Violent Video Game Tax Ignores 1st Amendment

According to the Washington Examiner in an article posted today, the House Ways and Means Committee has singled out violent video game developers in a tax reform bill.

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TheBurger291486d ago

Words cannot describe how much I hate our government and all the stupid people who think they can do what they want when they want! I hope our country revolts against our government that's supposedly "for the people". So sick of living in a country ran by idiots!

PoSTedUP1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

i sware they create such distractions in these bills with comming up with the most Outlandish freaking "laws". certaintly they dont want people to really know whats going on in the more important issues such as the big drug companys manufacturing our "vitamins" And pharmaceuticals , whats in our food and water, the 2 year on-going nuclear meltdow in Fukushima, Japan, passing laws unter the tale and overnight etc. its like operation de-population, its so corrupt over money, they are trying to bring everyone down in the worst way possible while milking our pockets and keeping ppl ignorant. stay healthy and be informed.

Soldierone1485d ago

@PsSTedUP THAT is exactly what they do, but at the same time you can't help but to argue about these bills too. We might see this specific one, get mad and watch it fail, while a bill that does the exact same thing passes on the same day and nobody notices.

Remember the whole internet spying one that everyone was fighting a few months ago? SOPA or something.... It failed, but a similar one (I think it was PIPA) that had the same idea in it passed and hardly anyone noticed....

So the truth is, no matter what you need to voice your opinion on this stuff because its a double edge sword, but at the same time you have to fend off all their other stupid ideas at the same time....

FarEastOrient1485d ago

The bigger problem is the people that are voting these people into office. The majority of votes are cast lacking a strong basis of informed decisions. As someone that continues to work for the government, we are limited by competency of our leaders that the voters elect. :(

360ICE1485d ago

Congress is pretty messed up, but the administration is far better than what we can count on electing with the current moronic electorate.

ExPresident1485d ago

This administration is terrible.

360ICE1484d ago


Well, the people are as educated as socks, so what do you expect. You should expect someone like Bush, but instead we got someone like Obama.

webeblazing1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

we aint going to revolt to the old people die sorry to say, but old people in this country is stuck in their old ways. funny thing is young people is too caught uo in their problems to notice or stop to fight for something. but no matter what you what you want to believe i love the USA but we are corrupted. money over everything. my believes weigh more than yours

look at the degree of this article and look at flame bait articles.

PoSTedUP1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

agree, funny thing is i was going to first comment with "i cant wait till i get older to see the people in power, not in power" hah.

its like obama making a big speech telling all the older people to go back to school... yeah to get urselves into even More debt and go broke while being tricked to fund the economy! cuz "there still aint no jobs, oldtimer! muahah". the sad part is, people dont realize how much they are being deceived and manipulated...

webeblazing1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

its obama but its really not.

it politic period. just because hes black dont mean he going to fix it all especially when everything in this country aint decided by one person. i think he was on point with the go to school because its no security no more. no job is secure, that an old way of thinking. the best old way of thinking is make your own, and a lot of ypung people are doing it. they trying to make their own business.

big business run this country. the people thats broke and doing dirt isnt worrying about a new ps4, xbone, wiiU, or pc , theyre thinking about getting money how ever they can get it. its common sense. if your broke, starving, and cant find a job what your going to do? its been happening since this country was born no matter what shape, color, religion, creed you reside to, most likely your going think "it better me than them." thats the definition of the suvivual of the fittest. harsh and Fuk up i know. but people that made mistakes, people that cant get a break, and people that just shouldnt be in society without counseling contribute to most of the violence. a lot of murder in the US is revenge and crimes that have to do with prohibition, people thats not stable.

im not giving excuses it goes on everywhere but were not where we suppose to be. and your right i want to see them too hit the with a pie still trying to figure out the filling.

Makakal1485d ago

amen dude,

They have their hand in everything.... goodbye good 'ol America. Obviously they don't remember what happened last time people f***** with our freedoms and liberties. This is just plain unconstitutional. There will be a fight....not a matter of if but when. Obviously we don't have bigger problems in our country than freakin video games. Unreal.

NegativeCreep4271485d ago

God bless the Divided States of Embarrassment.

JsonHenry1485d ago

When they move to try and confiscate by force the arms of the over 100,000 people who refused to register their weapons (registration leads to confiscation!) in Connecticut and the first shots get fired in defense of their 2nd amendment rights you will see the start of this. Look at Ukraine and Venezuela. That could easily be us.

Just takes that first shot. :/

Makakal1484d ago

I would say 100,000 is a mere fraction.

DC7771484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

How about a shitty parent tax instead?

Shame on the gaming companies for not banding together and allowing idiocy like this to be brought to congress.

It would be telling to know how much this amounts to for AAA companies because if it's enough it may bring about the crash that has been expected.

TheBurger291484d ago

If Irrational just closed just imagine how it will be with this tax. Gaming is growing and congress hates it, the government hates video games so they will do what they can to stop it.

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FantasyStar1485d ago

Violent video game makers won't be able to feed their violent video game families and violent video game children.

sleewok1485d ago

Hey, it's what "we" voted for! Yay to ignorance!

xx4xx1485d ago

Remember: They aren't violent video games....they are murder simulators.

Soldierone1485d ago

It's total BS! How can they single out the industry? Nothing is fishy that they specifically go after video game companies, but not movie studios? Did someone in congress not get their bribe?

I mean seriously, this angers me so much and it should anger so many more people. They have been promising a better economy, better jobs, etc... then they go attack one of the fastest growing industries in the country? Come on, these guys are so useless and people need to realize things need to change!

JsonHenry1485d ago

You know the saying - "The power to tax is the power to destroy."

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