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It’s great to see Ubisoft continue giving love to Rayman Legends in 2014, showing their commitment to the titular armless protagonist. While the game may not benefit substantially from its jump to next-gen, it looks just about as stunning as possible thanks to uncompressed textures, buttery smooth framerate and almost non-existent loading times. Sadly, failing to utilizine SmartGlass (again) keeps it from becoming the definitive edition, an honor that remains with the Wii U version, followed closely by PS Vita. For those who haven’t experienced the game and don’t have one of those consoles, however, Rayman Legends is a worthy purchase on Xbox One.

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ValKilmer1546d ago

Glad to hear it's great, but nothing can top the Wii U version.

air11546d ago

What makes the wiiu version better?

Geekman1546d ago

Well, for one, 5 players, for 2, free online....

captainexplosion1546d ago

I like the Vita version best, but no matter what its an amazing game. Best platformer of the last console generation and best since Ratchet Up Your Arsenal imo.

Jackhass1546d ago

Hopefully between all the ports it can actually break even.