Keep PS4 turned on and check out PS blog today urges Zombie – Daylight free to PS Plus members?

Zombie Studios suggest there's a major announcement today via the PlayStation blog. Could it be that Daylight will be free to PS Plus members, or is there a major update for Blacklight Retribution?


This has been confirmed as Blacklight: Retribution patch, including new map and mode.

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Good-Smurf1384d ago

That would be great!
But I just downloaded Outlast it's going to be interesting for the comparison between the two though.
One running on UE 3.5 while another running on UE 4.

KUV19771384d ago

Daylight supports Real3D, so I am going to have to buy it anyway. If it was free with plus that'd be great. But I can't see why you would have to leave the console on for a game not out yet.

abzdine1384d ago

all i have to do is watch the PS Blog?
i'm on it!

Eonjay1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

Its might be a large update for Blacklight... or it could be a demo for Daylight.

morganfell1384d ago

I think it will be a Blacklight update...but with a Daylight twist. Maybe Zombies for Blacklight.


it was suggested that it will be free on PSN Plus since last E3 (look at gamepsot gameplay with the devs).

morganfell1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )


Blacklight Retribution getting co-op mode (onslaught - waves of infected) on PS4 and new maps

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TIER1xWOLFPACKx1384d ago

Considering he is saying to keep your ps4 on (standy by mode possibly) that there is update coming for blacklight and what he means by keeping it on is so it can automatically update maybe?

captain_slow821384d ago

yeah im thinking a good blacklight update and maybe some daylight news hitting the ps blog possible it could be free to ps+ members? who knows :D

tigertron1384d ago

Daylight on PS Plus would be brilliant. Hope this happens.

My_precious1384d ago

what kind of game is this? horror? shooter? or RPG?

isa_scout1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

It's much in the vein of Outlast...I absolutely loved Outlast, but if it is true(about Daylight coming to plus) what is Sony trying to do, give all PS4 players heart attacks?
Don't know if I could play two games like Outlast and Daylight so close together...To afraid.

zeusky1384d ago

I completely agree with this. Just recently played through Outlast. I want to check out Daylight but I don't know if I can handle it. Then again, I really can't imagine anything scarier than Outlast.

Bob Dole1384d ago

You guys should check out Amnesia. Great game that needs to come to consoles like Outlast did.

serratos271383d ago

I couldn't even handle Outlast. I'm a baby when it comes to horror games. If Daylight is worse I'll just watch livestream gameplay >,<

static52451383d ago

It's like Outlast but each time you replay the game it's supposed to be different.. rooms change.. items get moved around.. scary parts change... so the replay value is supposed to be high

MasterCornholio1384d ago

Hope so that would be great.

Keep on giving Sony.


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The story is too old to be commented.