THIEF – PC Performance Analysis

DSOGaming writes: "All in all, THIEF performs great on the PC. While the game is unable to take full advantage of quadcores and its benchmark tool is basically a stress test, the in-game performance is fine. While the game itself does not justify its requirements, it doesn’t drop below 50fps on modern-day hardware (and runs way better than its console brother). THIEF on PC can look great, will perform better – thanks to the upcoming Mantle patch – and is the definitive version."

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TH3BR3W1241d ago

I have an i7 3820 and a gtx 770 twin frozr I ran the bench test 5 times to get a real median on which to base my real average fps and it was sitting at around 45.8 fps.

Now with doing that and seeing that my fps are not that great I believe the game needs some massive optimization. This game is not that great looking and on a fairly old game engine. The rain drops are the most taxing thing I can see in terms of objects on the screen but if you look at them they are just a simple overlay trick posed over the reflective mesh applied to the textures. Meaning it's more like randomly placed videos without any need for physical rendering.

So far I am hating this amd style programming. This game runs not that much better on a 290 either as my buddy tested it out on his rig last night and got near the same results.

By what I've seen with the poor textures and lack of taxing physics of objects on the screen, this game should be running around (and I'm low balling a little) 80 fps on my rig. That's with everything on and everything maxed as that's how I benchmark every game.

As the fps are very playable I do enjoy this game and haven't finished it yet, but I would like to see better optimization for people with less capable gfx cards to enjoy it at max with playable fps.

FlyingFoxy1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

That's pretty sucky tbh..

if your friend gets similar results with a 290 that's poor. In fact that doesn't really make any sense because a 290 is much more powerful than the gpu in the PS4, reading on google that version has frame rate drops into the 15's and 20's which is extremely poor.

an average of 60fps doesn't say a lot if the game can drop as low as 20, but i can live with minimums as low as 40-45fps as it's barely noticable. But averaging at 45 means it's gonna drop a lot more, not very good imo.

According to this article it shouldn't dip below 50fps with the r9 290.. something is fishy.

TH3BR3W1241d ago

I know. I figured since it was amd based game he should be fine. I wonder if he has a bottleneck somewhere? I didn't build the rig so I don't know about the specs of his mobo, ram, or cpu.

All I do know is this game should not be running this bad. I can run bf4 @ 75-80 fps with little dips in big areas with lots going on that never dip past the high 50's and I run an average of 85 fps on batman:ao ones amd and one is not so where did eidos go wrong here?

I just hope it was because it was rushed and they have been working on optimising it so we can all enjoy it at playable fps (yes that definitely includes the consoles too, no reason for them not to).

starchild1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

That's very strange. I have an HD 7950 and I max out every setting minus SSAA, which is at low instead of high, and I get a solid 60fps.

I would think it was just poor performance on the Nvidia side since it's an AMD game, but I've heard lots of guys with Nvidia cards that get fantastic perormance. Total biscuit, for example, in his "WTF is...Thief?" video said he gets around 120fps on a single Titan.

This is by far the best performing game for how good it looks. It looks basically as good as AC4 (but with a very different aesthetic) yet it runs way better. I have to cap my framerate at 30fps on AC4 while I get a very steady 60fps in Thief even using SSAA.

How anybody could claim that this is anything but a fantastically optimized game is beyond me.

MRMagoo1231241d ago

That is a bit sucky , my wife's pc is an i5 and 550ti and we have to drop pretty much everything to keep it above 30fps , I really don't mind that much because we probably won't be playing it much because of how boring it is, I feel let down waiting this long for a new thief game and it being this crap IMO , I am just glad I only paid $20 AUS for it.

john21241d ago

Forget the benchmark results. As with Metro: Last Light, this benchmark is a stress test and does not reflect the in-game performance

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ninjagoat1241d ago

Heres the 780ti running it posted this on the last Thief post.

This guy is running at a average off 80fps in 1080p and getting over 110fps max. Interesting being this is a so called mantle enhanced game ;).

Lon3wolf1241d ago

You do know that Mantle support isn't enabled yet don't you? :)

Volkama1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

And that Mantle would take nothing away from the DirectX implementation anyway...

I'm more interested in TrueSound than Mantle for this one anyway, as there is little to gain from Mantle if you can already run the game so well.

john21241d ago

@Volkama: With Mantle there will be less stuttering. At least that's what Nixxes claimed a while back

pr0digyZA1241d ago

Wish I could see my benchmarks, game says it unlocks on the 25 and it is now the 27th. Considering using a VPN. It sounds quite good though in terms of performance.

starchild1241d ago

Yeah, the 14.2 beta drivers are the ones I am using and they allowed me to turn on SSAA to the low setting and still get a solid 60fps.

I honestly didn't expect this game to run this well. If Mantle improves my performance still further that's just crazy.

hiredhelp1241d ago

Yeh shame this games getting slammed soo much honistly you have many options turn things off to customize game to your needs tell me game that does that.
Also lets not forget most games get issues on launch this no differnt wait patch.