Europe’s Best Call of Duty Players Head to London for the COD: Ghosts EU Championships

Teams from across Europe will battle it out for a shot at the $1 million prize.

The best Call of Duty players from across Europe are descending on London this weekend to battle it out in the finals of the Call of Duty European Championships.

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iosgamer1550d ago

I've never been to one of these events - are they fun even as a spectator?

Lelldorianx1550d ago

I've spectated a couple of MLGs and loved it back when SC2 was still a thing. Generally, it'll come down to the organizers and commentators (and players). If the commentators are good and the players are good, you'll have fun -- it's their job to make it exciting. If the commentators are trash, well, it's hit-or-miss depending on how much you love the game.

iosgamer1549d ago

Thanks for the feedback. Kind of what I thought. Still I will go experience one, one day.