
Kingdom Hearts forever.
DualWielding  +   153d ago
Tuxedose  +   153d ago
I have to agree to your comments. It's difficult not to love Kingdom Hearts.
Modi1984  +   153d ago
no one said this game is not great.. maybe bunch FPS freaks!
jjonez18  +   153d ago
Squaresoft meets Disney. Only good things can happen.
Blaze929  +   153d ago
I didn't realize this series needed reasons. Reasons 1-infinity: the title alone, it's Kingdom Hearts ffs
REDBEARD  +   153d ago
KH2 and Birth by Sleep are my favorite in the series.
One_Eyed_Wizard  +   153d ago
Kindgom Hearts is a classic. That's why it'll never stop being good.

IMO, most First person shooters are good when they come out but quickly become outclassed by the next one. That notion doesn't apply to RPGs.
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JOEgolferG  +   153d ago
Its ok but its not a patch on COD Ghosts fact!
colonel179  +   153d ago
I hope they make the worlds bigger and more lively. That would make the games even better, because having a world empty in a game like that sucks.
belac09  +   152d ago
its more than great, its a masterpiece, its phenomenal, its Kingdom Hearts.

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