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Respawn Confirms No 1080p For Titanfall On Xbox One

Just two weeks ahead of its March 14th release, Respawn is still unable or unwilling to confirm the display resolution for Titanfall on Xbox One. What has been ascertained, however, is that the game won’t hit 1080p on the system with Respawn’s Vince Zampella confirming on Twitter that rumours that full-HD will be supported are untrue. (TitanFall, Xbox One)

Credit url: mcvuk.com
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Lelldorianx  +   245d ago
This was confirmed like a month ago.
kingdip90  +   245d ago
Well some "insiders" said the game would run 720p then another "insider" said 1080p after optimization and re spawn refused to comment. So now it's confirmed no 1080p even though it was pretty clear from the start that it wouldn't be....
Hatsune-Miku  +   245d ago
Logic commence
ic3fir3  +   245d ago
Cboat? loool
titanfall run 900p or 1080p fact
Eonjay  +   245d ago

"titanfall run 900p or 1080p fact"

They just said it wont be 1080p so I assume you are talking about a PC setup.

When the developer, tells you, it wont be 1080p, believe them (in my Maya Angelou voice)
MasterCornholio  +   245d ago

If the developer says no 1080P then it wont be in 1080P.
FamilyGuy  +   245d ago
I just want to see the head-to-head of 360 vs X1 for the retail release.

I wonder what the first "AAA", 1080p FPS will be on the X1, will it ever happen?
VENOMACR1227  +   245d ago
Anyone catch the header of the article, release March 14? Um, it's March 11 (in the states).
Sarcasm  +   245d ago
Whoever thought they would push an additional 2X in pixels has no idea how hardware works. Actually there's a lot of that going around.
assdan  +   245d ago
Did this really need to be confirmed? Lol. I'm guessing it will be around 792p. Maybe a little higher, maybe a little lower. I really do like how straight forward respawn has been though.
GUTZnPAPERCUTZ  +   245d ago
So... 900p FTW lol, I don't complain about 900p, it's close enough ;)
Lukas_Japonicus  +   245d ago
No 1080p is disappointing, but i care more about if the framerate is going to be as...fluctuating (for lack of a better word) as the beta was or not.

Whether the final build is 792p, 900p or somewhere in-between, just make sure the framerate is solid 60fps or 60fps the vast majority of the time.


The denial in people like you is absolutely astounding, you get told by the very people who make the game that it's not going to be 1080p, but you say it's a "fact" that it still could be.....wow.
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SilentNegotiator  +   245d ago
It was confirmed by common sense when the beta was 792p...
QuickdrawMcgraw   245d ago | Trolling | show
darthv72  +   245d ago
And resolution changes the appeal of the game how exactly?

If the game is fun, get it. Personally Im getting it for 360 as i dont have an XB1 or a PC capable to play it. Last time i built a gaming PC was for when Half Life 2 came out.

Yeah, im pretty much out of the loop and Im okay with that.
mcarsehat  +   245d ago
people need to stop going to neogaf, its not worth the risk.
malokevi  +   245d ago
It'll be 2160p. Fact. Incidentally, pigs fly.

HI LUKE!!!!!! XD
TheGreatAndPowerful  +   245d ago
Awww...that's a shame.
pyramidshead  +   245d ago
I'm imagining the outrage now if Cboat is vindicated.

The comment section here alone would be glorious and tonnes of fun.
mikegeezy69  +   245d ago
lol that second "insider" clearly was not a fanboy or anything. emphasis on CLEARLY lol.
mewhy32  +   245d ago
Well o f course there won't be any 1080p on the xbone. I mean it's not like this game is coming out on PS4 or something. I'll get the resolution I want from this game on my PC.
mp1289  +   244d ago
Its confirmed, Microsoft payed EA money so that gamers wouldn't enjoy 1080p Titanfall on consoles.
Jessika_S  +   244d ago
Everyone here keeps saying that it runs at 900p when in fact it actually runs at 792p, I think once it got leaked that it ran at 720p they said it didn't so they pushed it a bit up.
thorstein  +   244d ago
What about on X360? Will it look better on that system?
Sci0n  +   244d ago
Titanfail, so the one none exclusive game that X1 owners are trying to crown as the messiah of all games will not be in full native 1080p on a 500 dollar next gen brand new console? go figure. Picking this game up on PC or 360 if you are interested won't be so bad after all lol.
webeblazing  +   244d ago
but the order not rendering the gsme in 1080p doesnt matter. i had to. the million articles to belittle a console is sad, even tho i cant stand ms, we had how many months of this. regular gamers barely get news for a website that is meant for gamers.

and honestly wolfenstein looks better. we all know the people at respawn. they just want to make a game they want to make, and dont care about gfx. im glad they are not making cod every 2yrs. hopefully they make something different after this.
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kopicha  +   244d ago
ya i remember few days back someone said there is something call "optimization" because of the rumored article while many dont think that is possible and he was so positive about it and think others are stupid for making claim it is not possible that the rumor is true. And with logic we knew it is not possible when the rumor is being posted
Hellsvacancy  +   245d ago
I know but some crazy people think Respawn are going to magically patch it to 1080p
jackanderson1985  +   245d ago
didn't they patch COD and AC4 to 1080p on the PS4? it's not exactly magic but i do doubt it'll be 1080p and if it's not at launch then they won't patch it
die_fiend  +   245d ago | Funny
But they didn't do that on Xbox one. 1080p on Xbox one is the point at which it becomes magic
badz149  +   245d ago

it's not magic if the hardware is capable but will be magic if the hardware is incapable to begin with.
FamilyGuy  +   244d ago

Optimizing a game so that you can double the resolution is not something you can just patch in the short time they did. It was an unlock because the PS4 was capable of that resolution from the start.

Those games got patched 1080p because the devs thought MS would be ahead this gen and wanted to follow their "parity" rules. They INTENTIONALLY held the PS4 versions at a lower resolution on their retail release to follow MSs rule and unlocked it's full potential with a patch that was designed from the start. Patches and DLC don't break MS parity rules. Currently, no big named 3rd party publishers gaf about MSs parity demand because the X1 is far behind the PS4 in sales and therefore can't make demands.

MS is still restricting self-publishing devs and that's why the PS4 is getting so many more indie games than the X1. MSs rule about releasing at the same time or first on their platform is causing devs to ignore the X1 altogether.
Rowco147  +   244d ago
Wondering if x one will look much better than.360 version
rafaman  +   245d ago
People get jealous because it is a exclusive game and it will be awesome. Its just natural they try to say bad things about this game. Nothing but Sony fanboys jealousy
vitullo31  +   245d ago
Yeah they must be so jealous since they cant play it on the pc... at 1080p..... /s
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thezeldadoth  +   245d ago
^ but they bash PC too, and nintendo. They only magically own a PC while talking about titanfall and bashing xbox one.
MysticStrummer  +   245d ago
"They only magically own a PC while talking about titanfall and bashing xbox one."

There's nothing magical about owning a PC that's capable of running TF. They're very common.
badz149  +   245d ago
a wise man once said;

"One does not simply own a PC by magic"

chrisarsenalsavart  +   245d ago
Playstation fanboy will play it on his pc while playing infamous SS.
Thank you!
BitbyDeath  +   245d ago
"They only magically own a PC while talking about titanfall and bashing xbox one."

Wouldn't they also magically own a PC in order to comment on N4G?
HmongAmerican  +   245d ago
You are saying like people need to buy the xbox to play this game on. Well, many people actually play this game on PC. Exclusive mean not release on other platform. Get your fact straight before spewing none sense.
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Jessika_S  +   244d ago
I'm a fan I don't care about resolution the game is incredibly fun the beta was great so I can only imagine being able to choose different Titans and waiting to play on the other maps. One thing is that this game is not that exclusive when you have it coming out on 2 other platforms Xbox 360 and PC. I believe they held back the Xbox 360 version on purpose to give the Xbox One some breathing room, I think the Xbox 360 version is going to look pretty close to the Xbox One version of the game and it might hold back the Xbox One from moving units at retail.
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Petebloodyonion  +   244d ago
Let me ask you all a simple question!
If you can all play TitanFall on PC (1080p/60 frames sec) then why did you all bought a PS4.

Except for Resogun,Killzone and Knack all the games can be found on PC
All of them run at 1080P and 60 frames/sec
You would already own Diablo3, and many indy games soon to be release on PS4.

You would all have saved 400$
with 400$ you could purchase the best version of:
Witcher 3
The Elder Scrolls Online

Now before you hit the disagree button below at least answer the question!
badz149  +   244d ago

"Except for Resogun,Killzone and Knack all the games can be found on PC..."

are you trying to say that nobody who bought the PS4 wanted to play those games? and you still ask

"why did you all bought a PS4." like seriously??

it's a more valid question if you ask "why do you even want to buy the XbOne when you can get TF on PC with higher setting?" that's if you are only interested in TF. many PS4 fanboys are interested in TF so, there's really no need for them to buy an XbOne just for it, right?
Petebloodyonion  +   244d ago

" it's a more valid question if you ask "why do you even want to buy the XbOne when you can get TF on PC with higher setting?" that's if you are only interested in TF. many PS4 fanboys are interested in TF so, there's really no need for them to buy an XbOne just for it, right?"

But here's my point why did you bought a PS4 then? Your actual 1080P/60 frames Titanfall PC can play all the ps4 games in better settings except 3 games that are exclusive to the ps4.

Again since it seem everyone here as easily a PC that can play Titan Fall at max setting then why bought a system that as (to this date) only 3 games that can't be played on your Pc?

As for me the record I don't own a next gen consoles (nor a 1080P pc) I don't see the point in investing 400$ (even less 500$) in a console that provide me with the same experience as my current one.
so I'll stick for the moment with my ps3 and 360 until a true next game gen blow me away (meaning not a game with a resolution boost compare to the old gen).
BitbyDeath  +   244d ago

PC doesn't have anything like PS+.
Since PS4 has come out i've gotten

Don't Starve
and Outlast

And haven't had to pay a cent since I last resubscribed a year or two ago (Thanks to stacking on cheap sales over the years). Subscription doesn't expire til sometime in 2015.

Those 4 games alone cost more than a yearly subscription.
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madjedi  +   244d ago
It is an online only competitive fps with mechs, exactly what is there that makes ps4 fans green with envy?

Realize that not every gamer is a competitive fps addict, some of us prefer a single player experience, without having to deal with idiot humans doing stupid things.

Some ps4 owners would be jealous of titanfall and other couldn't give a rats ass, if it every hits ps4. I am not lacking in fps games to get my competitive fix on.

Again if xbox didn't act like titanfall was the second coming of christ like you just did, it wouldn't get picked on so much.

And yet nintendo or xbox fans never attack sony exclusives, so knack being unfairly proclaimed as the worst game ever made, must have been my imagination.
Petebloodyonion  +   244d ago
@ BitbyDeath

and again all theses games (except Resogun) are on Pc and were on sale in a Steam's Sale.

My whole argument isn't about PC vs PS4 or lowering the value of the PS4, it's about how every poster suddenly have a magical PC that can play Titan Fall (or any other games not available on a Sony Platform) way better then the MS Platform.
Now again with that aspect in mind (to all players that need to remind us that they have a better solution on pc)
Why did you bought a PS4 since all the game except 3 can be played on your current PC?

I'll give you the answer
Because they don't have that gaming Pc and when they bought the PS4 at 400$, it was a way better deal compare to buying a PC to play games.
BitbyDeath  +   243d ago
@Petebloodyonion, you were asking why get a PS4.
Steam sales are no comparison to free PS+ games.

As for nobody having a PC, everyone needs one to comment on here so obviously everyone has something.
rafaman  +   242d ago
I forgot that every PS4 owner owns a good PC.

All PS4 fanboys swim on money lol

They can have a PS4 and a PC, but not a XBOX ONE. Weird!

RAWSTA  +   245d ago
It's just trolls from the other side trying to get attention with there 1080p.
pyramidshead  +   245d ago
Misterxmedia am cry:(
otherZinc  +   245d ago | Funny
He also confirmed TitanFall on PS4 to be running:
0p "native"@ 0fps
Mister_Dawg  +   245d ago

Comedy gold there :-)
FlunkinMonkey  +   245d ago
it will honestly run 1080p on my 2 year old PC..

Now THAT'S comedy gold..
Kingthrash360  +   245d ago
whats funny...even respawn wish they didnt sign the exclusive contract right now.smh
the real comedy tho...is to see how close the 360 version is to the x1 version....because they been hiding that version, i'm thinking pretty close. ms keepin it under wraps so people will buy a x1 instead of just getting a 360 version. as far as install base goes pc and 360 stand to sell more copies of the game than x1.
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memots  +   244d ago

"it will honestly run 1080p on my 2 year old PC..

Now THAT'S comedy gold.."

Yup and it will also be running on a 8 year old console too the 360. So much for Next gen.
GamingNerd013  +   244d ago
U know I never really understand y it isn't 1080P at 60 FPS I mean the engine it uses is 2004 and it doesn't look anything demanding whatsoever. O well like people say gameplay what matters most but still it's really stupid that graphics can't be in same level as gameplay on X1.
bennissimo  +   244d ago
Cool story.
styferion  +   244d ago
Hey a question for anyone, is there gonna be a crossplay between 360 and XB1?
Mega24  +   244d ago
This is not news... I think?
kevinsheeks  +   244d ago
true i suppose
imt558  +   244d ago
In CBOAT we trust!!!!
MELMAN26  +   245d ago
Why don't they just say what it is, instead of telling us what its not?!?!?
#2 (Edited 245d ago ) | Agree(40) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
megazero12  +   245d ago
because they are probably working on patch till launch and he was asked whether THIS particular story was true and he said well "no"
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GUTZnPAPERCUTZ  +   245d ago
You are right after I read the article again. Look at all the fanboys downvoting XD. I don't think it will be 1080p, but 900p is at least a step up from last gen
Sci0n  +   244d ago
Get over the maybe there is a patch coming BS! there is no patch coming that will boost the res! ignorant SOB. People like you give other straw graspers false hope. The creators of the game themselves confirmed what the res will not be! If you want to play the game in full 1080p get it on PC, if you don't care about res just get it on the 360. We still don't even know how close the 360 version and X1 version of the game will look but we do know for sure that the 360 has the largest install base out of the 3 choices.
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stuna1  +   245d ago
It was pretty obvious from the start this wasn't going to happen! At 792p they were already experiencing frame rate problems. The most some could hope for is 900p the max! But I'm kind of leaning toward them bumping it up those 8 frames to 800p. Truthfully the 800p whould be in response to proving CBoat wrong.

Either way I think Microsoft will be responsible for TitanFall losing quite a bit of shock value by just giving the game away, IMO I think that that's a bad move.
ic3fir3  +   245d ago
I joke people evaluate a game for a beta, which increase the resolution, the game gets worse frame rate lol, ever thought that the beta is very old? and the frame rate improves until the final version.
What may very well happen that the final version runs at a resolution of 900p, and with a better framerate than the beta.
Stop evaluate the game for a beta, the alpha bf4. had a lower resolution.
  and a less stable framerate
Nekroo91  +   245d ago
yes the alpha bf4 had huge fps drop. But the beta is the near final version so it wont be optimized from 792p to 1000p the max would be 900p.

But wait ..you spoke bs about the order framerate which is in pre alpha. Oh the irony

X1 isnt capable of running Titanfall at 1080p Fact!!( because your opinions are facts) if you want to play it at higher resolutions than the x1 get a pc from 2008.
devwan  +   245d ago

The "Beta" aspects of this game were nothing much to do with kinds of Beta tests you are comparing it to.

The titanfall Beta was primarily to stress test the servers and see how the game performed when played on a large scale. Respawn claimed they discovered a number of issues that they could then address. It did its job. It was also about hype - create a fuss over access codes and people want to get in more and more - simple marketing tactic these days.

The kinds of Beta tests you're thinking of take place many months before a game goes gold, not a matter of days and weeks.

If you're expecting a huge resolution increase and a rock solid frame rate, you're likely only setting yourself up for hurt, same as the guys who jumped in the air last week when the latest 1080P rumour started and an official-looking Twitter account highlighted it when in fact it was just some forum post and the twitter account was a fan-created one.

Sucks to be that desperate I suppose...
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jackanderson1985  +   245d ago
how is it a bad move exactly? it'll increase the install base of both the X1 and titanfall itself... people who were hanging around for a cheaper X1 will pick it up now seeing as they get a free game and making the console effectively only $30 more than the PS4 (£3 if you're in the UK and buy from gamestop)... Respawn (well EA till a certain amount) get paid for the game regardless and have a bigger install base for going into Titanfall 2
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stuna1  +   245d ago
But it will obliterate the sales potential for the game profit wise! At least for the Xbox1 version of the game, and as so many are quick to point out, software is where the money is made or, does that formula not apply in this case!?
aerisbueller  +   245d ago
I agree. Even it did obliterate the sales potential profitwise, as stuna1 says, they need to increase the install base of the XB1 much more than they need TitanFall buyers, and I imagine EA got a ridiculously good deal out of it.
Kayant  +   245d ago
On the flipside it's good idea in order for them to shift systems and gain more market share. Which IMO is the primary purpose of the Full exclusive deal. It's already viewed by casuals thanks to the media and MS's marketing as an XB1 *exclusive* first than an MS exclusive also available on X360 and PC.
air1  +   245d ago
So is it a bad thing to get a free game now?
choujij  +   245d ago
You can get 1080p on PC tho. :)
EyeWishUHeaven  +   245d ago
Wow, at least two people can't accept the truth...(language alert)

Fishy Fingers  +   245d ago
Same story with Battlefield 4, doesnt mean I'm not enjoying the PS4 version.
Fishy Fingers  +   245d ago
These "insiders" have such a s*** track record, why anyone puts any faith into what they say is beyond me.
jackanderson1985  +   245d ago
sure if we didn't have insiders who'd provide us with all these stories inbetween game launches...that being said anyone who straight up believes an insider is mental
mark3214uk  +   245d ago
if you thought it was going to be 1080p your dillusional

every good game will be 900p and below on x1,whether you like it or not the x1 is not as powerfull as the ps4 and never will be
CorndogBurglar  +   245d ago
Crap, sorry man, I meant to hit agree. Not disagree.

But you're right.
jackanderson1985  +   245d ago
doesn't it depend on your definition of a "good game"... like say Fifa personally think it's a great game and it's 1080p... TR (some say it's great some don't) that's 1080p...wolfenstein is 1080p and that could be a great game

no-one except the deluded fans have said it's as powerful as the PS4 but if the 360 can do 1080p games (few and far between but there none the less) i'd be willing to bet my house and wealth that the X1 will be able to do 1080p
MasterCornholio  +   245d ago
"o-one except the deluded fans have said it's as powerful as the PS4"

But didnt you make claims of the system having a secondary GPU that would allow it to achieve 1080P 60FPS with ease?

What made you change?
jackanderson1985  +   245d ago
@cornholio i never once made those claims so not sure where you pulled that from or whether you're just confused... i do believe as time progresses they will achieve 1080p60FPS with ease no doubt it's how technology generally works the more experience you have at it the easier it gets to develop

also if you go through my comment history you'd see that resolution means very little to me... 32inch tv from more that 5 foot away and upgrade from 720p is negligible at best to me
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TheOmniGamer  +   245d ago
I hear the resolution of Titanfall for PS4 is 0x0 and runs at 9 FPS like Thief.
#6.3 (Edited 245d ago ) | Agree(18) | Disagree(31) | Report | Reply
uso  +   245d ago
I gona eat crow, when eurogamer posts is face-off of Thief.

Let´s see
#6.3.1 (Edited 245d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(7) | Report
barb_wire  +   245d ago
Bet the 360 version has the same resolution but higher frame rates.

That's why it was delayed 2 weeks.

Can't have the 360, which is over 8yrs old upstaging your less than 4 month old new console.
CrossingEden  +   245d ago
Here's a game that's graphically more impressive than titanfall yet is 1080p.
And according to previews it's pretty good. Your argument is now invalid.
windblowsagain  +   245d ago
Titanfall isn't impressive at all tbh.

But that's more down to the engine. Does not look good maxed on PC from the beta imo.

But crossingeden.

Wolfenstein is graphically like a PS3/360 title with updated rez. assets look poor.
FlunkinMonkey  +   245d ago
The graphics matter now, huh? Forget about all the other 720p inferior multiplats, huh?

We can see straight through you, son.
GW212  +   245d ago
1080p native or upscaled? Bethesda studios didn't specify. Honest question.
Zanzibar106  +   245d ago
Um. Really? So the news that Wolfenstein will be 1080P/60FPS on both XB1 and PS4? What does that mean?
Major_Glitch  +   244d ago
It means that wolf will still look better on the ps4.
BX81  +   244d ago
Look better? Who cares if it might end looking slightly better. I want the version that has solid game play. I just got my ps4 kz bundle. The game runs at 1080p but when I'm running when playing mp you can see how choppy it is. It takes away from the game play.
towelie1288  +   245d ago
cant wait for this game
its really fun and a blast to play with friends
Lucky_duck   245d ago | Spam
jollygoodchap8  +   245d ago
Don't worry the magical 1080p/60fps rumor will emerge again in couple days lol
#8 (Edited 245d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
g-nome  +   245d ago
The fact that the xbox one cannot render this game in 1080p is actually a disgrace. Will still be good i'm sure , but come on , pc is already at 4k . The xbox fans deserve better than that.
headblackman  +   245d ago
the x1 fans really don't give a damn. we play games. not resolutions. resolutions are just extra bonuses, so let's treat them as such. the x1 fans and adopter have a console that will pump out amazing games for the gamers to play for many hears to come. games that get massive awards and is actually fun in reality (and not just perception) with or without i high resolution.
AgitatedOcelot  +   245d ago
By definition, Xbox gamers have always been casual gamers who accept mediocrity. So no, specs probably don't matter much to an Xbox gamer. The FPS as played on a console is a mediocre experience to begin with because of controllers and auto aim. Xbox defined the casual fps bro gamer scene. And the U.S. Xbox console centric market has always been focused on nothing but small map cod like FPS games.

Problem is, if you don't care about updated specs, Xbox 360 is good enough. And that's why Titan Fall won't be anything close to the system seller people think it will be. Most Xbros will be content to play it on their 360, because they play games, not resolutions, and there will be far more players on the 360. Including most of their friends who still have a 360.

Don Matrick didn't realize how right he was when he made those comments about sticking with your 360. $500 is a hardcore fans price for a console, and that's why Xbone sales are dead in the water. The hardcore early adopters hit, and after that sales fell off a cliff.
#9.1.1 (Edited 245d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(7) | Report
jamstorr86  +   245d ago
Well duh
Ko_Uraki  +   245d ago
Did not care before. Don't care now :) .Titanfall remains a must buy on one
CharlesSwann  +   245d ago
I'm surprised. I thought for sure MS would have them turn down some effects to get it to go 1080. Guess it could't be done without looking obviously less than the beta. Not a good sign that.
jamstorr86  +   245d ago
60fps is a must for this game. no chance of 1080p on xbox one
DeadManMMX  +   245d ago
And no one getting the game really cares.
incredibleMULK  +   245d ago
Of course you do. >:-|
DeadManMMX  +   245d ago
No I really don't... at all. Not even a lil bit. On my 44 inch it wouldn't make the slightest bit of difference. That and I have both systems and I want all the exclusives for both that are good regardless of resolutions and blah blah blah. Those who actually have the system love it, it seems the people most up in arms about all these resolution things are the people who don't or won't ever get the system. I've been watching these and forums on Other sites for years and the insecurity is strong in one particular type of fanboy. Seriously you guys have a hell of a complex. To the point where you see 20 to 1 ratio of negative comments on every Xbox article that comes out good or bad on every site. It is hilarious and you all know deep down inside who you are Bring on the disagrees.
#13.1.1 (Edited 245d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(15) | Report
Hicken  +   245d ago
Oh, they don't care because it's not happening.

But if he had said, "Yes, Titanfall will be 1080p, 60fps when it launches," you'd all be screaming from the rooftops about it.
DeadManMMX  +   245d ago
No, I think most of us would be like "Ok, cool" and move on with our lives. Not particularly giving a crap. I can't believe that resolution articles are dominating this site. I can't wait till we have actual news about new games coming out. I miss the old days when consoles launched with killer apps at the same time. N64 and Super Mario 64. Xbox should launch with Halo. PS4 should launch with.....trying to think of one game that defines the system. I'm going to say Uncharted unless they buy Crash Bandicoot. Man I'd take a Ps4 Twisted Metal in a heartbeat but not without Jaffe. 3, 4 and smallbrawl uggh. I'll only take God of War if he goes to sleep for a few thousand years and wakes up with new gods in the future.
#13.2.1 (Edited 245d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(9) | Report
incredibleMULK  +   245d ago
>:-| sweet.
Gore-Content  +   245d ago
Oh well, you guys will still have 6v6 action.
Dlacy13g  +   245d ago
I have a prediction. Titanfall will launch on 3/11 and it will have a resolution and frame rate. Time to move on already....game is fun, will be successful no matter the resolution.
modesign   245d ago | Trolling | show
TristanPR77  +   245d ago
Many xbone fans were counting on this yesterday. I read many comments of people believing the rumor was truth and titanfall would be 1080p on xbone.

So much for that ”we don't care about resolution" stuff eh?
MasterCornholio  +   245d ago
And using the power of the clouds and the new SDK as a means to achieve that. Yes i heard pretty stupid things like that before.
hankmoody  +   245d ago
I don't so much care for it but if it were to come, I surely wouldn't say no to it.
SlapHappyJesus  +   245d ago
Dat PC doh.
The_devils_chum  +   245d ago
Seriously ! if you can't get killer instinct 1080p 60 fps titanfall surly wont be.
dale1  +   245d ago
get the pc version for this game,the x1 version has some serious frame rates when theres a lot on screen.the 360 might not be that far off the x1 i kid you not
IHassounah  +   244d ago
o_o , man this post is a laughable post , APPROVED !!!
jay2  +   245d ago
Going back to my 1080p game michine
jay2  +   244d ago
Love the disagrees, sorry you lot overspent on XBone I played some AC 4 and Thief after posting this.
urwifeminder  +   245d ago
Looking forward to it just got Garden warfare on xb1 the co op is a blast, will be putting some cash down on Titan next week.
TheTowelBoy  +   245d ago
So? If you want the best fps experience you should play it on PC. The only thing giving me pause is Origin. Even then I have ME3 on it so I might just bite the bullet
purp13m0nk3y  +   245d ago
I don't think anyone actually believed that Titanfall would be 1080p on Xbox1.

It would be awesome if they manage 900p still with good levels of AA but I'm not holding my breath.

Realistically I'd say not much higher than the Beta resolution. To do so would mean sacrificing to many other assets to make it worthwhile. I played the beta briefly on a PC and even maxed out at 1600p it was still pretty meh visually.

It was fun. But I hate COD style shooters, and it really did feel very similar. I just hope the final game offers more variety in terms of play style. I like my shooters a little more tactical and cerebral personally.
hankmoody  +   245d ago
No worries. The game will still look good and most importantly, will be a blast to play.
payikick  +   245d ago
Want Titanfall at 1080p/60fps with highres Textures???

Build a PC with a GTX 750ti and a copy of the game for what you would pay for an Xbone......
Darkfist   245d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Shinymasonite  +   245d ago

Said 95% of N4G commenters
InTheLab  +   245d ago
I said that because of bots, no single player, and no co-op. Resolution doesn't mean much when the has so little to offer for full price.
Shinymasonite  +   245d ago
While you're the only person on here with rational complaints, there's more than enough to offer. How is a concentrated multiplayer not worth as much as a concentrated singleplayer game with no multiplayer? It's actually worth way more when you go and look at stats for games like Halo or the older Call of Duty games and see that the multiplayer end provides an infinite source of replay value.

Most people are bickering about resolution as if it's the only thing that matters in a game.
k3rn3ll  +   245d ago
Isn't mp coop only not on rails?
InTheLab  +   245d ago

Take a look at Skyrim or any other RPG and compare it what Titanfall is offering. Or how about other 360 games like Halo which usually has an outstanding campaign. How about Gears, which comes with not only an sp, but several co-op modes that add to value. RPG's are not a fair comparison so how about TLoU? That game is an easy 10 hours of gameplay and triple that if you're a competionist. How about fighters? Even before online was a thing, they still offered stories and Soul Edge/Caliber even offered full campaigns.

Then check on Titanfall's peers like Dust 514 or Blacklight. How much do those games cost? Or how about MAG? I felt the same way about MAG but at least that game had massive battles with 100 or more live players.

Or compare it to Battlefield or CoD. Killzone. Even Crysis with it's half assed everything came as a complete game for $60.

And what happens if you travel and can't connect or your internet goes nuts like most Xfinity/Comcast/Time Warner customers? Now you can't even play the single player because there is none. You can't play the survival mode because there is none. You can't do s*** with Titanfall without Live so all new X1 owners automatically pay another $60 just to enjoy Titanfall.

And of course I'm not saying Live is a hurdle. It would be if all there is to Titanfall is 6v6, bots, 14 maps, a handful of Titans, and nothing else.
#29.1.3 (Edited 245d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report
Hicken  +   245d ago
Yeah... actually, even BEFORE the beta, people were changing their minds. Only being 6v6, having a limited(one?) number of game modes. So many bots! Those things were enough to turn people off the game before they played it.
InTheLab  +   245d ago
I can't help but think of Titanfall as a missed opportunity. Imagine how epic a massive 60 man battle would be. Instead of giving away Titans after achieving some arbitrary number of kills or simply hanging out for 3 minutes, what if you had to take out Titans or complete objectives to earn Titans instead of bot homicide, rinse/repeat.

Make it harder to get Titans or limit the number of Titans on the field at any given time and that eliminates the need for bots as those spots would be filled by live players.

This game could have been insane but instead they went with bots, low player counts, few game modes,super kicks, cloaks(ugh), and auto aim pistols.
talocaca  +   245d ago
If someone had told me two years ago "Microsoft's flagship title for the next Xbox will run 720p" I would have NEVER believed it.

I know resolution isn't everything but this is all kinda shocking...
GW212  +   245d ago
You're exactly right. This is a complete under-deliver by MS. Xbox kiddies can stomp their feet all they want but this is indeed disappointing.

PS4 is having it's issues as well right now but they are all fixable. Fortunately, the hardware is up to par. The software/feature set will get there over time. Unfortunately for XB1, you can't magically upgrade the console hardware. SDKs and software improvements can only take you so far.
Sci0n  +   244d ago
I agree and most of the in denial xbox fanboys agree too even though they can't allow themselves to admit it since they are in full damage control mode. 2 years ago I was pretty certain the next xbox console might have even been more powerful then the PS4 or neck and neck with it especially after seeing how the PS3 360 era went with exclusives. 2 years ago no Xbox fan who was looking forward to the X1 thought it would be this inferior compared to the competition. The it doesn't matter we don't care about res or maxed frames owners are liars, in denial, blinded or just the ultimate suckers.
#30.2 (Edited 244d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
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