Ghostbusters 3 like GTA V on PS4, Xbox One

Following the news that a Ghostbusters 3 movie will still go ahead after the late Harold Ramis passed away, it seems very likely that a Ghostbusters 3 video game will release along with the movie on PS4 and Xbox One. We loved playing the PS3 game and also Sanctum of Slime, so it seems too much of an opportunity to miss a next-gen title with much better graphics and fans would love an open world setting like Grand Theft Auto V.

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josephayal1549d ago

cant w8 for the Xbox one version in full 1080p 60/fps

Kurisu1549d ago

How many more comments like this will we have to endure over the next 5+ years?! :(

marcodias1549d ago

"cant w8 for the Ps4 version in full 1080p 60/fps" -fixed