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Nintendo 3DS turns 3; Purchase a New 2DS, 3DS or 3DS XL and Receive a FREE Copy of Pokemon X or Y

In a newly launched promotion on Club Nintendo, buyers of a new Nintendo 2DS, 3DS or 3DS XL and one of 6 qualifying games will receive a FREE copy of the recently launched Pokemon X or Y, a $39.99 value! (3DS, Nintendo, Pokemon)

Magnus701  +   304d ago
Can I trade it in for a game credit instead?
Stevefantisy  +   304d ago
Nice takes back to the nes when you got a free copy of Super Mario brothers or evenrRussian attack.
JoeIsMad  +   304d ago
That's one hell of a deal, considering that I only bought the 3DS for Pokemon.
Number-Nine  +   303d ago
So you have to buy a 2/3DS, AND a game, AND then you get X/Y for free? Lame.
Geekman  +   303d ago
That's actually not a bad deal. Most people buying a 3DS would pick up a game to go with it, so it's awesome you'd get a top 3DS game free to go with it. If you want to just get X and Y for free, just remember what you've learned from GTA V.....
sashimi  +   303d ago
Except i'd rather have Fire Emblem, Bravery Default, or SMT4 -_-
BobbytheBuilder  +   303d ago
This deal is awesome, I have Y and get X for free. Good thing I bought mario kart last month
MatrixxGT  +   303d ago
Glad I hadn't registered my 3ds yet. Was waiting for a reason to join club nintendo. I'm not big on pokemon but I did play them a lot when I was a kid. I think last one I played was one that had a clear case with a little battery in it.

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