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It’s a tragedy to see Lords of Shadows 2 arrive in this form. Rather than focus on what made the first game so much fun, the designers seem to have totally misunderstood what gamers wanted from the sequel, and delivered something that was utterly alien to the first game.

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brich2331544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

I been playing this game, and I agree with any of the 6 or below reviews. This game starts off really good, and then its gets really boring, story is confusing, combat is decent but not better than Devil May Crys reboot combat which I just beat the day before this came out. The enemy Ai is annoying too, they take too long to beat even in easy. I did start the game on normal and realized it was too boring to even be trying. So what I been doing after 5 hrs of boredom is running past my enemies. They dont even chase you and are slow.

I would not recommend this game even if it was free.

starchild1544d ago

That's complete and utter BS. All you've proven to me is that I wouldn't trust your taste in games if my life depended on it.

I'm about 8 hours in and it only seems to be getting better. And so many cool things have happened already . The combat mechanics are brilliant. They force you to actually develop your combos, which isn't true of most games.

Your last sentence is a pure joke. Even if somehow you hated the combat and the narrative, the game is overflowing with beautiful scenery and has an amazing soundtrack and voice acting. It would be worth exploring at least for those things. And that's assuming the other elements were complete crap, which they are not.

CrossingEden1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

Sorry but this game doesn't hold a candle to DmC combat, DmC has way more options and is way more fluid, does this game even have frame or jump cancelling.
^proof of my claims
LOS 2 does have that sense of badassery though, ripping out hearts and eating them whole=very badass

Ultr1544d ago

It's not like every game need them anyway...

Summons751544d ago

Old DMC sure, you have a point but the new one was awful for combat. Clunky and skilless with no focus on combos, hell it auto switched weapons for you so it was mash attack to win. At least LOS2 has you focus on combos and switch weapons instead of playing the game for you.

lOS2 >>>>>>> NT DmC

Morpheuzpr1544d ago

I'm sorry but all the noobs that has entered gaming have ruin it. Everything is made thinking of the noobs, or casuals as they like to call them. Back in the day if you wanted to be good at a game you had to put in the work, now the games practically play themselves (COD).

OT: The game is good. The story is confusing but I've seen worse, heck Dante's Inferno wasn't as good of a game and it received better reviews than this.

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razrye1544d ago

I'll have this game and thief in about a hours time. Not listening to any reviewers, but gamers have been saying that it starts off slow but the last half really ramps it up in story and boss fights.

shadowraiserx1544d ago

I been playing this game and actually ,the first one bored me faster,it was a good game but it was a lot like GOW and the narrative make me sleepy, boss fights were like GOW and SOTC but this time they manage to make it feel less like those games the only thing with 2 is the story is confusing at first but the game is getting better ,the other thing that bothers me was the design they make in creating the enemies,they look like meh generic and uninspired.
But the My little pony in the first CLOS was bad too.

ShockUltraslash1544d ago

Thee so called professional reviewers dont even know how to play videogames.
I just got the game, and the sheer volume of content blew me away, and I have not even played 20%. This game expands upon EVERYTHING the lat game did good. It is not the game's fault that these blind reviewers cannot even FIND the content created by the developers.
The imbecile actually complained that there ts TOO MUCH TO DO in combat, well I guess too much information is unsuitable for people that have underdeveloped brains.