Watch Dogs Coming June 27th according to Amazon France

Online store Amazon France have listed Watch Dogs on their store as coming out on June 27th. Now this may be a place holder date as of now, but considering it is a Friday, and the supposed date is listed for every single edition including the Ded-Sec editions, may mean its likely to come out around June 27th.

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Spurg1550d ago

That's competition no nothing

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Blaze9291549d ago

I never understand why journalists use retailers as source of information for release dates. All they want is your pre order and will keep changing the date until it's holder.

On a side note, Ubi needs to cut the crap. This game was supposed to been out, so out your representatives where taking pre orders at conventions promising it's November 2013 release. Now no one knows what's up - and apparently the wii u version is canned

solidt121549d ago

I think they should release it this April or May. We have some really good games coming in March and by April/May everyone will be ready for more.

gatormatt801549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

I agree Blaze929. Ubi does need to cut the crap. If this date is true then that means that Watchdogs will be featured again at this years E3, since E3 starts June 10th. That would be three E3's in a row that they show this game. Eventually this game is gonna get that legend/myth status of "is it ever gonna come out." I hope Ubi takes this as a lesson and won't show/announce games again when they are obviously far out from completion.

JOEgolferG1549d ago

If it aint ready it aint ready..... Do you want it be a disaster EA release or as cheap a COD release???

gatormatt801549d ago

Oh I agree if it isn't ready. That really wasn't my point. My point was that I think Ubisoft announced/showed off this game too early in its development cycle.

CharlesSwann1549d ago

That is't too far away. I hope this game turns to be better than I expect. I won't go for premium $60 priced games as easily as I used to.

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The story is too old to be commented.