Capcom could be working on reboot of Dino Crisis

Capcom might be working on a reboot of Dino Crisis .

The Japanese publisher had already had to deny this rumor last year, explaining that he intends to invest funds only to new projects rather than on IP "dated".

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daclynk822d ago (Edited 822d ago )

OHH Shiit will be huge if this is true and its a XBone exclusive just like Bayo was with the Wii was this what OXM UK was teasing? Im tired of shooting zombies and soldiers. I want to shoot dinosaurs hope its true gamers are always happy when there is more games coming.

2pacalypsenow822d ago (Edited 822d ago )

why would it be Xbox 1 exclusive? it started on playstation

SoapShoes822d ago

It won't be, he's trolling.

Rockefellow821d ago

Oh man, I forgot about the last Dino Crisis, which was an Xbox exclusive.

It essentially killed the franchise, and now it's resting it's ugly head again... Multiplatform or bust, Calvin.

daclynk821d ago

Wasn't Dino Crisis 3 Xbox exclusive. yeah that's what i thought. chill out,it a rumor anyway. Haters and fanboys on attack without knowing facts. soo sad.

2pacalypsenow821d ago (Edited 821d ago )

@daclynk how is that hating and attaking? i just said it would be stupid for it to be exclusive to the xbox 1 since its had the best of the series on a Playstation console and the worst on an xbox platform , I guess if i dont like xbox im a fanboy .. so be it

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BoriboyShoGUN822d ago

Freaking love it!! I remember I couldnt figure out one of those damn door panel puzzles for the life of me. I was working on that sucker for days. Then one night I dreamed the answer, woke up immediately jumped in the game and got that sucker first try! Freaking nuts will always remember that shit :D

SaturdayNightBeaver821d ago

Haha cool story :D I also had difficulties 1st time playing , was around 12-13 yr old back then. PS1 days , real games and no internet was just golden.

Porcelain_Chicken821d ago

Haha nice. I remember that one.

Ok I don't wanna be "that guy" but Resident Evil & Dino Crisis were practically twins & RE took a turn for the worse in the recent years. What are the odds of this DC reboot being more classic horror than new age RE6 "horror"?

Ninver822d ago

lol dumba** alert. the game originated on playstation.

daclynk821d ago (Edited 821d ago )

Delusion Hater and fanboy alert. talking about something without knowing facts. wasn't Dino crisis 3 xbox exclusive? yeah so sad. lol

Ninver821d ago (Edited 821d ago )

reading comprehension is bad mate. again "originated on playstation" /fact

Spurg822d ago

yes...been waiting for Dino crisis for ages....may fav game on ps1

BoriboyShoGUN822d ago

Yessssss!!!!!Bring back those damn Dinos. And go ahead and start working on Soul Reaver while your at it!!!

Psygnosis333821d ago

RE1&2 and DC1&2 :)one of the best games on PS1

Eyeco822d ago

I was actually thinking about this game the other day hoping for a reboot, I loved 1-2, But 3 my god that game was an absolute disaster, Dinosaurs in space wtf were they thinking ?

Nonetheless i'm not gonna hold my breath, seeing as this is Capcom 2014, they'll probably set it NYC, with RE6 co-op gameplay, and the Raptures will be equipped with jet packs and have laser beams attached to their heads.

Qrphe822d ago

Problem was that it was action focused (just like DC2), not so much the setting.

NarooN822d ago

I had no problem with DC2's focus on action, in fact, DC2 was my favorite one. The problem with DC3 was pretty much everything. That game was a mess.

SaturdayNightBeaver821d ago

Very sad actually, im supposed to be happy and hype about this , even if it's of course just a rumor. But somehow i fear , i fear they gonna screw it so much like RE5,6.. And go like "we are making a game to appeal to wider audience" BS , nothing but to hope they are actually gonna make it for the true fans instead of money , but wow that's just too much no?

genius821d ago

i think they will do fine with Dino crisis because its an action game .

but in the same time iam fear they gonna screw it when i remember what happen to Dino crisis 3

Relientk77822d ago

I hope so

we need to see this franchise again

maniacmayhem822d ago (Edited 822d ago )

With RE in ruins, the next logical step I suppose is for Capcom to resurrect this title.

But I remember the last Dino Crisis was far from the original. Lets hope Capcom brings this back, the right way.

SpiralTear822d ago

I doubt they will revive this the right way, but...dinosaurs?

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